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Last Updated: Friday, 13 April 2007, 13:22 GMT 14:22 UK
The Blair interview...
Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
The Politics Show

Tony Blair
Are 10 years taking their toll?

Hello again...

The programme, this week, comes from No 10 Downing Street.

A decade has passed since a very young-looking Tony Blair walked through the famous black door as Prime Minister for the first time that sunny May morning.

After 10 years at the top, he's likely to announce he's bowing out within the next few weeks.

The halo that surrounded the new man at No10 when he first arrived has slipped, with brickbats from critics over delivery at home, anger over Iraq and accusations of spin and sleaze.

But Tony Blair's work is not quite done.

He's still got to lead his party through elections for one last time.

With Labour's grip on its traditional strongholds in Scotland and Wales under serious threat, it won't be easy. I'll be talking live to the man himself, looking at the prospects for the elections as well as the legacy of 10 years of the Blair premiership.

la politique franšaise

Nicolas Sarkozy
Nicolas Sarkozy - the front runner..?

And we're not the only ones with elections coming up.

There's even more at stake for the French, who are choosing a new President after 12 years of Jacques Chirac.

It could be Nicolas Sarkozy, from the same right wing party as Chirac, but a very different character; Segolene Royal, the glamorous but accident-prone Socialist candidate; the dark horse centrist challenger, Francois Bayrou; or the far-right nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen .

Strangely, just when the polls suggest the British have had their fill of Mr Blair, the Politics Show's Paola Buonadonna finds that the front runners across the channel in France look admiringly at his electoral achievements and are seeking to emulate aspects of his style.

...and some lighter political life...

The Barker Gallery: Blair's legacy... The Great Leveller

We'll be asking you to give your own thoughts on Mr Blair's greatest achievement and worst mistake - and also a reminder of our vote for the most embarrassing election moment.

This week sees the start of a run of regular cartoons from the winning artist in our recent competition - Gary Barker.

He will share his razor wit for the politicians in the limelight on the Politics Show website with his gallery of work gradually accumulating...

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