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Primark: The Big Debate

Tom Heap talks about the Panorama investigation into the fashion industry and the use of child labour.

Primark: On the Rack has prompted a major debate across the internet on the fashion industry and use of child labour.

More than 1,000 people emailed the BBC's Have Your Say debate over the last few days.

There has also been fierce discussion across a range of social networking sites and on YouTube.

Here is a sample of what is being said.

Panorama logo

BBC Panorama Website

Well, I hope you are really proud of yourselves.

Here was a young girl, at home, making money for her family.

You have taken this opportunity away from her.

You shouldn't worry too much as she will still be making money for her family, however in order to do so she will now have been condemned to the back room where any man can have his way with her, but what do you care.

BBC News Globe

BBC News Website: Have Your Say

How can we be sure our clothes are ethically made? We can't.

In the light of last night's Panorama, we can assume that most (or all) of the clothes we purchase at low prices have been manufactured using child labour or in inhumane conditions.


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You Tube

Oh dear, oh dear dear dear. As said in the report, boycotting won't help but instead encouraging the company to help the factories change is the way to go.

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Primark Appreciation Society (A Facebook group)

To be fair, whether we feel bad about it or not, exploitation like this is always gonna go on. Us feeling bad or boycotting won't do anything to change this, its unfortunately the way the world works.

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Primark Lovers (A Bebo group)

Primark Is NOT Child Labour, Its Fantastic, Best Shop Ever!!


Catwalk Queen

The only reason why these retailers are profitable is because people keep buying. Until the public stop supporting them, it will continue. Let the back lash begin...

Daisy Green Eco Queen

It is deplorable to me, that there are children in this world who are sitting day after day, sewing, checking and preparing clothes for our high street stores

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