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Your Comments: The Secret Policeman Returns

Metropolitan Police
Mark Daly first investigated police racism in 2003.

Thank you for sending us your comments on Panorama: The Secret Policeman Returns.

The debate is now closed but a selection of your views are published below.

Panorama: The Secret Policeman Returns was shown on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday 6 October 2008.

When watching the secret Policeman Returns I was torn between shock and frustration. I was shocked that the people portrayed in the documentary could behave in that way. Frustrated as we cant move now for political correctness! I think it is now all to easy to play the race card when things dont go our way! Discrimination is endemic in all organisation race groups just seem to be the most vocal.

Whilst this programe highlighted many worrying issues within the Met surely a survey of white officers should also have been carried out to see how many of them had experienced racism whilst at work, felt that they had been unfairly passed over for promotion and 'been treated like a slave'.

This programme is just a typical example of high racism is in the UK. I work in the NHS and have the same problem because I am black I get alot of stick in my job and always treated with lack of respect.I think I am only there so they can have the numbers to prove they employ blacks but they don't want me there.

Keep in mind that the police are by and large drawn from the lower middle class -they are not graduates. The lower middle class have never subscribed to the unbridled enthusiasm for immigration so beloved of the urban intelligensia who supply lawyers, doctors, BBC editors, etc.

They have to police the worst aspects of the multicultural society encouraged by the liberal elite. Try being a policeman for six weeks. A disproportionately high percentage of people who commit certain types of crime are black. They deal with criminals, day in, day out. After a while you probably find this affects your social attitudes.

Having just watched the Secret Policeman I don't believe it delivered a balanced view. I know one or two policeman and have discussed equality issues with them. Both are white males and their main concern is the positive discrimination being practised to achieve quotas. This in itself creates concern, positive discrimination devalues achievements and generates bad feeling. The only way to avoid this is for organisations to operate as a true meritocracy and reward achievement consistently and transparently.

At senior levels in any organisations people feel like they are blocked, its natural. That applies to all races and both sexes. The nature of progression/promotion means people are often overlooked or reach an appropriate level - not everyone can be the MD.

The programme also provided numerous statistics about numbers of investigations against BME's, it didn't follow that up with statistics about how many were found guilty? If 3 times as many are investigated and only half as many are found guilty there is obviously a problem, but without that stat the information is meaningless.

In terms of promotion surely it follows that senior positions will only be occupied by BME's once the percentage balance in the force changes. You can't have a large volume of senior officers in 20 years when many of those positions take 20 years or more to get too.

In general I thought the programme was sensationalist and showed too much of the previous programme which I am afraid is now out of date and may no longer be accurate - the programme showed no evidence that those problems still persist so why keep showing the footage?

From my 11 year experience I can emphatically say panorama has totally misrepresented the truth. The reality is that officers are terrified that if they make even the most minor error when it comes to race they will lose their jobs. A minor error of a different nature would lead to proportionate punishment. Discrimination in relation to jobs and promotion does not exist. In fact every assistance is offered to BME officers including, coaching, mentors, recruitment fairs and training that is not available to others. It is great testament to white officers behaviour and understanding that they do not complain that they are not allowed these opportunities. It seems that it is those with vested personal interest and the media who continue to beat the organisation with the big stick of racist allegation in order to fulfil their own personal means. Consequently grievous harm is done the goodwill and professionalism of all officers. I sincerely hope that good sense prevails and one day the issue of race can be debated in a fair and proportionate manner.

Aren't efforts to treat people equallty undermined if the entry system is race based in the first place? On some level you undermine other peoples confidence in the recruits because people may suspect they're not there on merit.

There is a causal link between it being easier for minorities to get in and the treatment that they receive once they're in.

Great pity I think that ethnic minorities are still coming up against racism when they join and serve in the police service. They should be treated in the same way as their white counterparts and have the same opportunities for promotion within the police. I am sure that due to this continued racism great talent is being lost to the police service which can only dinadvantage the most important people they serve, us the public. I hope following the revelations on tonight's programme, there will be a serious investigation into this issue once again, with the racists being found and dismissed from the police service. They are not wanted by a vast majority of their colleagues who appear to be perfectly happy to work together alongside each other as one police service serving and protecting the public.
Steve Fuller

Sensationalist rubbish. Panorama used to be a trusted programme but this kind of journalism is not worthy of the News of the World. I am a police officer in The Met and have been for 24 years. These allegations are knocking the stuffing out of hard working police officers, who put their lives on the the line for the public, not caring whether they are black, white,asian or gay. I've no doubt that there are racists in the police, like any other section of the community. The difference these days is they keep their heads down because its not tolerated by anybody. The only discrimination I see against BME officers these days is positive, in their favour and I don't like that either. Ironically, neither do the hard working BME officers that I know. They also don't have any time for the devisive black police association - chairman Ali Dezaei. What a role model he is to BME officers. This programme an agenda and to hell with the truth. Hopefully Mike Fuller will be the next Met commissioner - whether he deserves it or not.

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