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What You've Said
Thank you for giving us your views on Children's Fight Club. A selection of your emails are published here.

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I was sick watching this program last night in which my at the time 15 year old daughter was battered by three girls and kicked in the head punhced. Her hair and underwear were cut how can this be allowed to happen and people think its funny and rate this on YouTube and other sites what sort of society do we live in and how would Anthony form Carlisle like it if it was him or one of his family dont think so.
jacqueline mackay, glasgow

As distributors of videos, albeit short home made movies. Should Youtube not be applying the stepped film ratings e.g U/PG/12A/18 that the BBFC use, instead of one for under 18 and one over?
Given that proving one's age is essentially an honour system rather than documentation based, children can sign themselves on as adults rather easily. Should Youtube not by default be added to the adult themed sections of all *netnanny* *ICRA* type ratings ?
Kun Devanny, London

I am a serving Police Inspector and am still burning with anger after watching the interview with the Google spokeswomen on this programme. The abdication of responsibility she demostrated embodied all that is wrong with aspects of our society today. To claim that if, and only if, the Police come to Google and formally request cooperation into a criminal act displayed publicly on the website, will she be looking into such matters further is a disgrace (made all the more offensive by the real case study of lack of cooperation in these precise circumstances given later in the programme).
The laughable attempt to claim that self regulation by those viewing this violence is the best strategy beggers belief. This is like asking paedophiles to police child porn sites. Does this lady only tell the police of the violent robbery she witnessed if they knock on her door and demand to know? Or it is her morale obligation to proactively pass on this information? I would be interested in her views.v This argument appauls me, and for what it is worth I have used Yahoo ever since as I find the corporate views she presented truly abhorrent!
Take some personal responsibility. It is your website, and you are fuelling violence as a spectator sport, and violence means real people with feelings being hurt, sometimes permanently.
Ed Cook, Grimsby

I watched the panorama programme because I use YouTube. I've never come across these fight videos but then I'm not looking for them. For a representative of the website to say that the users police the site is unacceptable as only those in search of this kind of violence will find it as those of us who don't, won't. Those who look for it won't be the ones flagging the videos as inappropriate. I've since e-mailed youtube telling them that they should take responsibility and police their site. I myself have been actively being seeking out the videos since Panorama in order to flag them as unsuitable - if that's the only way to get rid of them then all concerned persons should do this - maybe I won't make a difference on my own but if thousands of us do it, then maybe we can. Well done Panorama and a big "thumbs down" to the websites who peddle this violence.
Anon, Kent

It's bad enough for people to film and watch these horrific assults but by allowing people to access them, the founders of these websites are exploiting the victims of these attacks for ther own benefit. More of these attacks will happen simply because Youtube and similar websites provide a market for these films. Youtube made a pathetic attempt to justify this for your programme but do nowhere near enough to stop it. Why would they when they can make more money from it? It's sickening... Please let's have another programme to show the public what we can do to stop this.
Sophie , Norwich, Norfolk

As a teacher, I am not surprised at the horrific images shown in this programme. Over the last year there have been several fights/attacks on students that other students have witnessed and posted on websites. Some of the fights are to an extent pre-planned and staged while others are a result of deliberate luring of a victim to a place where he is 'jumped' and badly beaten with the intent of producing a video for circulation via bluetooth and onto the internet. What greatly concerns me is how hardened a minority of young people are to these kind of images (while the majority find them disgusting). Parents need to be aware of what might be on their child's phone and what they may be accessing on the internet. Youtube/Google need to get a reality check and realise that a laissez faire 'let them police themselves' attitude only facilitates this kind of behaviour.
Anon, edinburgh

As a teacher, I can tell you that video phones increase the likelihood of violence. They add to the air of expectancy about fights at school and make it difficult to sort out the by-standers who are trying to satisfy a blood lust. The start of the school year will see older students egging on younger students to start fights for their entertainment.
SM, Oxford, Oxfordshire

