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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 November 2006, 16:20 GMT
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Hello again...

This week, parliamentary politics is in a funny old no-man's land, caught between those two big parliamentary set pieces, the Queen's Speech and the pre-budget report.

But don't go thinking politics is quiet.

On defence, the role of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is at the forefront of everyone's minds.

This week, the Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, indicated that Britain could hand control over the province of Basra to Iraqi forces in spring next year, while the Prime Minister called for other Nato members to help more in Afghanistan.

And then there's the question of how our troops are equipped.

Troops in Afghanistan
Are the British troops in Afghanistan receiving the kit they need?

David Cameron raised the question of whether we had enough helicopters in Helmand province with the PM this week.

Last month the Prime Minister said: "If the commanders on the ground want more equipment, armoured vehicles for example, more helicopters, that will be provided.

"Whatever package they want we will do."

But can that ever be true?

David Thompson will be asking if we're buying the right equipment for our troops, and are we getting value for money.

I'll talk live about all of this to the Defence Minister, Lord Drayson.

Also on the programme...

Did you know that lorries loading and unloading in the port of Southampton have to book slots months in advance?

How mad is that?

Rod Eddington, a former chief executive of British Airways
Eddington's inner most thoughts of transport will be revealed in December

Those who know about these things say it's one example of how the relationship between our transport infrastructure and the economy is in serious need of an overhaul.

One man who's been asked to ponder all this is Rod Eddington, a former chief executive of British Airways.

His report on the subject will be published by the Treasury in December.

So, will he give his backing to road pricing? To a North-South high speed rail link? To Cross Rail for London? And how can transport needs and worries about climate change be reconciled?

Gillian Hargreaves will be taking the high road to find out.

Plus, we'll be live at the Scottish labour conference at Oban.

And did you know there is even politics in TV quiz shows.

Why? Well have your fingers on the buzzer, and we'll tell you this Sunday...

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