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Panorama looks at the case against a war in Iraq. Surprisingly, some of the doubts being raised come from voices you would expect to be backing an invasion.


Panorama investigates the deaths of four young soldiers found shot dead at Deepcut Army barracks and asks if a culture of bullying is driving new recruits to suicide, or worse - if there is a killer on the loose.

NOVEMBER 24 2002

Three million Britons currently live together without getting married. Panorama investigates whether they have any legal protection should anything go wrong

NOVEMBER 17 2002

Vivian White investigates the crisis of confidence in pensions and talks to men and women who may now have little pension to look forward to


Panorama investigates Saddam's past in a search for clues to his future actions. John Simpson speaks to witnesses who watched the Iraqi leader's rise to power

OCTOBER 20 2002

Panorama reporter Jane Corbin examines whether those responsible for the recent bomb attacks in Bali could have links with the al-Qaeda network.

OCTOBER 13 2002

Panorama investigates Seroxat, one of the world's biggest selling and most succesful anti-depressants. But for some users, the drug has a darker side.


Panorama held an interactive special programme on the crisis with Iraq on Sunday 29 September, giving viewers the chance to ask BBC senior correspondents questions about the threat of war.


Panorama examines Saddam's history of developing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and examines just what he may have in his arsenal and where it is hidden.

JULY 14 2002

With the Catholic Church still reeling from revelations that it kept child abuse quiet, Panorama investigates a world-wide religion that stands accused of shielding abusers: the Jehovah's Witnesses.

JULY 7 2002

Panorama has been following the hunt to destroy Osama Bin Laden's terror network for the past ten months. Billions of dollars have been spent and thousands of soldiers mobilised - but is the world any safer?

JUNE 30 2002

Last month, house prices rose at an unprecedented rate. Interest rates are also at their lowest for decades. Panorama asks: who are the winners and losers? And will the bubble burst?

JUNE 19 AND 23

A special two-part investigation looks at how the intelligence services have covered up the extent of their collusion with loyalist murder gangs.

MAY 26 2002

Panorama investigates the country's biggest advertiser: the Blair government. Insiders accuse the government of spending public money on party political campaigns.

MAY 19 2002

Fresh forensic evidence puts the science of fingerprinting under the microscope once more. For almost a year, Panorama has been following the case of Alan McNamara.

MAY 12 2002

Diane Pretty, who took her fight for the right to die to the European Court of Human Rights, has died. She spoke exclusively to Panorama about her life and the battle to die with dignity.

APRIL 25 2002

As two boys are found not guilty of the murder of 10-year-old Damilola Taylor, Panorama examines the events that led to his tragic death and the subsequent police investigation.

MARCH 24 2002

Panorama asks whether Hollywood was more prophetic in anticipating terrorist threats faced by the United States than the Pentagon.

MARCH 17 2002

Panorama gives the British public the chance to have their say on the euro - a subject on which the government has so far refused to let us vote.

MARCH 10 2002

Panorama reveals what the British Government knew about Robert Mugabe's mass slaughter of the 1980s and investigates whether anything was done to stop him.

MARCH 3 2002

Panorama follows David Young, a troublesome teenager, who has been served an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) that bans him from his home area.

FEBRUARY 24 2002

Panorama reports on the UK troops trying to bring stability to a war-ravaged Afghanistan still plagued by violence, crime, food shortages and minefields.

FEBRUARY 10 2002

Panorama reveals the untold dark side to one of Britain's most notorious patrols.


As parents continue to shun the controversial triple jab despite mounting fears of a measles epidemic, Panorama asks how safe is MMR?

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