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Reporter Mandy McAuley with Nipper
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Thank you for sending us your views on Dog-Fighting Undercover.

We received a huge response to this programme and are not able to publish all of your emails, however, you can read a selection below.

Over dramatised with many lies embroided, too much corolation between a breed, dog fighting men and child attacks etc, and not enough emphasis on the government legislation NOT WORKING so something else has to be done. Why not mention other LEGAL breeds that cause untold damage and how the law protects those breeds? come on BBC. Why couldn't you get facts more crystal clear; I could have done better myself!
Emmo, Lincoln

This was a brilliant report obviously following some hard work. It showed how these dogs in the wrong hands are a serious threat. My family have owned bull breeds since before I was born and I'm sorry to say that in my youth I thought dog fighting to be a sport, although never taking part or seeing first hand. Now I've grown up I see it for what it is; a bunch of sorry men who aren't fit to eat from the same bowl as these dogs, trying to look tough. In my opinion it is time to clamp down on these banned dogs and further to this it is time to introduce licensing on other dangerous dogs such as Staffordshire bull terriers, rottweilers etc. These dogs can be perfectly safe but so can a shotgun until it is in the wrong hands.
Lee, UK

Well Done Panorama!! Without programmes and investigations like yours exposing this cruel and vile world of dog fighting no one would be any the wiser. For any animal lover this was heart wrenching to watch but I was so pleased this was able to be shown on BBC 1 at a prime time. Lets hope this brave and excellent work continues to catch and punish the people behind this so called 'sport'. One main thing that did emerge from this is that the punishments need to be much harsher on anyone involved with these dogs before any real progress can be made. Thank you to Steve and Mandy.
Yvonne Daniels, Banbury, England

This was the most shocking and distressing programme I have ever seen. I have been very wary of this type of dog ever since I had a run-in with a 'staffie' but I realise that the owners are at fault. The sequence involving the secretly filmed dog fights in Finland was heart-breaking and not something I could watch again but it had to be shown. I cannot believe the lenient sentences being given out to those guilt of breeding or owning dangerous dogs. I applaud all those involved in the making of this documentary and hope that in the future you could follow it up with some positive news about the laws/loopholes regarding owning dangerous dogs.
nicola dodds, Blyth, England

I vowed I wouldn't watch Panorama last night but somehow or other, with the help of the mute button, I did manage to watch most of it. I had always thought dog fighting horrific but I had no idea just how horrific it really was. My sincere thanks and admiration to the Panorama team for their tenacity and bravery in exposing this underworld. I hope and pray that the 'human beings' who inflict this barbaric cruelty will be brought to justice and that the courts will not be so lenient with them.
Judy Beach, UK

Thank you for highlighting a human and animal tragedy. I am hoping that the British police will be inspired by the Finnish police to penalize those involved in the heinous activity of dog fighting. I am disappointed in the British press for not making more of an issue of the Gaelic football player's involvement in dog fighting. The press coverage of US football star Mike Vick serves as an example of how the press can help bring attention to a terrible practice.
eileen, London

This dog fight doc was also broadcasted in my country and I have to say I was truly ashamed and angry to see this kind of twisted and cruel individuals living here as well. It was absolutely loathing to see such contemptible actions. Clearly these people are sick, sick persons who should be locked out and given a lifetime ban to hold any living creatures ever again. Also, it was astounding to hear how feeble penalties the british authorities have been giving to these monsters. I only hope our local punitive actions will be more effective ones.
Johanna, Finland

Although extremly hard to watch,it gave a informative and real view inside the world of dog fighting,and showed the real problem we have trying to stop it happening.
Sarah M, Greater Manchester, England

One of the most ditressing programmes I have seen for a while which I forced myself to watch. It is unbelievable how people can be so cruel. Barbaric. What can we do to help?
Caroline Thomas, Llanelli, Wales

I feel that the BBC should not have for so long been involved in such an investigation without taking any action to ensure this dog fighting business is totally and completely outlawed and stopped. The investigation took well over 1 year. There are fantastic world wide organisations such as the World Wild Life fund, etc that should be standing up and approaching world nations, the EEC and the United Nations in getting this business outlawed. Its sad indeed that these dogs are bred to savage each other and the people involved should be sent to prison for life. We all have but one life to live and lead and we are not coming back. Animals are indeed a far superior breed to humans for these acts are only encouraged by humans for their own greedy financial gain. It's time that action was immediately taken to completely and totally ban such events and even ban the airing of such programs as they are so cruel and so emotionally disturbing beyond belief. I am an animal lover in particular dogs and your program made me sick to my stomach that you can waiste my tv viewers money to create such a programme without doing nothing to stop it immediately.
Kim E. Hayes, Weeting, UK