In regards to the 'happyslapping' documentary, YOUTUBE's code of conduct states: "Don't post videos showing dangerous or illegal acts, like animal abuse, drug abuse, or bomb making. Graphic or gratuitous violence is not allowed. If your video shows someone getting hurt, attacked, or humiliated, don't post it."
Therefore I believe all of those videos shown in your documentary would have been a violation of their terms of service! Why were some not taken down? They approved (therefore to an extent condoning) the violence against a police vehicle, and anti-social behaviour, as shown by your documentary. Not being a lawyer, I am not sure whether obscene publication laws apply to hosts within San Mateo County, California. If there are, why do they not include these types of publications? OR why is it not enforced?
Alex Davies, Hemel Hempstead - England

I was extremely upset by the comments I read upholding the non censorship argument and the idea that the responsibility lies with parents to contact the sites, and/or the Police, to deal with the posting of fights on sites such as YouTube. These views are extrememly short sighted and ideas that do not take into account the reality of life for young people as it has evolved in the age of the internet.
Is it not enough that a child should encounter such abuse, without it then being available online for others to see and comment on for months to follow?
As a parent of a young adult who was bullied, unable to defend himself and was not shown being beaten up, but still humiliated, on YouTube and Myspace, I can assure you that contacting the Police was not an option. It could have made things much worse for him.
I did flag up these images/ videos as bullying,(which has been mentioned as a reasonable option) but none of them were taken down. He had to cope with the images being available publicly for months and the resultant distress caused by the comments that followed.
Would you who uphold non censorship be so adamant if this was happening to your own child? I cannot imagine that you know how it feels.
Anon, England

My husband and I watched the whole programme with mounting disgust and found it brilliantly presented. The companies involved were given the opportunity to say their piece but none in my personal view managed to present a good argument. I think the comments about not censoring the internet are ridiculous and badly thought out. As a resonable citizen I agree rights and freedom of speech are a good thing but not when it comes to child abuse, whether it is done by adults or other children. As the programme quite rightly pointed out there are age restrictions on videos and computer games but not on this sort of thing. The internet is a fast growing business and new crimes and abuses of it are ocurring all the time and laws are yet to be invented to stop these abuses from happening. I work with children and hate to think of them being abused in this way. I have heard of 'Happy Slapping' happening in our village but had no idea that so called reputable sites were allowing this information to be broadcast on the net. I feel this is an infringement on the victims human rights, that their traumatic experience can be broadcast in this way. I shall certainly be forwarding the panorma film to all my friends for them to make up their own minds. I am boycotting google and utube and if I can do more I will.
Karen, Essex

Yet again a great example of a person on a crusade against something ignoring the issue and not delivering a balanced argument. The whole section on whether Youtube should police their network was grossly biased. Not only does he believe the internet should be censored, but that it isn't the Police's responsibility to Police (the internet). The way he accused the spokesperson from Google of being responsible for people being attacked was irresponsible and feckless. She put across her side of the story, yet he had to push his adgenda.
Also just because every video he flagged wasn't taken down, doesn't mean they were all infringing. Youtube do a good job of keeping the site free of inappropriate and infringing material, go on it yourself and look. Just because he found a video distateful doesn't mean it necessarily broke the terms and conditions of hosting.
He also pushed for the police to just be given the names of people they suspect of criminal activity, without the legal protections of due process.
So after watching his video i have figured out what he wants. He wants to live in China. He wants the internet censored, an all powerful police and the removal any civil rights to privicy. Thank you for wasting more of the tax payers money on irresposible reporting under the guise of Journalism.
Andrew Dolan, Manchester

I didn't see your programme but have been told about it and have read about it on the net. I am so concerned and disgusted about this. I have sent an email to all my contacts asking them to boycott the sites that are showing these videos until they take responsibility. I am shocked at their stance on the issue. I have two children and am so so scared for their safety and that of all the other children. This is a huge issue that needs to get more attention and something needs to be done before someone is killed, if they haven't already.
Denise Dyce, London, UK

It is high time Google and other big name internet companies took responsibility for what goes on on their sites. It is ludicrous to rely on 'the community' to police this. Well done for exposing this. However the parents of the idiots who filmed and uploaded these horrific videos also need to act and take some responsibility for their children. No normal person could think such videos are 'entertaining' However no person with even a basic knowledge of right and wrong would watch such an attack ;although I can accept that peer pressure may make them reluctant to intervene. This story a sign not of a problem on the internet but a much larger problem in society;
Sally Haynes, Birmingham UK

