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Justin Rowlatt

Justin Rowlatt
Justin came to Panorama from Channel 4 News in September 2003, relishing the prospect of getting to grips with reporting whole programmes instead of short items.

He is something of a veteran here as one of his first jobs in television was as an Assistant Producer on Panorama where, among many other stories, he worked on a programme which showed how Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo dealers were fixing car prices in Britain.

Since joining as a reporter he has had about as varied a diet of stories as anyone could wish for. For his first programme he traversed Britain's burgeoning consumer debt mountain to discover why so many of us were using our plastic to "Spend it like Beckham".

The highlight of his time here, to date, has been the investigation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). "Buying the Games" spoke to four Olympic insiders who said that there is one simple way to ensure your city gets the games - cash.

In the climax of the programme he met with the head of the Bulgarian member of the IOC to discuss how he might be able to help London get the Games. The programme generated headlines around the world and was nominated for a Bafta - Britain's most prestigious television award.

His recent programme - "Cannabis - what teenagers need to know" - detailed the growing evidence that heavy cannabis use in your teens can increase the likelihood of developing psychotic illness.

Making the programme involved a journey into his own past as he was a regular dope smoker when he was a teenager. The evidence the programme uncovered made a very convincing case that that cannabis can have much more profound psychological effects than most people believe.

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