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Northern Ireland

Robin Sheeran
Robin Sheeran
Politics Show Northern Ireland

Jim Fitzpatrick
Jim Fitzpatrick

Northern Ireland viewers know their politics and are hungry for vigorous debate.

Every week, Politics Show from Northern Ireland turns the spotlight on a different aspect of our complex political life.

We aim to hold our public representatives to account through a mixture of investigative films and incisive in-depth interviews.

And it is not just the usual heavyweight jousting over guns and government.

Politics Show keeps a weather eye on the everyday issues that matter in your life.

Post office closures, racial violence, fuel poverty, and the smoking ban are just some of the issues we have tackled.

We seem to have an election in Northern Ireland every few months.

Politics Show has developed a series of debates that get beneath the manifesto rhetoric and challenge the party leaders to defend their records.

That is Politics Show from Northern Ireland, the programme that takes you closer to the issues that divide or unite our splintered society.

Stormont parliament buildings
Jim Fitzpatrick Presenter

When he sneaked off to night-classes while at school to study A Level Politics, Jim Fitzpatrick could not have predicted quite how useful this extra-mural activity would one day become.

His early interest in the subject has been repaid with the challenge of fronting nearly three hours of political coverage each week.

From the machinations of the Assembly each Monday and Tuesday on Stormont Live, to the analysis of the workings of devolved government on The Politics Show, Jim brings his own unique talents to a new style of political coverage.

He joined the BBC in 2003 to launch the Politics Show and has since been a regular presenter for news and current affairs on television and radio.

Prior to joining the BBC he worked as an investigative reporter for UTV and before that, Jim held a number of positions in the Northern Ireland daily, The Irish News, including that of Business Editor.

He began his career in local radio as News Editor of a Mid Ulster-based community station and has also spent a year working in corporate PR.

Outside of work, he has a busy life as husband and father of four young children. He plays the piano - badly; exercises sporadically; and cooks a good steak béarnaise.

The Politics Show on Sundays at Midday on BBC One.

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