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Politics Show: Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
Len Tingle
Len Tingle
Political Editor, BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Politics Show on Sunday, 23 January, 2005

Politics Show examines plans for a radical revamp of some of Britain's rural railways.

The Government wants to get local communities more heavily involved in helping to run many lines - but will it breathe new life into them or make it easier to scrap them altogether?

Also ...

We ask whether new laws, which are supposed to make things easier for disabled people, are actually leading to the closure of many public toilets.

And ...

How green is your home?

We talk to the MP who wants to give you extra cash if you make your house more energy efficient.

Politics Show

That is Politics Show Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, with presenters Cathy Killick and Len Tingle from our Leeds studios.

Politics Show for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, is on Sunday, 23 January, 2005, at 12.30pm on BBC One.

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Some of our viewers commented...

Councillor Chris Kirby, Great Britain: "As one of the Keighley BNP councillors present that evening all I saw was a huge proportion of concerned electorate, who require help to channel their anger and frustrations of many years of weak leadership. Do not underestimate the popularity of the BNP, our day is not so far away".

Clive Potter, England: "Bear in mind that the British National Party has had to endure years of threats, violence, intimidation and hostility from both the Liberal Establishment and its cohorts of public-funded organisations, and the bully-boy tactics of Far Left Marxist extremists".

Fenton Price: "This is a transparent attempt to make the BNP seem secretive and somehow sinister. But anyone with any sense understands that should the whereabouts of a BNP gathering become public knowledge then it will be the target for violent far-left groups - who incidentally are never criticised by the BBC".

Alan Smith, England: "I think the report on the BNP press conference says it all, that they are really an undercover operation for a bunch of low life thugs".

Nicky, UK: "Shameful and a disgrace to all who fought in the war".

Mary, Leeds: "I am absolutely sickened at what the STUPID BNP party has to say. They are just a group of racist whites wanting every other ethnic minority out of Britain".

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