I have just watched the Panarama Children's Fight Club program. I was totally appalled by the violence allowed to be screened through websites such as You Tube and Live Leak. I was then horrified by the comments by a representative of Google who defended the stance to show these horrific attacks stating that it is the You Tube 'community' who should police the footage and the responsibility of the police to take action against violence portrayed on their site. This is rich coming from an organisation who to quote their words 'You can make money without doing evil'. It is a shame that they have not followed this philosophy in this instance.
Nancy Rostant, Alcalali Spain

As everyone else has said the child fights highlighted on Panorama last night very sickening. What is the answer to this problem - maybe those perpetuating the violence should be made to do some sort of National Service and then fight on the frontline. Those who film it should be heavily fined and penalised too.
Sheena Richards, Surrey, UK

The TV companies must be held responsible for this increase in violent behaviour. Bad behaviour is shown every night of the week on TV and is glamorised and sold as entertainment. Whether this is brunken night outs, polce chases or Big Brother, it all glamorises bad behaviour. How can you blame young people for copying this behaviour
Dean Evans, Falmouth UK

As a mother of two young children I was so horrified and sickened by what I saw on Panorama last night and so appalled by the attitude of the website representatives that I tried to contact Google today to protest directly to them. Could I find a way of leaving feedback for them on their website? No, I could not.
Sonya, Henley-in-Arden

These videos are vulgar to the extreme , children swinging punches like grown men...it's outrageous! what kind of adults are these so called children going to turn into. I fear for my own children after watching that. Seeing acts of violence to this degree amongst children who have no remorse or sense of wrongdoing for their victims makes me feel sick. We are supposed to be civilised people but watching that! they are no better than wild animals...
Angie, cumbria

I watched the programme and was absolutely horrified that these web sites allow young people to upload such sickening videos esecially considering they are invloving children under the age of 18! The law should be changed and these web sites should be fined for uploading images of children committing such violent acts upon each other. These sites are obviously unable to regulate themselves and we should send out a clear message to web sites that this sort of gratuitous violence will not be tolerated. I was extremely concerned by the uncaring attitude of the woman from Google she obviously has no moral fibre whatsoever - she should be sacked!
Cheryl Joinson, Flintshire

How can websites like YouTube distance themselves from responsibility for these videos? I'm sure if the same occured in the printed press there would be more done about it. The likes of Google are only interested in making money, not providing entertainment. Something needs to be done about this!
Shane Feather, Northolt, Middx

I dont see the big deal. Teenage boys and girls have always gotten into petty fights. They fall out over a minor issure, have a fight, where the worst that happens is that one person wins and the other walks away with a bruised ego and face. A few weeks later they are back being friends and talking to each other. These fights have always happened, and still would even if sites like these never existed. It is just teenagers doing what teenagers have always done. Most grow up and move on! This is the nanny state, where people are shocked at daft fights. Its hardly World War III footage is it?
David Rose, Glasgow

A question not covered by the programme is what can the victim and victims¿ parents do to bring about legal proceedings against You Tube? In other words the victim should be able to sue You Tube for allowing such personal and degrading content to be viewed by hundreds of viewers around the world, without first having obtained the victims permission?
J Ryan, Cheshire

Regarding the 'Kids Fight Club' programme, I agree with the comment from Kurt in Stockton. Surely, as he explained that he has been involved in posting such videos on the internet, we should try to understand his point of view? After all people, we need to be realistic - there is porn available on the internet, so why would anyone be shocked to find videos of fights? Its all very well complaining that Google should be responsible for policing their site, but I'm sure that is harder than it sounds. Plus, trying to prevent the videos from being posted on the site, will not make the problem go away - after all, did prohibition work?
Nicola, Basildon, UK

It's ironic that the people from the two web sites in question used what is basically a journalistic type of defence for showing the fight scenes. They say that it represents real life, well clearly this is a cop out. So what if it represents real life. There's no real arguement against the comments made by the web site representatives because like a lot of pseudo-liberal views it is not really an argument in a philosophical sense. It is just empty rhetoric. I will be boycotting google, youtube and other sites like this. Shame on them.
Gareth, Burnley, Lancs

