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West Midlands: Your comments...
Nick Watson
Nick Watson
The Politics Show
West Midlands

I think that mayoral system is poor and undemocratic. You could have a situation where one person makes all the decisions by himself. We should have elected group who could have proper discussion and vote on issues that matter to local community.
Joe, Chatham

If we have elected mayors then we should have an elected judiciary - it is good for accountability. But if there is to be elected mayors then the whole structure of councils should be changed altogether.
Ian, Lichfield

I have got no problem with mayoral system. I think these are the councillors who are feeling they have lost the influence they once had and they want to come back to old system that was insufficient.
Owen, Longton

As a resident and council-tax payer, I would like to see the post of elected mayor abolished. We have enough councillors and counsellors to do the job. The mayor (Lord Mayor) as a figurehead is fine.
Mr Brailsford, Stoke-on-Trent

I believe we do not need an elected Mayor. He gets lots of money and he doesn't know what he is talking about.
Harry, Stoke- on -Trent

As a person who spent six months photographing the elected mayor Mike Wolfe, I have insight into how it worked and I think they should stick with the system. Also I think the people of Stoke-on-Trent made a mistake in not re-electing Mike Wolfe because Mike Wolfe had the vision and passion to take the city forward and bought about many positives changes. The issues regarding the mayor now are more on a personal level and not within the system itself.
Mr Lockett, Stoke-on-Trent

I think the current Mayor is a very nice person. He has done some good things like car parking for people in Stoke so I think he should continue his work.
Catherine, Stoke -on -Trent

We do not want an elected Mayor. There are already millions of pounds spent by the Council and it is wrong that one person could make decisions.
Sheila, Stoke -on -Trent

The elected Mayor is a recipe for corruption and cronyism. The old committee system served us well and it should be continued. I am gravely concerned what is going to happen to local government. Look at what happened in America with corrupted mayors there. I believe the same will happen here.
Tom, Redditch

We used to have a very good Mayor with Mike Wolfe but at the election time people found it too confusing and didn't understand who they should vote for.
Peter, Stoke -on -Trent

I think to have Mayors is a good thing as long as they are not in charge of the town council. They are two separate entities.
Becky, Church Stretton

I strongly object to the post of elected Mayor. Stoke on Trent managed without the Mayor for many years and it is simply a very expensive, unnecessary post that should be dismissed.
Anon, Stoke- on -Trent

What Mr Meredith promised before he was elected was that he will give citizens of Stoke the vote whether to abolish his position or not but that never happened.
Mr Bradbury, Stoke- on-Trent

I have always been against this mayoral system from the start. This is not elected Mayor in such that it is democratic. How can somebody overrule the people who have been voted in by the voters?
Brian, Stoke -on -Trent

And on 'road charging' comments are:

I am so sick of yet another stealth tax on us the public, and motorists' i.e, road charging put under the guise of necessary. There again, with the amount of revenue it will create for government I surmise for them It will be necessary, then justified. Like anything else if you have the money. Then you truly will be free to roam our so called free society.
Ashleigh Spence, Coventry

Pay as you go driving - a little known fact has stuck in my mind for a number of years. It is; that the passage of one Heavy Goods Vehicle over a section of road damages the road surface to the equivalent of 56,000 cars. Testament to this is the A.49 between Craven Arms and Ludlow near where I live, that has ridges in the road produced by HGV traffic after only 3 years. The issue is therefore how much damage your vehicle does to the road surface and foundations. Should the HGV operators therefore be paying 56,000 times more than the average motorist?
Andrew, Shropshire

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