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Last Updated: Sunday, 15 April 2007, 12:52 GMT 13:52 UK
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Sunday 15 April 2007...

I think Tony Blair should stay and fight for another election and have anoter chance.He made some mistakes but anybody else who comes wont make a diffrence from things in the past. He's improved schools education. He might of sent british soliders to Iraq but that was a mistake he thought we were under threat he was looking after the country. He has changed lots of things diffrently he has done a lot for our country and should stay. It's unfair he's being chucked out. He has been pushed to resign.
Daisy, aged 9, London

You asked for Tony Blair's greatest achievement...I think this resonates with the sentiment of many people in this country - the day he throws in the towel and leaves Number 10 will probably be his greatest achievement.
Gavin Harper, England

Blair's greatest triumph was to find a stage that would have him (politics) where his need for adulation was met. His disaster was that he forgot his only talent was acting.
Barrie Singleton, uk

Tony Blair's greatest: a) triumph = record public disaffection with politics in general and Labour in particular. b) disaster = invading Iraq.
Sean, England

High Point - Blair has changed the lives for countless thousands for generations to come by cementing peace in Northern Ireland. Hardly a vote winner, he dedicated himself to this cause from the start and has worked consistently with all parties to see it through to the bitter end.
Low Point - Allowing himself to be railroaded in to the invasion of Iraq long before the UN proceses had been completed. After showing such leadership, compassion and intelligence in Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan he lost his way when it came to the most important conflict of the last 30 years.
But despite this error he will remain one of the most significant and inspirational leaders in this country's history. We will miss him when he is gone.
Mark Morris, UK

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