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Tim Poupard
I feel like tearing the timetables up
 real 56k

The Wrong Track

Train Diary
Tim Poupard, Architect.
Travels from Crossgates to Selby daily. The journey should take 20 minutes

After Hatfield, because of the lack of confidence that sort of swept the nation, everybody was wondering what was going to happen.

There was also of course the flood situation in our region which created a speed problem which affected the timetable speed limits, but that wasn't so much a problem from Hatfield, it was the track situation as we all know.

Long lines of people trudge up the ramp, heads bowed down, like something from a Lowry painting.

Crossgates has been a terminus for a number of weeks while Railtrack have been investing 165 million at Leeds station. Usually one can count the number of people who leave the Leeds bound trains and walk up the long ramp into Crossgates on one hand.

However, whilst this madness has been going on, long lines of people trudge up the ramp, heads bowed down, like something from a Lowry painting, all to be shepherded into waiting buses with drivers who are trying to find Crossgates on the map.

One morning last week when the trains had supposedly got back to normal and were running through to Leeds, one of the commuter trains when it stopped at Crossgates, everyone got off and proceeded to the top of the ramp.

Fortunately the driver knew more than the conductor as he waited until all the frustrated passengers marched back down the ramp to board the train. Communication... what a wonderful thing!

Message to people who run railways

The lack of investment goes back many years

What they're doing now in terms of their maintenance programme is to keep at it, stick at it, and what they've done over the Christmas period I'm sure is the right thing.

They're doing very well. I don't think anybody would condemn them for that - A big pat on the back.

But I can't help feeling that what they've inherited from British Rail is a very decayed rail system and British Rail would be doing this whoever was running the railway system now.

The lack of investment goes back many years. I feel that's the case.

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