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Politics Show East

Deborah McGurran
Deborah McGurran
Editor, Politics Show East

Deborah McGurran... I'm from Manchester. After I finished my degrees at Manchester University, I trained as a journalist in Preston.

My first job was as a trainee reporter on the Oldham Chronicle newspaper.

I have fond memories of Oldham market and the beauty of the moors at the base of the Pennines.

I also worked for the Liverpool Post and at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester before joining the BBC.

I worked for Northwest Tonight for five years before moving to the East.

I have always been interested in Politics and started as a researcher on the then, East at Westminster - moving on as reporter, then producer and now Political Editor of the region.

I am still the only female regional Political Editor in the country, although we're better represented in the ranks of network reporters and presenters.

I am a member of the Reporters' Lobby in Westminster, which means I can go into Central Lobby, just outside the chamber of the House of Commons.

It is something that I still believe is an incredible privilege, to see, at times, history being made, in front of your eyes.

Etholle George

Ethole George and a Danish soldier
Now what was that about ladies and men in uniform..?

Having toyed with the idea of becoming a Customs Officer, an air traffic controller or a museum curator, I left school at 18 to begin work in the City of London as an accountant!

Realising that I talked far too much to sit in an office by myself all day, I joined BBC Essex as a volunteer in 1993.

My first job on the station was compiling the Shoppers Car Parking Report, but my typing skills were so bad that it was suggested that I read the information out on air, and a new career began.

Etholle George and Clive Lewis
Etholle and Clive Lewis with the hat that's become 'de rigeur'

I joined Look East in 2000 as a newsreader, presenting regular TV news bulletins and reporting as well from both Cambridge and Norwich.

In 2002, I started work as an announcer at the new BBC Digital station BBC7, where I introduce the 7th Dimension dramas and bestsellers during the week, and a wider selection of programmes through the day on a Saturday.

I am now a presenter with BBC Essex on the lunchtime slot.

Clive Lewis - Politics Show East chief reporter

Clive Lewis
Clive Lewis brings in the politics of the community to the studio - to you...

I became hooked on politics after playing the part of Wat Tyler, the 14th Century leader of the Peasants Revolt, in a school play.

The giddy taste of rabble rousing power obviously went to my head as I later became a Vice President of the National Union of Students.

My first job in the BBC was as a security guard at BBC World in London.

Not quite broom cupboard to boardroom but an interesting journey nonetheless!

After completing a post-grad in journalism, I worked on local newspapers in Northampton and Milton Keynes before being accepted onto the BBC's News Trainee Scheme.

Based in Bristol and Leeds, I then went onto work as a Broadcast Journalist in Nottingham, Norwich, and at one point, Coventry.

I'm now a Senior Broadcast Journalist and work full time on the Politics Show as its main reporter.

If I had to sum the job up in one word, it would be: "relentless".

The Politics Show on Sundays at Midday on BBC One.

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