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London: Congestion charge
Khevyn Limbajee
Politics Show London

Congestion sign
Will increased charges be good for London?

Tom Conti is infuriated by London's congestion charge. He believes that the increase in charge, from 5 to 8, is simply to raise money.

Also widening the congestion charging zone to Kensington and Chelsea may be self defeating.

It will mean that many 4X4 drivers - the very drivers Ken Livingstone wants to stop driving in London - will qualify for a 90% rebate.

But what really bugs Tom Conti is that if he does not pay the congestion charge on the day - he will have to pay a 50 fine the day after.

Tom believes this is unfair and airs his views on Politics Shows London.

Also on Politics Show

Olympics Bid

Prior to the visit of the International Olympic Committee, London 2012 are putting the finishing touches to their bid.

But there is a major obstacle they are going to have to deal with.

Over 300 local businessmen are up in arms because they have to move.

Lance Forman is the owner of Forman and Son, one of the few East End salmon smokers supplying to top restaurants and hotels worldwide.

2005 is the centenary year of Forman and Son - but for them it is marked with uncertainty.

Lance Forman said: "Our business is 100 years old and survived two world wars, but it does not look like it will survive two weeks of sport."

If London does win the Olympics these businesses will have to find somewhere else to go.

Finding a place nearby would cost money and financial help is required. As yet none is forthcoming.

The businesses employ around 15 000 workers, most of whom live locally, and their jobs will be have to be relocated.

A law firm is to represent them, so the wrangle is set to run and run. Politics Show London reports.

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