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One Click from Capture

How an online experiment by Panorama led to the arrest and conviction of a paedophile. One Click from Capture: BBC One 8.30pm Monday 26 May.

How safe are our children online?

A Panorama investigation earlier this year showed how paedophiles were using the internet to groom unsuspecting youngsters for sex.

'One Click from Danger' showed how social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and Bebo were being targeted by paedophiles.

Two girls in Brighton
Ellie and Olivia are now making a video on internet safety
Two teenagers Olivia and Ellie told how after posting profiles on one site, a character claiming to be a 26-year-old woman wanting to be their friend turned out to be a 55-year-old predatory paedophile.

He tried to meet up with them on a school trip to the Tate Modern.

Sexual predators

Panorama also carried out its own experiment.

One of our researchers went online as a fictional 14-year-old schoolgirl called Jane.

Sexual predators soon sought her out.

One in particular was so disturbing the police took over the case.

Panorama researcher
Our researcher set up a virtual identity of a 14-year-old girl on three social networking sites.
In 'One Click from Capture' we catch up with Olivia and Ellie who are now making a video to warn parents and kids of the potential risks of the internet based on their own experience.

The programme also shows what happened after our researcher was contacted by a paedophile calling himself Swimcoach3.

True identity

Our researcher said: "We were so concerned about the things that this guy was saying and we didn't know who else he might be speaking to, other girls that might be in danger , so that was when we called the police."

It took the police just days to find out Swimcoach's true identity.

Roger Kenneth Manning was a 43-year-old engaged man from a village in Devon.

Jeremy Vine confronts him in the programme.

Manning has now been jailed after pleading guilty to three charges under the Sexual Offences Act.

Panorama: One Click from Capture will be on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday 26 May 2008.


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