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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 March 2008, 11:51 GMT
What are the signs?
Vulnerable young girl
Coalition for the Removal of Pimping helpline: 0113 240 3040
The Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (Crop) has produced a list of signs that may indicate the sexual exploitation of your child.

This is derived from their experience of supporting families where children, mostly girls are subjected to sexual exploitation.

It may be difficult for parents and carers to differentiate between ordinary teenage rebellion and risk of sexual exploitation among adolescents. But the following list is a good indicator:

  • Being secretive or withdrawn
  • Hostility towards parents/carers and family members
  • Associating with older men or with children known to have been groomed
  • Developing a relationship of a sexual nature with an older man or woman
  • New possessions not given by parents/carers such as mobile phone, trainers, jewellery
  • Starts being defensive about the activities she may be involved in
  • Appears drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Starts truanting or is excluded from school
  • Looks ill, tired and sleeps through the day (at home or at school)
  • Increase in health related problems
  • Stays out at nights or does not return home during the day
  • Goes missing
  • Returns home after long intervals but appears to be well cared for
  • Change in performance at school in a short time
  • Starts using street language
  • Considerable change in physical appearance - clothes, make-up
  • Involved in petty crime such as shop lifting, stealing
  • Detached from age appropriate activities or activities she had always enjoyed
  • Isolated from her normal friends/peer group
  • Volatile behaviour exhibiting an extreme array of mood swings
  • Becomes disruptive or uses abusive language at home/school
  • Physical aggression towards parents, siblings, pets, teachers or friends
  • Phone ringing constantly or someone sending SMS messages.
  • Marks/scars on her body which she tries to conceal
  • Exhibits self-harming behaviour or suicidal tendencies
  • Pregnant or suffers from sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Has street name and gets phone calls from strangers addressing her with a different name

While this deals primarily with the sexual exploitation of girls, it is not to say that boys are not at risk too.

There is an increasing body of knowledge of sexual exploitation of boys and young men around the country. Perpetrators of sexual exploitation are predominantly men, but can also be women.

Teenage Sex For Sale: Panorama BBC One 10.35pm on Thursday 27 March 2008.

If you have been affected by the issues raised, you can call the Coalition for the Removal of Pimping helpline on 0113 240 3040.

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