Watching the well documented report last night on Panorama was shocking. The videos shown are extremley irrisponsible they go against all the recent anti bulling campaigns. Their are many children suffering at the hands of bullies day in day out that are to afraid to speak up, for fear of further bulling. As a responsible parent I also am extremley concerned at this glorified violence. The children responsible for the bullying should be reported directly to the police and go through court proceedings.
Jay Woods, Cambridge

How about the BBC take the lead in this and stop using youtube to post newsnight clips etc. Everyone else Stop using Google
Rob, Liverpool

"Children's Fight Club" program shown last night on Panorama was really frightning. I have a child and nephew and nieces and it would make me really mad to know that any of them would be involved in something "sick" as what was showed yesterday. In my opinion there is a lot of factors that contribute to what is happening: R&B artist (majority of them criminals and still famous and make loads of money), violent films and Playstation/Wii/X-Box games available to all and also too much freedom of choice. By choice I say: internet and possession of 3G mobile phones. Those videos are showing the reality out there, they are keeping it real... The reality out there is scary and is up to not just Google and LiveLeak to sort it out. There attitute was "aloof" and not correct. Something need to be done soon. Cause if the fun for those children now is to punch and kick, what will it be once they get bored of it?
Ms F M, London, UK

Why not ban mobile phones that can be used as video cameras. Ban the production of them, ban the sales of them. Who really needs a telephone that can film video clips....I think no-one!
Brendan, Manchester, England

After watching childrens fight club on panorama I was completely shocked, not by the footage being uploaded by teenagers but by the police officer who was interviewed claiming that YouTube should take partial responsibility for them. The videos may be awful, but they are uploaded by the public and it's the public that choose to view them. The police should be using these videos as evidence not asking websites to do the policing for them. Furthermore, if the videos are inappropriate the public can flag them and that protects our right of freedom of information. If young people are stupid enough to post these incriminating videos on YouTube the knock on effect is that parents, teachers etc will have a better understanding of what actually goes on in the lives of some young people and the difficulties they face. It is the perpetrators and the people who enjoy watching the videos who should be held accountable not the websites which are open to everyone. It's up to us as a society to tackle these violent people and the attitudes of teenagers through education, but censorship is not the answer. If I had been attacked and the video had been posted for everyone in my school to see I would call the police and show them the evidence! Then i could flag the video as innapropriate and have it taken off.
Mustafa Raee, Manchester, England

Kirk from Stockton, your fighting ability may be good but your spelling and grammar are awful. You say that your head of house asked you to remove the videos, I take it you are in private education? Perhaps your school need to take more care with English and less with Physical Ed.
Paul, Essex

I was appalled by the attitude of the woman from Google/YouTube. Does the company have no concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. To say it is only the Police's responsibility to pursue those who break the law and it is not Google's responsibility to proactively aid the Police or to even discourage criminal acts from being showcased on their websites is depressing. I'm no big fan of the Police, but we have a Police force because as a country we have decided we want to be protected from criminals, including violent thugs. Purely on this basis, it is the responsibility of all, including Google, to discourage crime and aid the Police in whatever way they can. If I worked for Google, I would be ashamed of the company's stance.
Quentin, Manchester

Google are hepling to glamorise and encourage this vile behaviour! I am as disgusted with them as I am the bullies that do this. I have already removed any Google Software from my PC and everyone should boycott the use of Google in future !
David Hardy, Derby, UK

i watched your show last night and found it to be quite biased, the questions your man was putting to the founder of liveleak put too much pressure on him to reach your desired outcome. the internet is the last true bastion of the notion of freedom and instead of attacking the website, should attack the reasons why people do this...poor education, no discipline and a lack of values and morals in many of todays youth is the problem there are so many fights, not a few videos on the internet.
the racist comments left under the video of two black teens fighting was deplorable, but you can see that this behaviour further fans the flames of racists, when each day you hear of more black youths shooting and stabbing one another in gang warfare is it not more appropriate to investigate into why this is happening? or does political correctness dictate that we censor the internet before tackling real crime.
John Butterworth, rochdale, greater manchester

