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Last Updated: Monday, 22 October 2007, 19:42 GMT 20:42 UK
Fifa and Coe: statements


Statements from Lord Coe via London 2012 office.

12 October 2007

Thank you for your note to Seb. We passed it on to him, since you expressly asked for this request to be seen personally by him, and described it as a matter of urgency.

However, as we discussed on the phone, interview requests for Seb in his role as Fifa Ethics Committee Chairman should go via Fifa.

Seb's view is that, as the Ethics Committee is holding its plenary meeting in December, conducting a television interview - his first - beforehand would not be appropriate.

Discussions around changing the bidding rules are scheduled to take place after Panorama goes to air, and he does not want to pre-empt any decisions the Ethics Committee will make in December.

19 October 2007

The Ethics Committee holds a plenary meeting at least once a year. This year's meeting will take place in December. As I made clear when I took on the role of Chairman of the Ethics Committee, it will hear cases in private, and, for that reason, I am not able to give you any further details of the cases we are discussing or have discussed. In the last year, I have looked at the working structures of the Fifa Ethics Committee, and some procedural matters.

I have also reviewed a number of issues, and these will be discussed at the meeting in December. As I am sure you appreciate, it would not be appropriate for me to give details to a television programme before the meeting takes place. I took on the Ethics Committee role because I am a long-standing, passionate football fan, and I believe I have an opportunity to make a difference and influence the governance of a sport which has millions of fans around the world.

If I did not think I could do this, I would not have taken on the role, and the work I have done in the past year - the first of an eight year term - in directing the working structures for the Fifa Ethics Committee gives me great confidence that I can achieve what I set out to do.


17 October 2007

In the case of Fifa v MasterCard, no legally binding decision was taken. The US Court of Appeals issued a judgement, dated 25 May 2007, in which it remanded the case to the lower court thus vacating the original verdict.

Subsequently, Fifa and MasterCard reached an out of court settlement resolving the contract dispute with both parties also agreeing to terminate legal proceedings in the US and Switzerland. The nomination of Jerome Valcke to the post of the Fifa General Secretary was done in accordance with the FIFA Statutes. With respect to Fifa Vice-President Jack A Warner. The matter in relation with the Trinidad & Tobago FA is an issue for the national football association, thus a national issue, which Fifa does not get involved with.


22 October 2007

Thank you for your email of the 21st September 2007, regarding a report on the possibility of an English bid to Fifa to host the 2018 World Cup on the programme Panorama and which by an email of the 19th October 2007 you informed me that this programme is scheduled for today. I kindly wish to inform you that the affairs of the Malta FA are none of your business.

Furthermore, most of the facts mentioned in your fax of 21 September 2007 are wrong.


19 October 2007

Panorama's letters to Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer asking whether England can expect Fair Play in a potential bid to host World Cup 2018 are truly curious given that Warner and Blazer are the only two remaining members of the Fifa Executive Committee of the original five that voted for England's previous World Cup bid (for 2006).

The other three, Charlie Dempsey (New Zealand with Scottish birth), David Will (Fifa Vice President from the British Associations) and Isaac Sasso Sasso (Costa Rica, also from CONCACAF) no longer sit on the decision making body.

Dempsey left shortly after his refusal to vote in the round following England's elimination for 2006, while Will and Sasso retired from the Fifa body this year. Certainly, if anyone personifies fair play towards England, Warner and Blazer, who supported England's 2006 bid and in doing so stood against the 19 other members opposed, are the ones. Panorama might have asked instead, will it be Fair Play if CONCACAF, the Confederation next in sequence for rotation of World Cup hosts, is denied the right for one of its members to host 2018 in favour of another system instigated by the desire of others to overturn a policy intended to establish fairness?


19 October 2007

The FA re-invests approximately 60 million annually back in to football. Since 2000 we have spent around 500,000-600,000 a year on our international development and assistance programme, with projects in Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America and CONCACAF.

On average each confederation benefits from three workshops per year, ranging from coaching and refereeing courses to tournament organisation and stadium security seminars. The decision to de-nominate John McBeth as the Four Nations representative on the Fifa Executive Committee was taken collectively by the Four "home" nations. This decision was not taken in isolation by The FA. Under Fifa statute 32.3 it makes clear that only the Fifa president may propose the appointment or dismissal of the general secretary.

Geoff Thompson was one individual member of the Fifa 24-person Executive Committee which as a committee formally approved the appointment. We are fully confident Fifa will ensure there is "fair play" with the bidding process for the 2018 World Cup. However, The FA has yet declare if we will be making any such bid.


15 October 2007

Should the Fifa Executive Committee agree to a process which allows England to make a bid for 2018 and if the Football Association then decide to make a bid, Richard Caborn [2018 bid ambassador] is completely confident that we can expect fair play from Fifa.


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