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Last Updated: Friday, 26 January 2007, 12:31 GMT
So you think you know your Tony Blair?

Question 1
Which seat has Tony Blair represented in Parliament since 1983?
A: Shipley
B: Sedgefield
C: Spelthorne
D: Scunthorpe
Question 2
Tony Blair met Cherie Booth at the London chambers of a lawyer who was to play a major part in his first government – whose?
A: Donald Dewar
B: Robin Cook
C: Derry Irvine
D: Charlie Falconer
Question 3
What was the name of the Islington restaurant where Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were said to have agreed their leadership pact?
A: Slug and Lettuce
B: Gramonda
C: Harvester
D: Granita
Question 4
In 1997 Tony Blair was elected with a huge majority, but how many Labour MPs were elected?
A: 166
B: 389
C: 419
D: 555
Question 5
How many Conservative leaders has Tony Blair faced across the despatch box?
A: Three
B: Four
C: Five
D: Six
Question 6
What new commitment on health spending did Tony Blair make in 2000, without first consulting the Chancellor?
A: To make the health service the best in the world
B: To increase British spending to the European average
C: To raise spending by £3 billion every year
D: To always promise more at election time than the Conservatives
Question 7
Which of the following is not a constitutional reform introduced by Labour since 1997?
A: Devolution to the Scottish Parliament
B: Establishment of a Supreme Court
C: Introduction of the Human Rights Act
D: Removal of all hereditary peers from the House of Lords
Question 8
In which American city did Tony Blair give his 1999 speech outlining his ‘doctrine of international community’ which he used to justify interventions in Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq?
A: Chicago
B: New York
C: Washington
D: Dallas
Question 9
Which UN Resolution did Britain and America use to justify the invasion of Iraq?
A: 1066
B: 1441
C: 1664
D: 1771
Question 10
Tony Blair says he wants 400 of what type of school by 2010?
A: City academies
B: Specialist school
C: Trust school
D: Faith school

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