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Last Updated: Sunday, 22 October 2006, 12:33 GMT 13:33 UK
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This is again a discriminatory tax. The price of housing in the South of England bears little relationship to the wealth of the people. Our two bedroomed bungalow in Hampshire banded E £1,600 per year would hit the £2,000 per year. Unaffordable.
Christine Melsom, England

Its mad what we are paying now. Councils need to stop being political and to actually provide the local services that people require. Will end up paying a fortune a month and will not even get my rubbish picked up every week.
Richard Jones, Kent

How would this affect us as retired smallholders where the value of the property is mainly in the surrounding 20acres. The house itself, our home for the last 40+ years, has no heating or really modern conveniences?
Penelope Sargent, England

This is the most shocking prospect that at coming up to 65 I saw the last 5 minutes of today¿s Politics Show and am appalled they should consider modifying Council Tax... again. This year I was hit with re-banding, why was it not introduced in England as well? That would have made it more tolerable, I am of course a pensioner!
Robin Binnington, Wales

Rather than spend my income on big cars and expensive holidays I elected to invest it in my property. I now own a 4 bed detached house in a Band F area where some may be able to afford any increase in charges. As a public servant my income is relatively small and I cannot afford to pay more. If I had not spent £1,000 on dental charges for the family this year I might be more accepting of an increase.
Jeremy Stout, England

The programme today on re-offending was most interesting. However, I think it is important to clarify the statistic about international comparisons of imprisonment rates: it may be the case that more people per population are in prison in England than in other European countries but I understand that fewer persons are imprisoned per crime than in any other country than Sweden. What is the divisor? If England has an extraordinarily high crime rate then more persons will be in prison simply because of that. Without this clarity discussions become pantomime: The imprisonment rate is higher / Oh no it¿s not!
Robert Kibblewhite, England

Local council funding should be based on the land value, not the capital value. Land is the scarce resource that needs to be utilised to maximum effect. A land tax would encourage efficient land use. Taxing the capital value discourages people from maintaining or improving their property, as they will have to pay more tax.
Henry Lion, England

years of age my council tax bill could move from current £2,357 to nearly £5,000. Principally we have extended our house significantly but why do house values affect service costs. The house is bigger but we still use the exact same facilities as before. My current reaction is to move out of this country as moving to pension age means we could not afford £413pw council tax for our current home. Having paid all taxes without exception for all my working life I feel such a move as this affecting all fixed income pensioners is a step too far.
Allan Murison, Northumberland

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