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Your comments: I'll die when I choose

Euthanasia has been legalised in the Netherlands

Thank you for sending us your comments on Panorama: I'll die when I choose

The debate is now closed but a selection of your views are published below.

Panorama: I'll die when I choose was shown on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday 08 December 2008.

Well done for showing this, it's so important to air this issue, which is going to become mighty important. We have to move forward to deal with the problem that medical science has produced... rampant but often undesired old age and the ability to prolong suffering in terminal sicknesses. Trust the Dutch to be sensitive and progressive... Scots to follow ??
John Broom

I was amazed when I watched this programme that at no point was the impact on doctors considered in any depth. If a change in the law was to take place, we would then be asking our GPs to become murderers. This would be a huge thing to ask of them, whether lawful or otherwise it would still be murder.

If an animal is beyond repair you'd put it down. Why let humans suffer. I'm all for assisted suicide. Make it legal in the UK!

As a 14 year old child, I saw my father die a traumatic and painful death from cancer. It struck me as odd at the time that if we were to allow an animal to suffer like that we would almost certainly be prosecuted for cruelty to animals - yet here was my darling dad being left to die slowly and in pain - it seemed to me incomprehensible. Here I am now 28 years later and watching Margo MacDonald investigating assisted suicide and euthanasia. I am fully in favour of a controlled and monitored system that allows a terminally ill patient to end their life on their terms and with dignity. I dread the thought that my children (albeit older now than I was when my father died) would have to look on and feel utterly helpless should either my husband or I be unfortunate enough to develop a terminal illness.
Maria Clark

I have watched this programme open mouthed, the one sided bias in the production was shocking - slow shots of the poor lady with MS being nursed, the dramatic music as the "hero" doctor (who was struck off) entered the shot were typical of the pro-euthanasia approach. This was not a balanced film nor a documentary but a programme made with a political agenda. Lip service and nothing else was paid to balance. The editors should be ashamed and I am disgusted.
A Concerned Doctor

I'd like to say how strongly I support any campaign towards the legalisation of assisted suicide in Britain. I fully understand the fears of the medical practitioners but I entirely reject any religious argument whatsoever. However I think it is very important that we continue to try to find a way of enabling assisted suicide to be legalised and dignified as it deserves to be.
Meg McNair

Do people in the third world have this interest in suicide and euthanasia? I think that this debate leads to the demeaning of the gift of life, and lacks respect for the aged, infirm, disabled and dying in our society. We cannot know the terrible consequences to the medical profession and loved ones. Margo MacDonald should not attempt to change the law as this is the slippery slope to hastening the early death of the most vulnerable in society. Either life is to be lived, or then why do we take endless medications to prolong it? Some have a poor quality of life but it is still their life and should be respected, loved and cared for through love.
Joan Emery

What about misdiagnosis? A member of my family was misdiagnosed with cancer 3 years ago, and told he only had 4 months to live. A sinister Palliative Care team gave him a huge bottle of morphine to take 'PRN', despite the fact he was in no pain, and 'assured' him they would help - thank God we sought a second opinion - he's still with us, but he was so shocked and depressed at the time, AND heavily tranquilised on Temazepam, he'd have rolled his sleeve up to be 'Euthanized' on the spot if the law had allowed it! Thin edge of a disgusting wedge!
Alicia Jones

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