This was the most revoltving programme I ever had to watch (and listen to!), a real horror show. I'm glad they caught them in the end, but how long for and what about all those other abusers? I can't understand how anyone can sink low and use a harmless creature for this. the dogs obviously weren't all that evil as all tails were wagging. they're merely the product of a money maffia. Scandalous !
De Backer Carla, Antwerp, Belgium

I would like to say how shocked and upset i was at last expose on dogfighting. thankyou for broadcasting it. the trouble with todays society is that their is not enough value placed on the life of an animal and when cruelty case such as these come up nothing is done and owners are not worrried enough about the consequences of thier actions. The dogs know no better. on the whole they seemed to be quite amiable dogs, tails wagiing and generally pleased to see people, like any dog. it is unfortunate that this particular breed has found its way into such hands, hands which should not be allowed to own any dog. it is an unfortunate fact that it takes the death of a child to bring this to the publics attention. there should be harsher punishments for these people and maybe they will think twice before putting these poor animals through such suffering in the name of "sport".
Dawn, Durham

I watched the programme last night. It was very shocking and distressing. I am appaled that people involved in dog fighting do not get far more serious prison sentances. They should be locked up for years. I could not believe how little was done to these vile people.
Lucie Wood, London

Your reporter may have accused the authorities of doing nothing but what can they do? There is no definitive DNA test to prove what breed a dog is. Any one can say, as your reporter did to import an illegal dog, that it is a cross breed. This also happens when importing wolf hybrids into the UK. These are imported as cross breeds or Utonagans, Northern Inuit etc . Once again there is no definitive DNA test to prove otherwise. The authorites who monitor these things can do nothing to prove otherwise. To impound all dogs that look like pit bull types would be a witch hunt and cause a massive outcry. Every pet owner with a staffordshire bull terrier cross dog could be targeted. Your report highlighted the horrors of dog fighting and the shocking mentality of the people involved in it, but it is a shame they harangued the authorities for not doing anything.
dotthedog, Aberdeenshire

I viewed your programme last night and woke this morning with the film's brutal images shown as my first thoughts. The story involves such brutal minds it is hard to comprehend what makes these people tick. How could anyone wish to watch animals rip one another apart to the death? It is sickening to see one of the most trusting & faithful creatures trained to kill their own kind. I felt physically sick watching the fights and seeing such brave little people trying to understand why they have been wounded so seriously. The network needs to be quashed and far higher sentences awarded. I am impressed that Panorama continues to bring such atrocities to light. I would be even more impressed if the audience were offered some kind of means to actively oppose and conquer such barbarianism.
Caz Fuller, London UK

I really can't see what the dog fight programme set out to prove? It certainly didn't defend the poor dog, didn't anyone feel they where the victims of these thugs? They fought for their masters to be electrocuted at the end of it?! Pit bulls are breed this way, you can blame people for that, those poor animals how they wagged their tails for affection. Can't it be seen that the reason these dogs turn on people is because of the life PEOPLE have given them,they have messed with their heads so much. I'm sorry but Panorama didn't defend these dogs at all. Bad show in my view.
Mrs T Saunders, Stratford Upon Avon UK

I admire your courage and determination to infiltrate this horrific "sport". The report on Panorama was hard hitting. It is something that has sickened me for as long as I can remember. The breed people who take part in this should be imprisoned for maximum sentence available. I am a passionate dog lover/owner but this breed of dog should be eradicated. It is not one that should be kept as a pet or mixed with children.
Karen Stenhouse, Rochester, Kent

This was a fantastic programme which showed to the general public, the horrors of underground dog fighting. The scenes were graphic and brutal but it is easy to forget that this is happening daily. Although it was portrayed that Pit Bulls would cause more dog bites to people than any other dog, this is far from the truth. ALL dogs have teeth wich are dangerous to humans, it's how they are taught at a young age, what they can and can't use them for!
James Prior, Colchester

My lurcher was attacked by a pitbull in April of this year. I don't think the police really took me seriously untill it went on to attack a further 2 dogs and killed another in the same day. I do not feel safe taking my dog out alone anymore, there are so many of these dogs around and many of them without leads even. Last nights program will hopefully make someone do something about these dogs. I was appalled at how easy it was to bring them into the country.
Sharon Martin, Cheltenham Gloucestershire

