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Last Updated: Friday, 9 February 2007, 12:50 GMT
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Jon Sopel
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John Reid
John Reid... all under control?

Hello again...

By his own admission, Dr John Reid presides over a Home Office which is something of a basket case.

It can't seem to get anything right, reeling from one crisis to another - if it's not overflowing prisons, it's terrorism arrests and community tensions.

Dr Reid has a plan to solve the problem.

He thinks the department is simply too big, and pulls in too many different directions.

He wants to split off a separate department dealing exclusively with national security - and it seems that Tony Blair agrees.

His predecessor Charles Clarke says this will only make things worse.

I'll be talking to Dr Reid about his plans, and whether they will really solve the problems.

The greening of blues

Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne
George Osborne's car is quicker than bike, but leaves a bigger carbon footprint

Politicians of all parties are falling over themselves to tell us that they're very worried about climate change, and something must be done.

They're rather more reticent about telling us the various unpleasant ways they're going to force us to give up our cars and our foreign holidays.

If only they could come up with a technological solution - allowing us to carry on burning fossil fuels, without damaging the environment.

It's a kind of holy grail for eco-friendly politicians. It's not entirely fantasy, either.

BP and other oil companies are experimenting with carbon capture and storage - a system to put the CO2 produced from burning fossil fuels back into the hole in the ground it came from, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere.

It sounds like a great idea, and the Conservatives are urging Gordon Brown to support it - but is this technology all that it seems?

I'll be speaking to the Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, about whether there really is a pain-free way of cutting our carbon emissions - and whether innocent-sounding "green taxes" are really so inoffensive.

Speak up...

Mister Speaker, Michael Martin
Michael Martin speaking about Mister Speaker

Now. who is the one member of the House of Commons who doesn't give speeches, has his own palace and enters the chamber with a procession of flunkies?

Yes, it's the Speaker.

Indeed, when he's not keeping unruly MPs in order from the Speaker's Chair, he rarely makes any public statement at all.

This week, the Politics Show has had unparalleled access to Speaker Michael Martin, the Glaswegian former metalworker who has held the House of Commons' highest office since 2000.

He tells us about the stresses of the job, and answers critics who say he's not up to it.

Join my guests and me on the Politics Show on Sunday 11 February 2007 at 12:00 GMT - the roast can wait.

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