Recording and uploading fights is criminal. It serves no moral or justifiable purpose. This is a new fashion which allows violent and ignorant people to admire their exploits, share it with their friends and humiliate their victims. Before they blagged about it,now they upload.
novid shaid, aylesbury, UK

I watched panorama's 'Children's fightclub' Quite honestly, it made me cry. 15 Year old Kurt from Stockton (comments) seems very concerned about winning the fight and 'gaining respect.' The way to gain respect seems to be to cause grievous bodily harm, with the approval of some parents.....
Els Brassington, Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire

I am writting to say i am glad you did the childrens fight club programme,and i hope it makes people realise how serious this is innocent children are being beaten up for the amusment of the rest of the world. If this is what has become of us all what next, it will keep esculating unless it is stopped and i believe it is 'YOU TUBE'who needs to stop it. It recently happend to my cousin she was hit about 4 times but the group of girls videoed it she manged to get it onto her phone and her parents took it into the school and they did nothing even though she was in her uniform and during school hours they did nothing they wanted to let her do her GSCE's it makes me sick, and to thoughs that stand by and watch or even watch it on you tube and find it funny just ask yourself what happens if it happend to you or even your children.
Laura Humphreys, Merseyside

We watched your childrens fight club programme with interest..our son is being prosecuted for such clips on his mobile phone which were sent to him via bluetooth.The scene shows an asian boy and white boy in a schoolyard fight.After seven months on bail we still await the outcome he is being charged with racial hatred..our son is not rasist nor terrorist!!!
N.Gidman, Stoke-on-Trent

I turned over to watch the last half an hour of your program last night (Monday 30th July) and was descusted to see not only horiffic images of children fighting each other, but at one point a image of a man taking cocane. I do not feel that this image was neccessery and should not of been shown before the watershead of 9pm. Even after 9pm would not of been exceptable for these images when you all know that the children are on school holidays. I am not a parent but this program has shocked me and I have to wonder what the hell the BBC was thinking. Concerned viewer!
Victoria Elliott-Butler, Chelmsford Essex

I couldn't even watch all of the programme, it was sickening. How could anyone get pleasure out of watching or filming a video like this? The representive of Google shocked me- as a multi million/billion dollar organization can afford it- they can but cannot be bothered. It shows a lack of decency towards each other as human beings. I'm fifteen and this happened at my school- I don't see how anyone could think it's 'cool'..."If you win fights you gain respect and you will not be treated in a unfair manner"...someone said below...NO! You lose brain cells, respect and your morals - not cool at all. More idiotic.
Rosie, Stratford Upon Avon

I have read the comments from other viewers and share these views. It is an appalling state of affairs and people that condone this type of thing really need to think seriously about the consequences of their actions. People don't gain respect this way they are feared which is altogether different. Nations should be responsible for breaking down fear, which is destructive and non productive, not incite it. I would ask the individuals responsible to think of the most embarrassing and vulnerable moment of their lives and then imagine it broadcast for the entire world to see maybe then they would think twice. Thank you for highlighting this problem I have recently looked at U Tube and many of the videos have been removed I hope that we all remain vigilant and campaign to try and reduce this type of mindless insensitive material.
katrina wigham, cumbria

I believe if youtube won't police their site then there should be an organised group of volunteers actively finding the videos and reporting them back to youtube, as the site allows this to be done but no-one seems to. Admittedly some will stay as they have the final say, but st least they might get a better view of how many people disagree with these films.
Also more people should complain to the companies advertising on the site. Youtube makes its money from advertising, the more clicks then the more it is worth. this is how the internet works. If pressure on these companies to stop advertising there worked Youtube would disappear overnight.
SB, Kent, UK

This is not entertainment, it is sick and disturbing. It should be against the law to allow this type of thing to be put onto the internet for the general public to view. I hope the police are investigating these videos and prosecuting these bullies.
Sally Trigg, London

After watching the latest panorama about the violence on the internet, I immediatly searched youtube and everything I could find I flagged inappropriate
Stuart la Croix, Herne Bay, Kent

