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Last Updated: Sunday, 28 January 2007, 14:09 GMT
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Sunday 28 January 2007

Sopel v Blair... absorbing stuff, Mr Sopel asked the right kind of questions, fair play to the man, and although I am no fan of Blair at least he defended himself and managed to smile... I would say it was a one all draw, but maybe on reflection it was nil nil. Respect to Blair for certain non answers... even I agreed with his defensive stance on this.
Ray Hollingsworth, United Kingdom

Watching Tony Blair smugly avoid answering legitimate questions put by Jon Sopel reinforces my view that he should be impeached for his mis-use of power and put on trial under oath.
Reg Moody, UK

Heaven help us, we had a wonderful country before he started on us,look what we have now,a country we hardly recognise where its indigenous peoples are often treated as second class citizens. Go Mr Blair we have had enough of what you started 10 years ago.
Ray Rose Howard, England

Re Tony Blair interview. What a waste of Jon Sopel's time. Blair never answered a question asked of him once! No wonder the public at large are really fed up with politicians and politics. At least guys like Tony Benn used to answer the question asked of them. Spin, spin, that's all we get now!
Peter Bruce, Scotland

Re NHS waiting times. What nonsense Blair spouts. Having waited 14 months for an endoscopy (I was told that it should be carried out as soon as possible) I eventually had the procedure only after the intervention of my MP Julian Brazier. I was then informed the results of the subsequent biopsy would be sent to my GP within 14 days. Nearly 2 months later we are still waiting.
Ian Stewart, UK

I resent the disrespectful way our PM was interviewed. It made me very angry.
John Winnall, England

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