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Last Updated: Friday, 12 January 2007, 11:47 GMT
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Jon Sopel
Jon Sopel
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Gordon Brown
Not exactly a crisis, but are we 'waiting for Gordo'?

On this week's Politics Show...

We've known for a while that this would be the year when Tony Blair handed over to - in all probability - Gordon Brown.

But now that 2007 is here, the Westminster village is in a frenzy of "waiting for Gordo".

We don't know when he's coming - we can't even say for absolute certain that it will indeed be him.

But every journalist, every think-tank, and every ambitious Labour politician is frantically trying to work out what the government will look like with Gordon at the helm┐ where he stands on the big issues... and who will benefit from the patronage of the new Prime Minister.

We'll be looking at the positioning which is gathering pace, and the prognosis of the Labour government's future.


SNP Leader, Alec Salmond
So, will this be the time the SNP will gain independence

In four months' time, Scotland could well vote Labour out and the SNP in.

Theoretically, Scottish independence has been on the agenda since the SNP first burst onto the political scene in the 1970s, but in practice few people south of the border ever took the idea very seriously.

There remain powerful forces ranged against it, but the cause of separate Scottish nationhood is now closer to realising its dream than ever in recent history.

David Thompson examines the prospect of Scotland going its own way.

Matthew Taylor's take...

The amount of money the government spends on public services has risen dramatically in the last few years - and whether or not you think we've had good value for money, no one expects those increases to be continued indefinitely.

If the tap is turned off, how do we expect services which clearly have room for improvement to keep getting better?

Until two months ago Matthew Taylor was one of Tony Blair's closest advisers, heading his Policy Unit at No10.

He's now out of government, and free to speak his mind.

He doesn't think the government can do very much more than it's done already - and he argues it's time we, as citizens, took the lead in fixing society's problems.

Here's your hero...

Montage of the Magnificent Seven
So who came out on top of the pile..?

Plus - we asked you to vote for your greatest living Political Hero.

Over 20,000 of you did, and it turned into a two horse race between Tony Benn and Lady Thatcher.

On Sunday, we'll announce the winner.

It's all on the Politics Show, Sunday 14 January 2007 on BBC One at 12:00 GMT - the home of heroes.

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