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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 February 2007, 13:29 GMT
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Jon Sopel
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Hello again ...

The thin blue line

"More bobbies on the beat" - we have all heard the call from voters and politicians come election time.

And with three teenagers shot dead in London in the last fortnight, is it time we looked again at our police force... and particularly what kind of bobbies we want?

Should we, the public, have a greater say in how our local police force is organised?

Do the police have too much paperwork to get through? Should it be easier to sack officers who aren't up to the job?

The Conservatives are getting ready to publish their latest policy review of the boys - and girls - in blue.

I talked to the party leader, David Cameron, about his plans to reform the police - and various other areas of traditional Tory policy.

What women want

Should men and women get paid the same? It's the kind of no-brainer most of us thought was settled by the 1970 Equal Pay Act.

For nearly 40 years it's been illegal for employers to pay women less than men for doing the same work.

But of course it doesn't end there... It's also illegal to pay women less than men for work of equal value. So what's a job worth? Is a binman worth the same as a dinner lady?

Ten years ago a large number of local councils who were still paying male and female workers unequal wages promised the unions they'd balance things up.

The deadline for action is the end of March 2007, but nearly two thirds of councils have not yet settled.

Now they are facing legal action from their workers and back- payments that could add up to hundreds of millions of pounds.

Welsh national flag
The national flag, but which party will fly to the winning post?

Land of my fathers

Nearly a decade ago, in one of its first acts in government, Labour devolved power back to the people of Wales.

The party was rewarded with control of the Welsh Assembly it helped create - but only just.

Now as the May assembly elections hove into view, Labour's grip on power seems to be loosening still further.

It's already running a minority government, holding just 29 seats out of the total 60.

I listened to the mood music in the land of song to see if it was falling out of harmony with its traditional Labour tune.

Join my guests and me on the Politics Show on Sunday 25 February 2007 at 12:00 GMT - the roast can wait.

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