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Child workers stitching clothes
Primark: On the Rack was broadcast on BBC One at 9pm on Monday 23 June 2008
Thank you for your comments on Panorama - Primark: On the Rack.

The debate is now closed but a selection of your comments to us are published below.

I would firstly like to congratulate the whole Panorama team for producing the documentary. Primark: On the Rack, it was well informed and hopefully will lead more consumers or governments to challenge the conditions in factories in the third and even first world.
Rebecca Hazlehurst, UK

It was really heart breaking to see children work on these garments. Whilst I totally condemn child labour, I was concerned about the fate of the factory you featured in South India which employs hundreds of people. Primark pulled out of the factory following your expose. What has happened to all those people? Has the factory had to shut down as all its work was coming from Primark? Are you going to do a follow up?
Neena from Cambridge

Well, I hope you are really proud of yourselves. Here was a young girl, at home, making money for her family. You have taken this opportunity away from her. You shouldn't worry too much as she will still be making money for her family, however in order to do so she will now have been condemned to the back room where any man can have his way with her, but what do you care. Many other girls, like the one featured, will also have found that the above outcome awaited them too and all are now learning new skills in their re-training. It is obvious that you stupid do-gooders haven't got a clue about what you are doing nor have you any understanding about other cultures and how they operate. But, then again, you did manage to get a story out no matter at what costs to others and at the end of the day that's all that matters. Isn't it? I am now at an impasse as I do not know how to continue and describe my feelings for people like you without really, and I mean really, offending you.
John Chalmers, Inverness, Scotland

Talk about a programme that shows a partial view to the fashion world. The programme's theme is actual and important, but is Primark really the only big fashion company whose clothes you found being sewn by kids in India? There where some Gap clothes around, still they didn't seem to be on the spotlight, even when their clothes cost 10 times more than Primark¿ What about a next Panorama about where their profits go when they probably pay the same for each garment to be hand sewn in India? When you spend money doing a show like this, at least focus it on the general industry, instead of trying to grab audience shares and headlines by focusing it on just one. It really makes it seem like an attempt to decrease their sales by the most direct high street competition, which by some magic might be connected to the 'higher powers'.
Ana Pais

Your Panorama program on Primark was totally biased. I am sure Primark are not alone in this sad issue yet you targeted them as in a witch hunt. Though I do not agree with child labour, I have to ask the question, what gives us the right to go in and criticize another country who have different values to ours but whose children look happy? When the UK can hold their heads up with pride in the manner their own young persons live their lives, maybe then we can suggest a 'better way' but I fear that is a long way off. What a shabby program it turned out to be with no benefit to the children, their economy or anyone watching.
Jan Barber, UK

Well done at uncovering children working in India for Primark. It is so comforting that these children will no longer be able to earn a living in this horrid manner and will now need to turn to other industries to earn a living. Good old fashioned industries like begging or prostitution - you must be very proud of yourselves, well done!
Nick Pott

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