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Last Updated: Friday, 24 February 2006, 15:33 GMT
Quiz of the week
The Politics Show has devised another devilish quiz for your entertainment

... how good is your grasp of political trivia?

There are 10 questions but no prizes ... except the satisfaction of having taken part.


Question 1
David Cameron’s new baby is to be called Arthur Elwen Cameron. According to website kitt.net what does Elwen mean?
A: Wise friend of an elf?
B: Powerful son of a warrior?
C: It’s Welsh for “warming breeze”.
D: “Noble bear” or “keeper of bears”
Question 2
Which star announced this week that she is to petition Tony Blair to tighten the laws on the privacy of public figures?
A: Chantelle
B: Naomi Campbell
C: Sienna Miller
D: Kate Moss
Question 3
Which singer said this week that she refuses to pay Ken Livingstone’s Congestion Charge?
A: Dido
B: Michelle Gayle
C: Joss Stone
D: Madonna
Question 4
Which Conservative MP lost an election this week?
A: Boris Johnson
B: George Osborne
C: Michael Howard
D: Peter Lilley
Question 5
There’s been a lot of talk about whether Gordon Brown will face a challenge to become leader of the Labour Party when Tony Blair resigns. If anyone wanted to challenge him, how many nominations would he/she have to get from fellow MPs?
A: 2
B: 6
C: 15
D: 45
Question 6
Who did Tony Blair praise this week as playing a "huge part in defeating Nazi tyranny”?
A: Royal Marines
B: Bevin Boys
C: Boy Scouts
D: Wrens
Question 7
Culture Minister, David Lammy, disclosed the cost of the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial fountain this week. How much did it cost?
A: £1.1m
B: £3.6m
C: £5.2m
D: £14.8m
Question 8
Parliament voted for a blanket ban on smoking this week. Why, at first, did the plan not apply to the Houses of Parliament?
A: Parliament is a Royal Palace and therefore the legislation does not apply to it.
B: The House of Lords slipped in a late amendment to exempt the Palace of Westminster.
C: Backbench MPs successfully petitioned the Queen for an exemption.
D: A ban on smoking in Parliament would contravene the ancient laws that guarantee MPs’ free speech.
Question 9
Which British politician called for more state schools to adopt cadet training schemes?
A: Norman Tebbit
B: Gordon Brown
C: David Cameron
D: Sir Menzies Campbell
Question 10
Labour MP and lifelong smoker, Steven Pound, voted against a blanket ban on smoking in public places this week. What did he do next?
A: Changed his mind on the ban after talking to his daughter and quit the habit.
B: Lit up in the House of Commons chamber as a protest.
C: Missed the next crucial division because he’d nipped out for a fag.
D: Blew smoke rings for the cameras on college green.

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