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West Midlands: Your comments...

Nick Watson
Nick Watson
The Politics Show
West Midlands

Some of your e-mail comments on the programme

When was the last time BNP supporters blew themselves up killing dozens of innocent victims? When was the last time BNP hatched plots to murder and maim many more British citizens? When was the last time David Cameron put his brain in gear before talking?
Gerry Doran, UK

This is our country, not theirs. If they don't like our laws and way of life then they can go elsewhere. I wouldn't think of going to an Islamic country and living the style of life I do now, let alone demand (and demaning is what these extremists are doing) that our laws are brought into force over there, so the same applies to them over here. They want Sharia laws then go and live in an Islamic country that has them. This comment applies only to the extremists not the majirity of law abiding Muslims living in this country, some of whom I have known through social and work situations and are very decent people.
Neil, Herefordshire, United Kingdom

Muslim hardliners like Salma Yaqoob & the MCP are definitely mirror images of the BNP. All they ever talk about is Muslim demands & raise unfounded grievances to create a them & us divide. Similarly the BNP only ever talk about white demands & create divides.
Deya Kaur

Islamists are definately the mirror image of the BNP! Tories hit the nail on the head when they attacked the Muslim Council of Britain for sowing extremism. Maybe the BNP & Islamists should mary eachother & elope to Siberia & leave the UK to us moderates who are happy to live with eachother without hate.
daya, UK

I find that David Cameron's view to be ill-founded and offensive.
His view suggests that by pursuing an alternative reform to the law through sharia would deem anyone an extremist. Maybe he should do his background research on sharia law before making such views worldwide.
As a Muslim Law Student I have many concerns.
1.What of the many High Street Banks that have Islamic Sharia-compliant accounts? Are they extremists for allowing such a facility to exist for Muslims?
2. Sharia Law provides an alternative process for handling family disputes particularly within the family. The Demands for meeting a sharia-compliant process for handling family disputes such as divorce or even marriage may not be met by current UK Law. So would i be branded an extremist for advocating reforms into UK Family law that is compliant with Sharia Law?
Shahedur, UK

How ridiculous to say that Islamists are the mirror image of the BNP!
Since when did the BNP behead people, suicide bomb innocents, fly planes into buidlings and carry out a world wide Jihad against anyone?
There have been many cases in the UK and abroad where Islamists have been convicted of preaching and promoting racial and religeous hatred - the BNP has not!
G Miller, England

I think what is happening in Birmingham at present is a repeat of what happened to the Irish in the city after the B'ham pub bombings. The enemy within was used during the IRA period also. History repeating itself sadly.
Ian Payne, Lichfield

My overwhelming feeling to the news this week of yet another Islamic terror plot, is the state of denial the Muslim community is in, typified by Dr Naseem of the Birmingham mosque.
To actually deny there is a threat to the UK is astonishing. I remember him making similar comments during the search for the 21st July attempted atrocity.
I would feel sorry for the Muslim community having him represent them, but I have lost all sympathy now. Muslims are happy criticising anyone but themselves, or their so called leaders.
Finally, I see no hope; the Muslim community could not change even if it wanted to.
Lance, UK

Some of telephone comments on the programme

I believe that many Muslims don't do enough to help fighting extremist and terrorist groups in this country.
Lawrence, Coventry

I live in Lozells and I believe that the only solution to prevent raids like the one last week is more trust. We will never build an integrated society if we don't start trusting each other.
Mahomet, Birmingham

When Middle East countries and Muslim states adopt democracy and religious tolerance then Britain will do the same. Until then though this is a Christian country and we will run it according to Christian guidelines.
Phil, Oldbury

I am ashamed of a lot of people in my community because we all know what is going on, yet we choose to ignore it.
Omar, Aston

I am convinced that 90% of the Muslims who live in Britain are just like me with only one difference. They are Muslims and I am a Protestant. What this 90% of Muslim people want is a normal, standard, comfortable life. They want to eventually become British like me. But there is this 5-10% of the Muslim community who are indeed a dangerous set of people. They want to establish a sort of 'baronship' here and implement their laws so that they can take advantage of the rest of the Muslim community. Now, it is up to this 90% of good Muslims to decide whether they will accept this dangerous minority who lives amongst them or not.
Brett, Newcastle-under-Lyme

I am afraid what is happening to the Muslim community now is a mirror image of the problems faced by Irish people in the 60s. If the Muslims don't sort it out it can go for another 20 or 30 years.
Mr Kavanagh, Stoke-on-Trent

I think that the Muslim community should take a good look at itself. Why there are no protests and uprisings if a Jewish person is arrested for example. I believe that the Muslims take offence at every little thing rather than try to understand and obey British laws.
Ann, Ludlow

Living in Birmingham all my life I don't think extremism exists to the extent the media portrays it. I think the media has blown a lot of things out of proportions. What we really need to do is recognise real concerns and understand that 'Islamophobia' is a result of the mistake made in foreign politics of this country.
Iqbal, Aston

I think the Muslim community is not doing enough about what is going on today with the extremists. It is about they tell the police what they know because what happened in Birmingham this week is taking place all over the world and I agree with everything what David Cameron is saying.
Mr Davis, Walsall

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