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Last Updated: Sunday, 1 July 2007, 07:34 GMT 08:34 UK
Brown 'change for better'

Gordon Brown

A poll commissioned by the BBC Politics Show to test public reaction to Gordon Brown's central message of change shows 40% of people believe his government will represent a "change for the better".

In his first comments as Prime Minister outside Downing Street on Wednesday, Gordon Brown used the word 'change' no fewer than eight times in a very short statement.

With the most extensive reshuffle in more than 50 years starting on Thursday and continuing well into Friday, he has tried to present a significantly different government team, with some very new faces.

But the ICM poll, conducted exclusively for the Politics Show, suggests that 13% said it would be a big change for the better, while 26% said it would be a small change for the better.

Gordon Brown
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Meanwhile, despite Mr. Brown's efforts, 40% of those polled still said it will amount to "no change at all", chiming with Conservative and Lib Dem claims that even some of the new faces around the cabinet table had deep roots in the politics of the Blair decade in power. At this early stage in his premiership, though, relatively few- just 14% - thought that the new regime would represent a "change for the worse", while the final 6% did not know.

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