Thank you for exposing this disgusting, evil practice. Never have I been more sickened by a programme. I cannot imagine what type of human being gets enjoyment from watching dogs ripping each other apart. I feel that I want to protest to all authorities in the strongest possible terms to stamp out this barbaric practice and to ensure that these banned dogs really are banned and that it is not possible to import them into the country. I agree with the comments that were made that it is "only time" before another child is killed by one of these animals. PS I am a (responsbile) dog owner.
P Nichols, England

I havent watched the programme yet because i know i will become distressed. I already am. Once i saw the trailer i woke up during the night every night upset about what the dogs go through. i started to read the report on line and i think this reporter deserves a medal of the highest honour. I deplore cruelty of any kind to anyone or anything. I would like to do something to stop this barbaric sport but don't know how or what to do. I only became aware of dog fighting after getting my staffordshire bull terrier. I did a lot of reading after falling in love with the breed and i niavely thought that as dog fighting had been made illegal years ago that it didn't happen any more. How stupid of me. Everyday i live in fear that my dog could be stolen for dog fighting, because as well as pit bulls staffies are also used for fighting, i am not religious but i pray to any sort of god or goddess out there that these people suffer in the way that they expect their animals to suffer. I am so glad that this programme was made because it needed to be. Thank you for highlighting the still continued existence of this horrific sport. The laws in this country though, i believe are just not tough enough to stop cruelty to animals. Thank you.
Debbie Kirby, Nottingham, England

Thank you for the programme on dog-fighting, though I found it thoroughly sickening. We as a nation should be extending our efforts to stop these people, this sport was outlawed for a very good reason and these laws should be enforced with a severe consequence. The only thing I found disappointing was how the pit bulls were portrayed, we must remember that they are RAISED and GOADED into fighting, in the right hands these can be wonderful pets. Whilst I do not condone any animal attacking humans it must be made clear that it is the humans who own these pets that are punished not the entire breed. I am a responsible pet owner, that never allows my dog off the lead as I am aware that some people are frightened of dogs and respect my fellow human being enough not to put them in an uncomfortable position. Other people are not that accommodating. It is the humans not the breed that determines it's character.
Alexandra Larue-Short, United Kingdom

I watched the panorama program last night i was disgusted with the fact that you made these dogs out to be beast i own a staffordshire bull terrier. My dog has been brought up around children and others dogs she is a good loyal dog. My point is that no good can come of your program to us dog owners who love and cherish are dogs like they are part of the family. Its not the dogs fault its the owners if you raise a dog to fight it will its not just pit bull type dogs that byte for example i think it was two weeks a go a labrador bit a young girl. Why should i have to walk around now worrying about what people are think about my dog thanks a lot.
Ben Verrall, Brighton east Sussex England

Even though i knew this programme was going to be aired, i couldn't watch it as i have a staffy bull that is similar to these breeds and she was rescued from this cruel sport. iam so proud of the bbc and the reporter for exposing these horibble cruel people. they should be put in a pit themselves alone for the dogs to tear them apart. they wouldn't be laughing then. once again even though i couldn't watch this programme i had to look at the report on the internet, and i feel so proud that the bbc has exposed these b******s. well done.
Rebecca Starling, barnsley, uk

I watched the programme on Dog Fighting in horror. I can not believe how barabaric this so called sport is. I was horrified to see how the dogs were treated and how the so called humans enjoyed it - these people have absolutly no care for any living creature. I can not belive this is happening in the 21st centurary. I think that the prison/fines are not in anyway long enough. These people are just SICK. And as for the guy who electricuted his dog, well what can I say - it would be an insult to animals to call him that! I really think the governmnet need to start enforcing the "banned dogs act" as they obviously don't do much with it - there has to be more done to prevent the un-necessary deaths/injuries of innocent children, cruelty to animals and make the people who illegally import these dogs and turn them in to killing machines pay.
Helen, South Wales

I felt sick watching this program as a dog lover and owner. You can't blame the dogs for the way that they are trained and treated or the way that they have been bred you can only blame the idiots that take pleasure in this sort of sick behaviour. I'd like to see the Rugby player pay some sort of penance for his part in this dreadful filth he is supposed to be setting an example to people as a person in the media. Terribly terribly distressing.
Tasha Phillips, Brighton - UK

