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North East and Cumbria: Richard Moss

Richard Moss
Richard Moss presents Politics Show from the North East and Cumbria

I was born in Ellesmere Port in 1970, lived in Surrey and Cheshire before moving to a village near Cockermouth in Cumbria in 1983.

My first brush with politics was failure to get elected to the school council when I was 11, so I quickly decided to abandon career in politics and take the politicians to task instead - I'm not bitter.

I went to Cockermouth School between 1983 and 1988. I distinguished myself as deputy head boy by being asked to resign but steadfastly refusing.

Then onto Girton College, Cambridge to take a degree in history.

I began embryonic broadcasting career with my own radio programme on Cambridge University Radio in 1988 (estimated audience three).

I encountered problems when the station manager discovered I was trying to give away some of the record collection in a competition.

I switched to newspaper journalism, training in Preston before my first job working for a local newspapers in Carlisle in 1993.

I spent much of the time trawling through council agendas as political reporter.

A high point though was revealing that former Carlisle United chairman Michael Knighton had a close encounter with aliens!

In 1997 I got my first BBC job at Radio Cumbria spending around three years as the producer in the Whitehaven office covering West Cumbria and Sellafield in particular.

I went on to produce lunchtime programme and become programme controller.

In 2002, I moved to Newcastle as Political Correspondent to cover local government and the devolution debate, before becoming Political Editor and Politics Show presenter at the start of 2004.

My claim to fame is Jim Bowen once bought me a drink. I was thrilled to interview John Smith shortly before his death.

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