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Police are concerned about a young girl out alone at night
Teenage Sex For Sale: Panorama BBC One 10.35pm on Thursday 27 March 2008

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I am disgusted at the men who pay to have sex with these young girls. Any man who ever uses any prostitute should be ashamed of themselves. Society tends to glamorize prostitution, with blining pimps and fancy cars. No woman ever chooses to become a prostitute. It is slave labour - they are forced into it because of drugs and debt and they don't get to see any of the money they are paid.
Clare, Farnborough, UK

I am appalled and deeply upset by the panorama programme on "Teenage Sex for Sale". I think it is time MP's , schools and authorities address this problem. Make these young girls aware of what they might be getting themselves into. Young teenagers today need a sense of purpose, they don't seem to have any self respect. These men are predators of young vulnerable girls. These young girls probably have more affinity with these men than the people who are actually trying to help them. This is a very difficult problem to address. We need to give these girls as much information as possible.
What annoyed me most about this programme is the attitude of the man in the car. They see these girls as nothing and use them as they want to make them money.
I think a good idea would be to get girls who have been in this situation to talk to girls at school. Because young girls are more likely to listen to them than someone in authority.
Something needs to be done and done now!
A Concerned Parent, Lancs

Having just watched this shocking programme, I seem to recall the BBC and the police castigating the BNP for trying to raise this issue four years ago. While I don't agree with the BNP I feel the BBC should admit their error in order to preserve their integrity. Or am I being naive?
dave easton, london uk

I must say, before I came across this topic in panorama, I had absolutely no idea of its existence despite watching the news and media articles on a regular basis.
If this is the case, it is not surprising that some young exploited teenagers do not realise their situation. I do believe it is now time to strongly address this issue. (Thanks panorama for bringing it to light.)
At school we are told about issues like domestic violence etc, maybe it is now time that "Teenage Sex For Sale" should be added to the curriculum?
Although gangs/pimps are the culprit and the main cause of the problem, if teenagers have more knowledge of the issue (i.e the danger and consequences) from the start, they may be able to prevent it from taking place in the beginning. After all, just relying on police force and social service is not enough with other current issues around.
Student C.M, England

Well done Panorama team!
I am a charity worker and have worked with many women who have been prostituted and young girls in care.
For once someone got it right. It was very encouraging to see clarity on who the victim is and that it is a profit making business of exploiting young vulnerable girls. Young girls do not enter prostitution out of free choice, they are targeted by pimps. Well done for setting the record right and not giving outrageous suggestions like prostitution is work like any other employment and women chose to be in it!
Gaura Tripathi, London

The pimps and clients wouldn't do this to their own sisters so why is it ok to manipulate and destroy someone else's? I should be totally stunned that this is happening in our country but I'm not really. Society is steadily descending into chaos as we lose our grip on morals and values. The more we become segregated and disrespectful of each other the less we care about others. It's difficult to believe that these people are getting away with such depraved and exploitative behaviour. What does it take for this country to start protecting and nurturing its young and pulling together as a society?
Dan, Dorking, Surrey

At last someone willing to speak up about the horrendous crime of sexual exploitation of young girls. What a great shame the authorities can get away with sweeping it under the carpet, children's lives are in danger and no-one seems to care apart from Ms Lloyd and team at CROP.
A parent, Oxford UK

I have just finished watching the Panorama programme 'Teenage Sex For Sale' and was absolutely appalled and disgusted at the perpetrators of this horrid crime and also at the inadequacies of the UK government to recognise this problem even exists... Why don't they legislate against it and bring in legal powers to arrest, the pimps who are the most despicable people that should ever have the opportunity to walk this planet, they should be subjected to the same pain, suffering & emotional turmoil they've put there victims through, I appreciate that we live in a democracy and am thankful for that, although in cases such as this and 'eye for eye' definitely springs to mind... it's as though this country has lost its sole and sold it to the devil, for what - money!! There is no more of looking out for your friends, your neighbour and making sure they're OK... This programme has typified what this country is all about, selfishness which is rife under this veneer the government wants us to believe is a great country and we should be proud - they are so far away from the truth... If I could just do something to help... I would be first in the queue...
Gareth, Slough, Berks

Very sad and serious situation these young girls are finding themselves in where there is very little protection for them against evil men. These gangs must be stopped and when caught severely punished for these appalling crimes against the girls. Little wonder that so few are brought to justice when the police cannot guarantee the safety of the girls whose evidence they need to prosecute these evil men. We must as a society do more to protect our children.
Steve Fuller, Hove, East Sussex, England

I am so glad the Teenage Sex for Sale programme highlighted what has been happening for years in this country. I know, because my niece was drugged, raped and almost dragged into prostitution when she was 14, because she was friendly with a girl who she knew from school. The family knew nothing of what this girl was doing or of the organised gangs controlling her, and things were happening to my niece during the day, so surely parents cannot be blamed in all instances.
As a caring family, we contacted the police, who were very good, but I feel their hands were tied by this ridiculous political correctness. My niece, with the help of her loving family is now on the road to recovery but still not out of the woods regarding her mental health and she is now 21.
I would also say keep a close eye on social services children's' homes as there were gangs of young men outside looking for sex and selling drugs outside the homes all the time (and possibly connected to these gangs - the rewards obviously tempting to young girls, and especially those from difficult backgrounds).
My niece was sent to one 'for her safety'. It is only through love and a hard slog from her family that she is now safe. I really believe this has been happening for a long time and not much has been done about it.
I am also glad it was an Asian man who said - 'they are criminals' regardless of what race they are. My niece was too scared to point out her attackers (if indeed she could) as we believe she was also getting threatening text messages.
By the way, I am a teacher, who has taught vulnerable children in a college and I believe this problem is more widespread than first thought.
It must be stopped now and stop the barrier of political correctness. It is appalling in this day and age.
Anon, Lancs

As a foster carer I have had experience of 2 children who have been placed in secure due to concerns. The report highlights well a huge problem which is not resulting in the disgusting abusers but their vulnerable victims being "locked up". My personal experience has been that intelligence passed on is not dealt with even if these concerns are made time after time.

Why is the BBC incapable of reporting the truth? Who is running these gangs in these cases? The Sunday Times Magazine ran a far more factual article. It's a shame journalism is so PC these days. You're no better than FOX News now, ironic perhaps?
Andrew Graham, Plymouth, UK

Teenage Sex For Sale: Panorama
26 Mar 08 |  Panorama

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