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NOVEMBER 28 2004

Panorama returns to some of the most memorable programmes from the past twelve months to tell us what happened following its investigations.

NOVEMBER 21 2004

Panorama enters "Tween World" to find out how childhood is changing for Britain's eight to 12 year olds and asks if they are doing 2much2young?

NOVEMBER 11 2004

How in 2004 Panorama travelled deep into the Darfur region of Sudan to uncover evidence of mass killings and rape.


The top one per cent of earners are doing spectacularly well. Steve Bradshaw investigates whether Britain is becoming a Winner Takes All Society.

OCTOBER 31 2004

Panorama chronicles an increasingly nail-biting billion dollar race for the White House from within the critical and controversial battleground of Florida.

OCTOBER 24 2004

Panorama goes to New York to find out whether the 9/11 families believe that George Bush has made the world safer - for them and for everyone else.

OCTOBER 17 2004

Rageh Omaar takes to the streets of Britain to investigate the unstoppable rise of the knife and finds there is far more of it about than parents might realise.

OCTOBER 10 2004

As obesity levels in the UK rise alarmingly, Panorama investigates just how hard the sugar industry fights to protect its profits and interests.

OCTOBER 3 2004

An investigation into medicines regulation in the UK has led to influential names in medicine asking if we're being told the truth about the drugs we take.


With exclusive access to a national study, Panorama looks at the phenomenon of the 'miracle baby' and speaks to the families of children who were born before 26 weeks.


The inside story of the Beslan school siege from some of those who survived. Damian Grammaticas investigates what the terrorists did, and why they did it.


The story of how Panorama revealed that some Olympic "agents" were offering to pay members of the International Olympic Committee in an attempt to get votes in the race to hold the 2012 games.

JULY 18 2004

Panorama follows three couples as they are forced to do battle with the NHS system of 'Continuing Care'- and encounter delay, obstruction and injustice.

JULY 11 2004

On the eve of Lord Butler's report into the failure of intelligence on Iraq, John Ware reconstructs how Tony Blair made the case for war to the people and Parliament.

JUNE 27 2004

The Vatican claims condoms can have holes that leak the AIDS virus. Powerful critics say they're wrong. Panorama goes on a worldwide hunt for the scientific truth.

JUNE 22 2004

In an exclusive interview for Panorama, David Dimbleby quizzes the former president on his record, his political passions and how his public and private lives clashed.

JUNE 20 2004

Panorama investigates the criminals making the best counterfeit notes ever. The trail leads from Birmingham, to North Korea, Moscow, then to a leading Irish Republican.

JUNE 13 2004

Panorama investigates Muslim identity. Four young, British, Muslim women explain why they confidently wear the hijab, and cover their hair, or veil their face entirely.

JUNE 6 2004

Panorama reveals how the drinks industry drove a legal coach and horses through the licensing system and examines the government decision to extend drinking hours.

MAY 19 2004

A Panorama Special reports on the scale of the abuse and torture of prisoners in Iraq and elsewhere and asks which officers, diplomats and politicians knew what, when.

MAY 16 2004

In a fusion of drama, research and discussion, Panorama puts Britain's emergency plans to the test and reveals if London is prepared for a terrorist attack.

MAY 9 2004

Panorama tells the disturbing stories of the innocent victims of drug abuse - the children of drug addicted parents. Their voice is rarely heard. This is their story.

APRIL 4 2004

Fergal Keane marks the tenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide by returning to the scene of a massacre to investigate how ordinary men became pitiless killers.

MARCH 28 2004

Panorama asks how did Saddam Hussein evade capture for so long, who protected him and who finally betrayed Saddam to the Americans?

MARCH 21 2004

After the Madrid train bombs, Jane Corbin reveals how the war in Iraq has given Al Qaeda a new lease of life and asks if Britain is next on their list of targets?

MARCH 14 2004

Experts are warning that taxes may have to go up. On the eve of the budget, Panorama asks what we want from tax and what we should expect?

MARCH 10 2004

The story of two British families whose sons were held at Guantanamo and testimony about the treatment some detainees say they experienced there.

MARCH 7 2004

With the dust still settling from the Hutton Report, Panorama tackles some of the trickiest questions facing the BBC, Britain's oldest broadcaster.

FEBRUARY 29 2004

Panorama exposes the secret camps in Zimbabwe where Robert Mugabe's government brainwashes thousands of youths and trains them to torture and kill.

FEBRUARY 22 2004

Can schemes to identify future offenders help tackle youth crime? Or are we labelling thousands of children before they've even committed an offence?

JANUARY 21 2004

Before Lord Hutton's verdict, Panorama provides a factual account of the fight between the government and the BBC and some of the events surrounding it.

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