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Your Comments: NHS Postcode Lottery

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Thank you for sending us your comments on Panorama: NHS Postcode Lottery: It Could Be You.

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Panorama: NHS Postcode Lottery: It Could Be You was shown on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday 18 August 2008.

Having worked in the NHS the postcode lottery never fails to amaze me. it goes further than drugs though. Palliative care availability is sporadic. Lincolnshire for example has a very poor terminal care service in comparison to its neighbour Norfolk. Unless this lottery ceases there will be little men in big rooms making life or death decisions.

Ms Bedford

I think NICE should be renamed as National Institute of Clinical Expenditure. I have and still do work for the NHS, so need to remain pretty well anonymous. The care that we strive to give and can't, saddens and sickens me.


An awful programme. The presenter put illogical non-arguments to NICE etc. then made facetious comments about the responses. A less objective programme would be hard to find.


NHS Postcode Lottery has sadly shown us that the National Health Service which was intended when set up, clearly is not. Depending on where you live determining what treatment you receive for serious illnesses and conditions is not the principle in which the NHS was intended. Treatment free at the point of need now sadly is not the case and I fear this will cost patients their lives and has done so already. The Government, who would not put up anybody from the Department of Health for interview, clearly promised us the postcode Lottery would end. It has not and somebody should have been prepared to answer questions on this matter. I think any drugs that would save or prolong a patient's life should be funded by all PCT's up and down the country. NICE have difficult decisions to make on new and existing drugs which should be made with patient's lives in mind and not just cost.

Steve Fuller

For those who have or who have loved ones with conditions considered not worthy of paying for the benefit must feel rather 'peeved' at the millions spent on lifestyle conditions funded by NICE. To say a decision by NICE is not final is naive and why should a patient at such a stage battle with administrators when they have more important things to focus on? It is clearly the patients, not NICE, that are beleaguered.

L McWilliams

The postcode lottery is an obvious breach of human rights. We pay the same taxes and should all have the same benefits. It is a sad reflection on Ministers and MPs that they cannot see how obviously wrong this is.

Agneta Taylor

This program is a disgrace! You show individual patients' and clinicians' accounts of improvement using these controversial drugs as these were proper evidence for their use. You should have explained to the viewer what a clinical trial is and why it is done. It is not done for fun! Even a well-trained consultant can get it wrong because of many confounding variables that can affect disease progression apart from the drug itself. That's why we need clinical trials. You should have explained the process which is based entirely on science. You are disgrace of journalism!

Sam Marcora

The only solution is to take a more libertarian approach. Get rid of drug licencing, get rid of nice, let the Doctor decide what is best for their patients.

Neelkumar Patel

It's obvious money is the deciding factor. Why don't we stop giving junkies Methadone and use the money saved to save the lifes of those people who deserve it and contribute something to society.

Martin Mullen

Bloody outrageous!!!!!!!!!!!!! What on earth is happening to our NHS and to the UK!!!!!!! Everyone who has paid into the NHS should be eligible for drugs and treatment in this country. Perhaps if we stopped treating foreign people we might have more money in the kitty. Do as France does! Dont treat people under pension age, make them take out private medical care!!!!!!!! This country has officially GONE TO THE DOGS. The powers that be that make these decisions and condemn someone to an earlier death need to personally know what this means. But they will never know as they no doubt will have private health care. Bloody awful country this has turned into to live in. I shall no doubt be leaving as soon as possible.

Tricia Phillips

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