After watching last night programme about dog fighting a lot of people will be shocked as they think this does not happen any more. The programme was good as it named and shamed the animals that enjoyed watching two dogs rip each other to bits, But it did not say if a pit bull like any breed is reared right and socialised they are like any other breed of dog. A lot of the problem is to do with the owners and the breed ban as now the only people that want pit bulls use them as status symbols and fighting dogs, Something needs to be done about the situation not just ban the breed as this is not working and the situation is worse than it was before the ban. I lived with a pit bull while growing up before the ban and we could not have had a more loving loyal dog, i was never left alone with the dog nor sholud any child should be left alone with any dog no matter what size, breed or temprement. Just one more comment about the programme did you notice the dogs when a person went up to them? Waggy tails and happy to see them. BAN THE DEED NOT THE BREED!!!
Rachel shaw, worksop

Regarding to last evenings programme about pit bulls, Thank you for showing this loyal and faithfull breed in such a negative light, It's just what we true pit bull owners need to hear after years of witchhunting by people such as yourself. The dogs you showed are only like this because of the idiotic and brutal owners, true dog lovers such as myself would'nt tolerate such behaviour in dogs or people. In the right hands the pit bull is a kind, loving and trustworthy family friend NOT THE MONSTER YOU TRY TO PORTRAY!! If you had done your homework before putting out such a negative programme you would have learned that the pit bull is not American at all but a british creation, which was exported to the states in the 1800's with the early settlers and then sent back to us with the title "American Pit Bull Terrier"!! (coals to Newcastle if you like!!) Something else the yanks have stolen from us and re-packaged. How can you ban something that is so british they we! re made here how can you ban them? On a brighter note I must thank you for outing the dog fighters, These so called people should be shot at dawn for such depraved acts of animal cruelty. PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED!! It's the people at fault NOT THE DOGS!! Thank you for your time.
Ian MacBeth, Newcastle, U.K.

So what was the justification of showing so many clips of the dogs actually fighting in the pits. I think we grasped the cruelty issues after the first clip. The rest was just gratuitous and sensationalist. Where was the balance. You showed You Tube clips and left it at that, why not follow that up. You showed a surgeon commenting on a dog bite and mentioning lots of teeth!! What a Pit Bull has more teeth than other dogs. You commented on the increase in dog bites. Why not show the public the list of breeds that top that list. Why try to hang it all on the Pit Bull. At the Irish show with the "Farmers Boys" specifically mentioning the different classes for Show Staffords, Irish Staffords and American Staffords (Pit Bulls) you made NO effort to distinguish between the breeds. A huge part of the problem in Merseyside is distinguishing between the breeds. I would not even give it any credence by calling it Journalism it was simply jumping on the band wagon of pure sensationalism and adding only confusion and bigitory. Something I would expect to read in the Sunday gutterpress. BBC should be ashamed of themselves.
G Healey, Runcorn UK

Although I had to turn away from the TV on several occassions, I am truely thankful to you for highlighting this horrific 'so called' sport and the group of sick individuals who promote and encourage it. Lets just hope the legal systems throughout europe get their act together and impose much tougher sentences. These pathetic sickos should be locked away for life. My only concern is that people will project their fear and outrage towards these poor inocent dogs. The next time a child dies through one of these dog attacks, the owner should be charged with 1st degree murder or better still - fed to the dogs!
Alastair Riva, Amstedam, The Netherlands

I had reservations about watching the programme last night purely because i knew that the images would haunt me for days. But i did watch it.I own two dogs (cocker spaniels)and as a dog lover i am appauled that anyone could purposely breed animals purely to train and carry out such a barbaric act. The image that stays with me strangley is that of an innocent lady running into a shop with a pit bull hanging savagely onto her own pet as it strikes home that these dogs are now not just bred for an underground activity but are free to roam our streets under the pretence of being a cross breed. Too many people in authority are turning a blind eye to what is happening in the dog world and on our streets. Regards
Beverley Neilson, Carlisle UK

Whilst I applaud the efforts of your undercover reporter to rid the UK of these criminals and dangerous dogs, as an owner of a gentle English Bull, Staffordshire Bull cross. I do fear that the predjudice I receive already will increase all the more following the airing of your programme. It should be noted that any dog will bite/attack if provoked or trained to do so, and no mention was made to other very large breeds that can inflict as much to damage to a child as a pit bull.
Steve, Northampton, GB

Thank you for pointing out that dog fighting and breeding of illegal dogs is so bad.The programe was very informative on how easy animals can be brought in to this country.I was shocked and disgusted when i saw the dogs fighting and trying to kill each other and if that wasn't enough the men trying to bandage them up afterwards.They have no shame or remorse.Thankyou
Carla Mercer, Accrington,Lancashire