Absolutely appauld by the programme content and the attitude of google. The mind boggles, media owners all over the world are responsible for their content so should be Google.
mark nuttall, Poole, Dorset

It's high time to take matters into our own hands. Search for these videos yourselves and flag them as inappropriate. The novelty will surely wear off for these video posting thugs if the film only survives (online) a few hours....
phill young, barnstaple, uk

I too was as appalled as everyone at the scenes of violence shown on last night's Panorama.
However, I would like to throw one point into the debate that has not been covered in the subsequent comments.
Since TV broadcasts started 50 or so years ago, the Government, because of its control of the radio waves, has been able to decide what is and what is not suitable for the populace to watch.
Furthermore all output has been highly edited by a few professional organisations such as the BBC who have it in their absolute power to show us what they want to show and put the slant that they want to put on any given subject.
At last the Internet has eroded the power of the few and given the opportunity to the many to express themselves openly and unedited. This a fantastic advance in our personal freedom. Now, of course, predictably, some people are choosing to abuse this freedom. The terrible violent video clips are a case in point. But before we suggest that what we view should be censored by Google or Liveleak, let's consider whether there are any options around self-censorship and communinity regulation. Having taken so long to acquire this power from government and the publishing companies, it would be a shame to hand it back so quickly by calling for more regulation.
For all we know, the BBC may not like their authority being eroded by the Internet and they used the fight club programme to promote an agenda of more regulation. Before we rush to suggest solutions, we must be careful for what we wish for.
Bobby Jones, London

I work with children and young people and am a mother myself. I was completed disgusted by what I saw on your programme yesterday and utterly disturbed and flabbergated to say the least that, not only are these websites allowed to show these vidoes but they are also not reprimanded for allowing racist and discrimative blogs to be posted as well.
The goverment have alot to answer for when persons are not being held responsible for enabling the spread of hatred and prejudice amongst CHILDREN.
I feel that these websites should be prosecuted/Fined for promoting race hate and violence.
Desta Shaw, London, UK

If in the offiline world, we pay our taxes for the government to provide us with a police force to ensure that our communities are safe and to prosecute those individuals who do not live by the standards set by our communites.
Why do corporates like Google/Youtube and Liveleak expect their online communites to be self policing?
J Walker, London

The shameful indifference shown by Rachel Whetstone of Google for the poor children exploited by these images is enough to make you sick. Institutional shareholders in Google should act promptly against this appaling lack of coporate and social responsibility.
PLF, London

I did not want to watch this but forced myself and for the first time in my life felt physically sick at what I was watching on television. The dismay with YouTube is justified but surely secondary to the main problem - why do some human beings enjoy inflicting, uploading and watching violence against others - and children at that! I really felt like crying. I have no further comments to make other than that the human race is on an irreversible slippery slope to social decay and hopefully extinction.
Antony Fawbert, Chesterfield Derbyshire

A video media with such access needs thought. Unfortunately, liveleak's co-founders' words were unimaginative, uncreative and unhelpful. We need to find solutions and not just adopt a totally morally neutral "it happens and therefore show it" mentality.
Greg Holba, Gloucestershire, UK

Kurt, Stockton, He epitomises all that is wrong with this country. He is proud of posting violent fight videos, yet, at fifteen years old, is unable to spell or write coherently. 'Mum and dad were fine with it' - so you can see where Kurt gets his values from. He even attempts to justify his sickening hobby! Google, Youtube, Kurt, Kurt's mother and father - all peas in the same ignorant pod!!
noinclusion, Gosport, Hampshire

I think it's hypocritical of ALL OF YOU for blaming google and youtube etc you all seem more concerned with the fact the videos are on youtube than actual bullying out of sight out of mind I guess. I'm glad the videos are up as it brings bullying into the light and hopefully we can punish these bullys AND THEIR PARENTS for this awful behaviour. The law, governtment and parents are at fault here not the internet.
James, Dundee

This is shocking - is this the world we want our children to grow up in? I hope Google and You tube and all the other website face charges
Esther Nicholson, Carlisle

