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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 February 2007, 14:11 GMT
Comment on Ms Blears interview

Sunday 25 February 2007...

Oh my gawd ¿elp us. Does that woman ever stop for breath or to listen to another¿s point of view? Despite always enjoying your gentlemanly style, I have had to leave your show in the middle due to that exhausting woman. I know what I am giving up for Lent - Hazel Blears! Muriel Wickenden

Hazel Blears talks too much like a train out of control. She should stop talking and listen more! She is burying her head in the sand. Does she not know what is really happening in the country. She thinks Labour have a good record on crime and health - where has she been! Josephine Grandin, UK

I think Hazel Blears would make a fantastic deputy PM. The perfect upfront sidekick to the mysterious Gordon Brown. John Catterall, UK

Hazel Blairs... Deputy Leader, she¿s only just started smiling. Where was all the sweetness and light previously? Toks, England

Hazel Blears - I really do wonder what planet this woman lives on. The time is surely coming when politicians should be made to substantiate their very subjective views. Lies should be proved. Terence Godfrey, UK

Labour has lost totally lost touch with the working class. So much so that I am cancelling my membership to my trade union. Between then they have done nothing to support hard working people. I am not paying one more penny to the party through my union contributions and many more feel the same way. In the ten years of power we have lost pensions, taxed in every conceivable way. They won¿t acknowledge the vote against the policy of road charging. They are arrogant. I think they must be direct descendents of the Sherriff of Nottingham. Mike Thompson, England

Your question was: do we feel better after 10 years of Labour rule? Our answer is short and sweet - No we do not feel better over anything or aspect of modern life - in fact a great deal worse. Loss of democracy, loss of income loss of all the things that make life worthwhile. We are pensioners, we no better than anyone in any other group. Derrick Reece, UK

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