Well done to the undercover reporter who pulled this off at great risk to themselves. Reports such as this make it more difficult for people to ignore the evil that is out there. These so called dog handlers are sick! It is disgraceful how any human being can take delight in watching animals suffer. Something more has to be done. This is pure evil.
Sarah Kenneally, Shipston on Stour, England

It is not the breed that is the problem it is the idiots that think it makes them look big and hard to have an aggressive dog. they are trained to fight. any breed will be aggressive if trained to be so. we used to have a doberman which was the softest dog you could hope to meet. we now have a staffordshire bull terrier who is an amazingly beutiful dog, she likes nothing more than playing with my niece who is five. PUNISH THE BAD OWNERS NOT THE DOG.How can those people think that dog fighting is a sport? it is sick.
Paul Fletcher, Dorchester, Dorset

I watched your programme in horror regarding the dog fighting. although the programme brought to light how organized these fighting rings are, I think, it may have also fueled the fires of the anti dog brigade, the average person on the street, may be now walking their much loved bull terrier dog, with on lookers reacting in horror and disgust,for no other reason that it is a bull breed, I am totally against dog fighting, and feel that the punishment given to the members of these organizations are far too light, the fact that they breed these dogs to supply to the criminal element of our society, the fact that they breed them to be more aggressive, the breeders of fighting dogs should have the book thrown at them, also it was noted that since the DDA came into force there has been recorded similar numbers after it came in to that of the numbers before, it was not clear in the programme if those numbers all related to American Bull Terriers? the DDA IMO is a farce, and as pr! oven in the programme totally un enforceable, how many other dogs are going to end their days in this terrible way? it should NOT be the dogs being punished its the so called humans that should be dealt with harshly.
Mrs M Boyd, Manchester, England

I thought the documentary was very upsetting,I cant beleive people get a thrill out of fighting dogs.Its a shame that the dogs are being fetched up that way and getting hurt like that.People like that should be locked up for at least ten years.I dont think its the dogs fault i think its the people that train them to do that.
Cheryl, Preston

Thank you to the BBC for covering a topic which without this exposure people probably wouldn't have given a second thought. This programme has really made me see past my tinted glasses and realise that there are alot of cruel, evil and sick people in this world. These people are cowards and the only punishement for them should be a slow and agonising death (kind of the same thing that they subject the dogs to). The man (if that is what you could call him)who electrocuted the dog should had been treated in the same way. The question is now that you have exposed this terrible blood sport what can we do to prevent this from continuing. I feel helpless and unable to to help stop this cruel sport. Someone needs to take a serious look at the law and make sure that the punishment fits the crime as in these cases it certainly doesn't. Someone out there is answerable to these questions and it needs to be sorted now and not forgotton so this cruelty can continue.
Lynsey Chapman , Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

This document was horrible to watch! I can't understand how it is possible that this kind of people lives in this world and also in Finland. So thank all of you to showing this sickness to us. You are doing very good job there!
M, Finland

My name is Xavier De Schuyter from Ghent, Belgium. I just watched "Dog-Fighting Undercover" and was dismayed at the tone of the programme. As an avid supporter of animal rights, I found that once again the suffering of these dogs was eclipsed by the death of a single human being. Ending the documentary with the statement about the little girl, completely turned around the entire anti-dogfighting message and made it seem as if these practices are only despicable because of the possible human casualties. It gives the strong impression that the animal suffering in itself just isn't morally depraved enough to make much of a difference. And lets be honest, the mere fact that the stance of the programme seemed to favour making an entire breed of canine illegal, instead of going after their abusive owners is bad enough as it is.
Though I applaud any statement against animal cruelty, this kind of half pronounced judgement does not the address the real issue, namely the welfare of these animals. Proof is, for instance, that the viewer is left completely oblivious as to the fate of the dog Nipper. A scene featuring that hurt creature was shown, but the image was quickly discarded in favour of a populist comment about a little girl -using children to arouse outrage is something one would expect from USA network news, not the BBC-.
Regards from a foreign viewer,
Xavier De Schuyter

Despite being utterly disgusted by what I witnessed in your programme, can I please thank you for helping to publicly uncover this utterly barbaric side of our society. Never before have I broken down in tears watching TV but I have to say this was one of the most moving documentaries I've ever seen.
Clearly your actions have led to several convictions and I must simply applaud you for putting yourselves through what you went through. As a dog owner myself, I'm so relieved at the thought that these people were made to pay for what they've done - I can not for one minute think of any reason why dogs should be forced to do what I saw tonight.
Then again, I suppose I have a conscious - unlike those so-called "people" you managed to put away!
Ian Davies, Exeter, UK

