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East Midlands: Seal cull
Allister Craddock
The Politics Show
East Midlands

Seal pup

Amber Valley Labour MP, Judy Mallaber argues that the Government must take action to stop the killing of hundreds of thousands of seal pups in Canada.

She says that other countries, including America, have banned the importing and exporting of seal furs and other seal products.

And she insists that Britain should do the same.

She declares: "The callous, routine brutality used by those who kill the seals must be seen to be believed ".

Judy Mallaber is referring to footage she has seen of pups being clubbed to death.

The Campaigns Director for Nottingham-based Respect for Animals, Mark Glover, will tell the Politics Show how he has seen what happens for himself.

He accuses the hunters of blatantly ignoring regulations which stipulate that they are meant to make sure that each one is dead before they move onto the next one.

Seal pup
The cull angers animal welfare groups

Mark Glover says: "Once you have seen what happens, it becomes a life mission to stop it."

He is off to Canada again next week to appeal to the Government there to stop the killing.

He and fellow campaigners will be taking to the ice to plead with the hunters to spare the seal pups.

The Canadian Government claim the commercial seal hunt quota is necessary to maintain a substantial seal population and to protect fish stocks.

But Judy Mallaber does not accept these arguments.

She insists: "It is the largest, most brutal slaughter of marine mammals anywhere on the planet."

She will tell Marie Ashby about the pressure she is putting on Government ministers to ban seal products.

Meanwhile Respect for Animals is urging British consumers to boycott all Canadian seafood.

Also on the Politics Show

The show also explores the battle to restore Nottingham's reputation after the shooting of PC Rachael Bown.

The leader of the city council, Jon Collins, is taking on the tabloids over headlines like " Assassination City" and "Shottingham".

The council's spokesman, Stephan Richeux hits back:

"It is only called Assassination City because the tabloid press called it that in the first place - ignoring the the facts and figures that disprove that assertion.

"They continue to perpetuate the myth by re-using these phrases from their cuttings library through sheer lazy journalism."

The Politics Show has asked a representative of the Sun to take part in our discussion.

Marie Ashby
Marie Ashby Presenter

The council are incensed by a claim in a Sun leader column that the "sound of gunfire is almost routine" in the city.

That is the Politics Show Sunday 05 March 2006 at Noon.

Join presenter Marie Ashby for the Politics Show on BBC One on Sundays.

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