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Your comments on the latest programme... Sunday 29 October 2006

Re bus services in SE, Stagecoach run the Loop between Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs, buses every 7 to 10 min making life with no car very feasible.

Talking about late night transport from Brighton, it stops at 1130. I only live in Haywards Heath and would like to go for a meal after a show or concert and not drive but I am left with no choice

It may have cost you four pounds but for a family of four it could cost up to sixteen pounds return.. Look at Japan or Germany.. They have got it right. As Woody Allen once said.. Buses are for losers

I live in Hawkhurst with my nearest train station at Etchingham - 8mins away by car - there is no bus to cover that journey and the country roads are unsafe to travel by foot.
Geraldine Harrington

The bus is too expensive in Tunbridge Wells

Stagecoach and the county council refuse to put on a Sunday service in Hastings and St Leonards serving between the town and the hospital so staff can't get to work, elderly people can not visit their relations at hospital and people without cars can not visit the town or sea front on a Sunday
Lord Brett McLean

Arriva have pulled out of Upchurch, new service doesn't have easy access buses,
Brenda Quy

Arriva bus services in Chatham and Maidstone are unreliable and too expensive. I either walk or use my car.
Janet Rawbone. Kent

There are no bus services from Paddock Wood on a Sunday. If I use the train I have to walk 3 miles home. Why should I not use my car? On weekdays the service ends at 8.30pm

Buses in the Medway area are too expensive. Every 6 months the price goes up, normally twice the rate of inflation.
Mr Turner

I write to you as Chairman of the Hastings Young Persons Council and the Member of Youth Parliament for Hastings and Rother.

Much is often made of the poor public transport infrastructure in the county, yet little mention is made of the fact that there is one group that needs public transport more than any other; young people in full time education.

Whilst it was good to see free bus travel granted to over 60s who are classed as a group in need of economic help, it seems odd that it is not deemed as essential for under 19s in full time education, who have no source of income. It seems all the more baffling when the government constantly tells us the need to keep more students in full time education.

If young people were to have free travel on buses, as the over 60s do, it would help stem the systemic flow towards learning to drive at 17. Rather than increasing taxation on every form of private motor vehicle, let's look towards encouraging young people to use a reliable public transport system by offering free bus travel to all students in full time education.
Luke Springthorpe, Member of Youth Parliament for Hastings & Rother and Chairman of Hastings Young Persons Council

I travel a lot on the buses in London and find it very cheap as I can buy a week's bus pass for 13.50 or a day pass for 3.50 the standard fare in London is only 1.50 or you can pay by oyster card but in Kent it is more expensive and if I buy a bus pass it can only be used on certain buses. I think that we should have a bus service like London as they seem to have things down to a tee.
John Carolan, Kent

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