I would like to say how shocked and upset I was at last expose on dogfighting. Thank you for broadcasting it. The trouble with todays society is that their is not enough value placed on the life of an animal and when cruelty case such as these come up nothing is done and owners are not worrried enough about the consequences of thier actions. The dogs know no better. on the whole they seemed to be quite amiable dogs, tails wagiing and generally pleased to see people, like any dog. it is unfortunate that this particular breed has found its way into such hands, hands which should not be allowed to own any dog. it is an unfortunate fact that it takes the death of a child to bring this to the publics attention. there should be harsher punishments for these people and maybe they will think twice before putting these poor animals through such suffering in the name of "sport".
Dawn, Durham

Thank you for broadcasting the programme about pitt bulls on 30.8.07. BBC reporter Mandy McAuley and her team made good work. It's great to see that there are still people who respect life and justice. Keep up good work, THANK YOU!!!
Mikko Brigatjev, Finland

I am absolutely horrified and disgusted that you made a documentary on dog fighting and did not once mention the pain and anguish that these dogs go through. More set on proving what killers they are and the idiots that sell them as fighting dogs.
I┐m sorry but these dogs start off life as young pup┐s days old, they are not born trained to fight, that is what HUMANS┐S train them to be. These animals are dogs like any other they feel pain and the documentary did not once focus on the hurt and pain that that is inflicted on these poor dogs.
I am totally disgusted at the BBC. That documentary basically helped fund animal cruelty in its highest forum.
Well done
Julie Graham, Northamptonshire

I would like to commend your team for their brilliant report on Pit Bull Terriers last night. I thought I was one of the most saddest things I have ever seen on TV and literally reduced me to tears! It is such a horrific world that these people opperate in and one that needs to be stopped! The biggest shock of all though, was the ridiculous sentences these people face; The uncle of Ellie Lawrenson serving 4 WEEKS is hardly any deterent for people who keep these animals! It's disgraceful!
I think you're programme really showed the destruction these dogs and their owners can cause and my heart goes out to their victims. The cruelty these dogs endure is sickening and how these people can live with what they do, is something I'll never know. Once again well done for going to such lengths to make people aware of this appalling crime. The world needs to know that these fighting dogs are certainly have no status symbol in th real world, nor do the sick people who own and breed them!
Gemma, Reading, England

I believe that dogfighting is a barbaric and sick blood sport (if thats what they call it). This country (uk) should be doing more to put a stop to this kind of sport!!!! It is cruelty beyond belief. Its people like this that give innocent dog types a bad name. Its NOT the dog, its the OWNERS at fault!!!!!!!
Dee Thethi, Middlesex

May I firstly say how sick I felt at watching your report on Dog Fighting last night, an absolutely brilliant report.
There was one simple, but extremely important, point that was missed from it though At no point was it stated that the breed of Pit Bull Terrieror or American Pit Bull Terrier can be a domestic pet, however it is only in the wrong hands they are trained to become these lethal weapons. It needs to be stated that these animals are not responsible for what they are, it is the owners who hold responsibility. There is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners. In America the Pit Bull Terrier is largely a domesticated animal that people keep together with their children, cats and other pets in harmony, however, in the wrong hands they can be bred to become what we saw on last nights report. We need stronger prison sentances and removal of assets to stop this evil and barbaric sport continuing.
Living in London I see Pit Bull Terrier type dogs everyday, some are pets that are loved and treated like babys, the majority are owned by youths who think that they grow in status by owning these dogs and exercising them off the lead in busy streets. This situation needs to be seriously addressed by the Government PUNISHING THE DEED NOT THE BREED. Well done Panorama!
Sami Goldbrom, London - UK

This was an excellent programme, although more emphasis needed to be placed on the fact these dogs were fighting purely to please their owners and are not born bad and evil. Also it would be nice to know what happened to Nipper and the other dogs siezed.
Miss Claire Sharpe, Chippenham, UK

I was saddened to see that the people involved in this animal creulty did not receive more punishment. I would liked to have seen a more positive spin on the American PitBull Terrier with what the dog can do when trained for a positive outcome i.e. Search and Rescue, Therapy dogs and sniffer dogs. I know of some ex-fighting dogs that have been re-habilitated to become therapy dogs in America. All we seem to see is bad press on American PitBulls and surely this documentary shows that dog breed bans do not work and we should punish the irresponsible dog owners more, regardless of what breed of dog they own.
S Nichols, Leicester, UK

