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Last Updated: Friday, 12 January 2007, 10:51 GMT
Some of your comments on our political heroes poll...

In the end, our political heroes poll turned into a race between just two people - Tony Benn and Margaret Thatcher. And people clearly feel very strongly about both of them! Here's a selection of the e-mails we received.

Tony Benn - for always asking the right questions, for his idealism, for his innocence, his longevity and his warmth and making me believe,even for a short while, that we could change Britain for good for everyone.
Chris Harpum, UK

It's got to be Tony Benn. Margaret Thatcher did more to ruin the social fabric of this country than any other politician.
Graham Petersen, England

Margaret Thatcher. She dragged this country back to respectability after Labour's total mismanagement in the 70's. Three day weeks, everyone on strike for anything. Unfortunately Bliar is doing even worse, I am not sure if we can recover again. Certainly 'call me Dave' hasn't got what it takes.
Allen, England

My vote is Tony Benn, the outstanding politician of our times. Always true, even when media has tried to destroy him.
Heather Davies, Britain

Maggie Thatcher. She had the courage of her convictions and she ensured that GB was dominant on the world stage.
Martin Gregson, UK

Margaret Thatcher turned this country around. We were gradually turning into a sullen socialist dystopia run by union leaders, but Thatcher reduced taxes and entitlements and ushered in a halycon period of growth. A period marked, I might add, by the incessant daily whining of thwarted leftwing elitists and their acknowledged mouthpiece - the BBC.
Toby Gettins, UK

Tony Benn. This great man is hard working, intelligent, witty, warm, knowledgeable, and committed to his well-reasoned beliefs.
Sean Freeman

I consider Margaret Thatcher the most inspiring person and politician alive today. No one comes near, yet!
Lyn Pepper

My nomination is Tony Benn - a visionary who was ahead of the curve in seeing the threat that global capital and unelected institutions like the International Monetary Fund pose to real democracy. A shame that the rest of the left ignored his commitment to extending democracy inside and outside the Labour Party simply because they disagreed with his economic ideas. Benn's support for holding political leaderships to account, abolishing the Lords, handing powers of Royal Prerogative to Parliament to make them accountable and devolution were ahead of their time.
Naeem Yar, United Kingdom

My political heroine is Margaret Thatcher. Cliche perhaps - but all the same it has to be her. I remember constantly being amazed by this woman in a blue suit when I was about 3-years-old on the TV and how everyone seemed to cower around her. An inspirational figure indeed - I mould myself to be the next Mrs T!
Katy Taylor-Richards, England

Political hero: Tony Benn. Always stuck to his principals. Always talks sense. Doesn't waffle. The best prime minister we never had.
Peter, England

No matter your political opinion or party alliance, Margaret Thatcher helped to transform this country and will be remembered as a determined, passionate and committed lady who served her country as the people asked her to and set the agenda for this country.
William Lloyd, England

Margaret Thatcher, because she had vision and a steely determination to carry her policies through. Not everyone agreed with her but they knew where she stood.
Ray Ferguson, England

In terms of people of principle Tony Benn is a giant compared to Thatcher who is the living embodiment of all things extreme (Pinochet etc) and did enormous damage to the UK internally re: There is No Alternative and there is no such thing as society and destroying Mining communities.
Robert Baxter, Scotland

Maggie Maggie Maggie. In In In!
David Douglas, UK

Tony Benn gave up a life of privilege to lead the country by unselfish example.
Edmund Mcauley, UK

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