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Un headquarters in New York
Panorama: Mission Impossible was broadcast on BBC One, Monday 28 April 2008

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Good to see Panorama investigating something so important. I learned something tonight I did not know. First that the BBC has reporters that are normal and second the BBC hasn't given up on the wider picture out there.
Lucy Marcher, England

A valuable programme - but without wishing to demean the important content - could you not have played some more appropriate music? Documentaries about Africa tend to be watched first and foremost by people who know a bit about Africa culturally: this one is no exception and you should know the Congo is a powerhouse of unique music and playing Fela Kuti's Greatest Hits (Nigeria) is, at best, lazy. Congo = Franco; Kanda Bongo Man; Congotronics etc etc...
Transki, Brighton. uk

It is time the superpowers accepted that the UN needs to be reformed. It is clearely the most prestigeous corrupt organisation in the world. It is time that the world start listening to people like John Bolton who call for its reform. I lived in Congo while these wars broke out. The problem of Congo is enormousely complex, the solution may lay in revisiting the issue of how african countries were divided during the Berlin conference From November 1884 to February 1885. We all should be grateful for the BBC. God bless the Queen. Thank you
Claude , Portsmouth

Readers should remember that it is the UN member states that opt not to have a standing UN army, forcing the organization to rely on 'volunteer' Troop Contributing Countries, who are paid by the UN for their efforts. Those with low costs, such as Pakistan, India and some other developing countires, make substantial profits this way. Some TCCs have political reasons for offering troops, such as wanting to get onto a reformed security council (India) or stopping a rival from doing so (Pakistan). These sorts of financial, status and political reasons often dominate a government's decision to contribute, ahead of moral concerns, which is why the "UN troops" are often unmotivated and ineffective on the ground - their national aim is to 'be there', not to save the day. Indeed, an effective force could work itself out of a job, thus undermining the logic of its government contributing it in the first place. These troops come as formed units and are very largely under their own national command day-to-day, even though there are standards of behavior laid down by the UN. Thus when you see reports of "UN troops" doing this and that, this is not the reality. Readers who are disappointed by Panorama's shameful revelations should consider writing to their politicians to ask that their country supplies uncurrupt forces to the UN, even though this can lead to other problems (why do you think President Bashir refused to allow "imperialsit" (ie, white) soldiers to be sent to Darfur?) Readers may be disappointed and saddened by the report but until their respective countries commit significant military forces to UN peacekeeping, and for the right reasons, they should not attack the UN as an organisation; its limitations are imposed imposed by the member governments.

I served in Afghanistan for over 4 years as a counter narcotics expert, I saw how UNDP contracted out $ million of projects to corrupt organisations. It is run like a private enterprise, where are the UN investigators? Thank you Panorama for bringing this issue to the public attention.
Abbie Aryan, London

I thought tonight's Panorama, Mission Impossible, was annoying with irrelevant and pointless music all the way through it. I found the music distracting. It just cheapens a serious programme. The Director should be reprimanded for superficial banality.
Arthur Naylor, South Shields, England

Great pity that the UN, an organisation set up back in 1945 to prevent wars and protect human rights, is riddled with corruption and illegal activities, some costing the lives of the people they are supposed to be protecting. It is totally unacceptable that the British taxpayer has to continue to fund such an organisation that allows this to happen. It must be forced to change and look at itself. I hope that after Mission Impossible further meaningful inquires will be launched into what is going wrong and why vulnerable people in vulnerable countries are not being protected as we have seen tonight. Good contribution by Paddy Ashdown on a subject that he clearly knows about having worked with the UN in the past. The UN could do a lot worse than offer him a job, sorting these problems out, restoring faith in this vast organisation. I fear it will have lost a lot of credibility with viewers tonight.
Steve Fuller, Hove, East Sussex, England

Well. UN is rotten to the core - but what about the EU? Corruption, cronyism, selfishness, arrogance, incompetence within EU organisation are systematic and endemic! Even worse, hundreds of millions of taxpayers money have been used by EU officials , MEPs to pay members of their families, friends, lovers and kickbacks. The findings about corruption, waste and kickback within EU have been suppressed by "elected" Members of European Parliament! We strongly suggest BBC to take the LEAD in exposing the above within EU, if we really want to restore TRUST!
Anon (on behalf of millions of voters), London, UK

Panorama interviewing John Bolton for his opinion on corruption within the UN! A man closely aligned with the corrupt Bush Administration and well known for his contempt of the United Nations. An administration that has done so much damage to the world and been responsible for the most blatant abuse of power, and the biggest crimes ever perpetrated in the history of the United States. BBC you should be ashamed. You are as guilty as sin and part of the world wide conspiracy of disinformation and cover up. Investigate the US government's involvement with 11th September and the anthrax attacks of 18th September. Stop broadcasting propaganda and start searching for truth. Please do not pretend that this Panorama programme is engaged in anything else here but deceit. You may be able to fool the majority, but one day you will be found out.
Richard Flanagan, Zurich, Switzerland

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