After watching your programme last night I feel sickened to the stomach of how you portrayed those poor dogs, yes they were bred for fighting each other, but never once did they show human aggression. As an owner of a staffordshire bull terrier with a wonderful disposition I am going to be very angry at peoples reactions when taking her on her daily walks BAN THE DEED NOT THE BREED. A very angry viewer
Cheri Stevens, Cardiff

Just a few lines to say how much I appreciated the work done by the Panorama Team in exposing the ruthless, bloodthirsty and evil individuals involved in the "barbaric" practice of Dog-Fighting. Not without a high-degree of personal risk to themselves, they systematically unearthed the activities of these "murderers" for all to see. A fantastic investigation, and one which I am sure if only those poor,suffering animals had a voice would wholeheartedly support .
Bob Thornton, Stoke on Trent Staffordshire

Well done on this undercover operation. I am still shell shocked almost 12 hours after watching your programme on dog fighting, I feel like crying. I am utterly appaulled,ashamed, angry & sick to my stomach that 'sick thugs' get away with this barbaric behaviour. Those poor, poor dogs. The death sentence is too good for those evil, evil men & women. They should be made to fight and then electrocuted. Please, make sure that you do not let this drop and that those committing these terrible acts are punished properly and exposed for all to see.
witheld - but disgusted, Northamptonshire, UK

I have watched your programme tonight on dog fighting with pure disgust and sadness. I can't believe what is going on in this society and nothing is getting done about it. I think a 2 year jail sentence is appalling for the cruelty they are showing to these animals. Please put a stop to this cruelty before another child is killed.
Paula, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland

Simply outstanding undercover investigation. It was about time someone exposes this cruel business and the sick, unscrupulous individuals that that profit from it at the expense of animal and human suffering. Well done Panorama.
Jorge Santos, Brussels, Belgium

I have just watched the panorama special 'dog fighting undercover'. What an insight it gave! I found the whole idea appalling, it made me feel sick to the stomach. I find it hard to comprehend how people can treat animals in this way. It's disgusting. Not only are these people putting the animals at risk but they are also putting our welfare / lives at risk. My heart goes out to the people and/or families of people who have been attacked or killed by these violent animals. I really don't see the point of breeding animals to fight and kill. These people obviously don't have any sort of conscience. I would like to able able to support organisations in the fight against this violent so called "sport". How can I do this?
Samantha Wellbelove, Saltash, Cornwall, England

A grim programme, which I watched through my fingers at times. Very well done to the investigators. How did they keep their cool? Good to know that some of the slime involved were arrested...but 2 years in prison? Death sentence more appropriate.
Christine Deas MBE, Carnoustie UK

Excellent programme. I trust that it will have the desired results. So good to see Panorama back to it's incisive best, especially following some badly researched, one-sided and badly presented so called investigations. Let's have more of these 'old style' exposes.
Alan Cudmore, Brentford, England

I have never felt strongly enough to make a complaint until this evening. Your panorama programme aired Thursday 30th August was lacking in essential facts. Your report failed to recognise those dogs that are banned and those that aren't. You showed a number of dogs that varied in breed but lumped them all together under the banner of Pit bulls. There Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and American pit bulls. If you are to report on fighting dogs and the law surrounding them then please put all the facts in your programme. you should have made it clear that this was not domesticated pets such as the staffordshire bull terrier but those purposely bred for fighting and ILLEGAL dogs.
Sharley Phillips, Surrey, UK

I think it is shocking that nipper got thought so easily cant believe you got away with him being a lab x on the paper work i work as a kennel person and i see these kind of dogs getting thought alot its shocking and whats even more shocking is the people that do this get away with a small fine or a ban from keeping dogs for a few mths or years .
Debi Riddell, clydebank

I was rather astounded that the dog you illegally imported was not put to sleep!Could you tell me why?
k.burgess, felixstowe,england

The pitbull fighting was chilling. I cannot believe people enjoy seeing animals suffer, and provoke them to be such savages. It is pure evil. I am still in shock. There needs to be a nationwide campaign to stop this, and make it harder to get pitbulls into this country. Thank you for exposing this story.
Amy Reynolds, Norwich Norfolk

I have just watched dog fighting undercover. I cried almost all the way through it, it was heartbreaking, these people are just disgusting. I think that the punishment given for these crimes dont reflect just how horiffic what these people do to these animals! please stop them.
Lauren Minty, Turriff , Aberdeenshire

What happened to that dog you evil people made travel from wherever to here? Did you kill it just for the making of a TV program? I want to know what was done with the dog? WHERE IS IT NOW?
Jayne, larne, northern ireland

