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Last Updated: Sunday, 14 January 2007, 14:53 GMT
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Sunday 14 January 2007

How can Gordon Brown expect to be taken seriously for his views on preserving the United Kingdom as a nation whilst he ( his party) are intent on keeping us in the EU which will inevitably mean having to sacrifice our future as a sovereign nation?
Terry Durrance, UK

Why is it OK for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to have Parliaments, but not England? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are regions of the EU, and England isn't? Aren't the British Government just following EU orders.
Richard Edwards, England

I am enraged by Matthew Taylor's comments today. POLITICIANS cannot be hypocrites BUT expect us to behave like saints. When the politicians take on board living the green life I shall consider turning off the standby and the light I keep on ALL night to make me feel safe in my own bed. I cannot abide the way I am made to feel it is MY responsibility to live the life of a saint when the politicians behave like devils.
Diane Wicks, England

"Literacy and numeracy is shocking." Suggest ex OFSTED chief requests guidance from Tony Benn with respect to linguistic accuracy as he may be able to enlighten him re: use of collective noun. Literacy is important. Those who stand in judgement need to be on secure grounds. Please re-run interview. The 'Waiting for Godot' item was brilliant.
Jan Hutton, England

Yesterday I received a letter from a government department informing that grants were available for heating, insulation etc. I phoned the applicable number and the question they asked was, do you receive any benefits? Old age age pension, my wife 40 and self the basic, we own our own house - sorry you have to receive care allowance or whatever. We are both in our mid seventies, never ever receiving dole or such and working all our lives. Our mistake was we were prudent. Unfortunately our boiler has just folded and the cost estimate is 2500. The country is now geared for malingerers, layabouts and politicians who have destroyed this country, it is time to be rid of them all.
Jim Routledge, UK

I am puzzled. In no way does Gordon resemble any of the dodgy characters Blair has drawn to his side over ten years. At best Blair regards him as unworthy of succession, but far more likely, sensing the dark side of Blair and observing the body language - even now - I assert Blair DESPISES Brown. Blair's score on the Machiavelli-ometer is way above Brown such that the latter can have no inkling of what is going on in Blair's head. I believe Blair intends to sink Brown - or for greater delight - ensure that Brown sinks himself.
Barrie Singleton, UK

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