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Last Updated: Friday, 2 February 2007, 11:51 GMT
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Jon Sopel
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Police outside an internet cafe in Birmingham
Several homes and business have been raided in Birmingham

Hello again...

I'm a little "laid up" this week so I have handed over the show to the capable hands of Tim Donovan... but I can still hit this keyboard...

After my interview with Tony Blair in Davos last weekend - which, by the way, you can watch again at any time from this website, I can't promise snow and sub zero temperatures, but this week I can promise some interesting nuggets to get our teeth into...


Terrorism is once again on everyone's mind after Wednesday's raids in Birmingham.

And whenever the suspicion of Islamic extremism is raised, questions of community cohesion usually follow.

On Monday, the Conservative leader, David Cameron, waded in, warning against extremism in all forms, and saying that those who advocate Sharia law in Britain are the mirror image of the BNP.

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones
Dame Neville-Jones will be assessing the Birmingham raids

But how do you reconcile the demands of community cohesion and counter terrorism?

And what should the role of government be in all this?

For some answers, Tim will be talking to Dame Pauline Neville Jones, a former chairman of the government's Joint Intelligence Committee, and the head of the Conservatives' policy group on security.

Do you know who this man is?

Jon Cruddas
Jon Cruddas' name could be on everyone's lips soon

You will, if he succeeds in becoming Labour's next deputy leader.

Jon Cruddas may not be in the cabinet like his rivals, but he's made headlines with his analysis of which way Labour should turn.

He's running a campaign to win the hearts and minds of his party- can he do it?

Becky Milligan has been meeting the man from Barking and Dagenham.

Majority report

You don't get to be presenter of the Politics Show without knowing a thing or two, I can tell you.

And I know that Labour have a 66 seat majority in the House of Commons. Don't they?

Well, it depends on your boundaries.

The next General Election will be fought on a new set of boundaries, and the Politics Show will have an early look at the definitive research into the numbers as they would stand with the new boundaries in place.

Tim will be asking one of the number crunchers to spill (and count) the beans - what is Labour's "real" majority? What sort of swing do the Conservatives now need to win power? Will there be a hung parliament?

Steve Webb
Steve Webb on web...

And... web heads will have another reason to be pleased - on Sunday, the Lib Dems launch their manifesto consultation, and the internet will play a big part.

It's being launched by the party's biggest self-confessed geek, Steve Webb... (err, he's also their chair of policy).

Mr Webb will tell me how it will all work, and if he isn't offering a hostage to fortune...

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Tim Donovan

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