Just watched your shocking but excellent programme on dog-fighting. I'm angry, and was crying earlier - but well done for sticking with it and getting the evidence. Thank you to your team, and well done to the BBC for carrying out this essential work to expose this brutality!
Kasia, southampton, UK

The programme about the pitbull dog fighting was really eye opening. It is disgusting how people can get away with animal cruelty and, if they are caught, how short the sentances are. It is ridiculous and unacceptable. If humans were made to fight like that the whole country would be in up-roar and would make sure the people responsible would pay for their crimes. Why is it any different for animals?
Carys Thomas, Pontypridd, South Wales

Great programme and an eye-opener. I am truly horrified at what I saw- thks to BBC for showing it- and wish they would lock the people up (scum of the earth) involved in this and throw away the key! 2 years only? they need more.I will now be on to the RSPCA to see if they need volunteers.
Jane Harrison, Richmond

I would just like to compliment the reporters involved in the prog' and I admire their guts and detemination in following it through. Will we be able to have a follow up story telling us what sentences, if any, the dog breeders got.
John Bogin, Wirral, Cheshire.

I have seen some of the most violent things you could imagine and i have never ever witnessed such an event like this, that has made me so angry and think so passionatly about it.
The programme was superb and it has made me think so much that i have i have a question..
Can i please ask you...What powers do we have to put a stop to dog fighting? becuase i am with the majority of people for putting a stop to it.
Stripez, Plymouth

Congratulations on such a powerful piece of journalism. Everyone involved in this undercover operation deserve the praise of the whole country, and may i just say in my opinion the GAA should take the same action on cavlan that the NFL in america done to the atlanta falcon's quaterback vick, if not for legal reasons then for the good of all the young tyrone fans who see this evil man as a hero. On behalf of myself a strict vegan and animal lover thank you for bringing these horrific crimes into a greater light, God bless all involved. Alan Armstrong
Alan Armstrong, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan ireland

I think this program has really opened our eyes to see how sick people are, to make dogs fight to rip each other to shreads. How can you watch such a thing? I just think it is sick and the people who do it are every name under the sun!
Sam Burton, Weston-s-Mare

I am very pleased that you have exposed to the public the wrongdoing of those cruel people towards animals,continue with your good works.
Rosa Trivinio, edmonton,london

I've just watched Panorama 'Dog Fighting Undercover.' While I agree that dog fighting is utterly disgusting, I felt that your portrayal of pitbull dogs was completely unjust. Any dog, no matter what its breed, can be bred to fight - whether pitbull,poodle or labrador. Equally, any dog can also be a loving, family pet. Ultimately, it is the dog's owner who should be held responsible for the dog's behaviour.
I felt saddened to think that dozens of innocent pitbulls had been put down, after the raids on the properties on your programmes - surely some attempt should have been made to rehome the dogs with loving, responsible owners.
I am curious to know what happened to Nipper. Was he re-homed? It isn't the dogs that are dangerous, it is the owners. You should have done more to help the poor dogs featured in the programme, instead of disregard the fact that they were destroyed.
Jessica Copeland, Sunderland, England

I found your programme horrific in the extreme and cannot believe that people can be so sick and cruel and applaud you for exposing this vile business. However, please could a statement be made to reassure the public that Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not banned dogs and not in any way connected. I own one as do a large percentage of the population and am expecting to be regularly asked whether my dog should be muzzled as a dangerous dog. Thank you.
Carolyn Evans, Dorchester, Dorset

This was an amazing programme last night. I think this is the best investigative journalism I have seen in a long time. You had a proper gritty journalist with gravitas, Mandy McAuley, and undercover guy both putting their lives in danger dealing with the very nastiest people in Ireland and Liverpool. We were gripped to our seats. Brilliantly executed, good camera work. I think the team should get an ward for this. Well done.
Eleanor horne, West Yorkshire, UK

I have just watched your latest episode and I have to say that this is nothing new, it has been going on for a long time.. The SSPCA, RSPCA and the USPCA have been trying their best to bring it to the publics attention for a long time, they haven't had any real backing from the law and the penalties are just not stiff enough,. I hope that the full might of the law comes down of these scum now. I would just like to add that it is not the Dog's that are at fault.. the human hand is behind it ALL. I hope you are going to do a follow up to let folk know what, if anything has happened to the scumbags that are running this dredful horrific 'sport'. Well done though to you all at Panorama for getting this aired.
Fiona Hughes, Stornoway, Outer hebrides, Scotland

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