I'm commenting on the show about the bullying which is then recorded and shown to others. I am 12 and sadly i have witnessed this, it mainly happens because others influence and try to make them by threatning them the person who does it thinks its funny. Thankfully ,although i have witnessed it and i know a family who is going through this ,i have never been bullied in this way.
megan, blackpool

Both my husband and myself are elderly (very) and after watching the Panorama programme we were so disturbed and both of us agreed that we felt almost glad that we were not of the younger generation with the possibility of having to live in a society like this one. Reading all these letters was such a blessed relief for us and most definitely renewed our faith in human nature and we cannot thank them enough. We have four grandchildren,two boys two girls who are children to be proud of, ditto their parents, so you see even though we are old we do not want to wish ourselves out of this world yet because we want to enjoy many more precious moments with our family.
Olive Chant, Southampton England

I was only able to watch some of last nights Panorama as I found it very difficult and uncomfortable viewing. I was so shocked by the lack of concern shown by the website owners, and also their lack of a sense of responsibility. In my view they are condoning some of the serious issues we face in today's society and helping to glamorise violence.
Mrs. Michelle Blé, London

I think anybody who watched the show would have been disgusted by the companies allowing these videos to be shown on the internet. I was equally disgusted by Google, as a respected company I was shocked at their attitude and refusal to act at these offences. Although there isn't a law to prevent these video being shown on the internet, I do believe that the victims should be allow to sue companies like Google. Firstly, because these companies provide a space that glorifies and perpetuates violence. Secondly, I very much doubt any of the victims want their victimisation repeatly played for millions of eyes to gain some sick enjoyment. Therefore I strongly believe all the victims should sue the likes of Google for not removing these videos and forwarding the perpetuators details to the police. It is sick and disgusting, and by not removing these video, websites like YouTube and Livelite (whatever its called) are conspirators in this crime!
Aisha, Romford

Rachel Whetstone's (Google) attitude to these videos appearing online was absolutely appalling. Of course they have a moral obligation to police what appears on the site. The very fact that they are allowed to appear is inciting violence. Stating that it's the police force's duty to contact Google regarding these scenes of violence, and not the other way around, is like saying that you wouldn't contact the police if you found a body in your house. And very soon it will dead bodies if this is allowed to continue.
Ann-Marie Sisson, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

I would like to say that i found google's response to your questions regarding videos of children fighting on You Tube outrageous. I cannot believe that they find it acceptable for the public to moderate these videos and allow them to be shown.
Surely a Multi BILLION dollar organization such as Google can afford staff to monitor this site. As last nights edition of Panorama showed, people upload these videos and have competitions as to who gets the highest ratings surely this can only fuel and encourage these events. I feel that after last nights program government should now intervene and pass laws to make this illegal. After all if these sick individuals do not get the attention that they crave then maybe the events will decrease.We live in hope!!!
I cannot believe that Google take such a relaxed approach, lets face it they are showing this stuff to keep their viewing numbers high and to earn money, isnt there enough exploitation of children in this world already, without Google condoning these sick acts???!!! Action needs to be taken NOW!!!
Matthew Robinson, United Kingdom

I was appalled watching Panorama last night about Kids fights, what I was also appalled by other than feeling sick at these videos, was that kids can view them, don't we have age certificates on films that show this kind of violence but Google and similar companies don't seem to care, why is the court not closing these sites down. Where is our protection for future generations?
Sara Garner, Basingstoke

I watched last night's programme and was disgusted by the view taken by LiveLeak and YouTube representatives. What they are doing is akin to seeing a mugging ocurring in front of you and turning your back.
I wonder how they would feel if they were the victim of a crime that was posted on the internet for all to see.
The damage this does to the victims is horrendous, they are helping to destroy people's lives.
This is not about censorship as was suggested it's about human decency towards each other.
GJ, Oxfordshire

I am a 15-year-old male who has just watched your show. I have been involved in posting fighting videos on YouTube of freinds fighting in school, I do not see a problem with it. The 2 lads in the video were fine with it being posted but in school a couple of days later i was called in by my head of house. I was brought in with the other 2 lads from the fight and was consulted about it as a teacher had found the video. The 2 boys agreed that they allowed the video to be posted but i was asked to remove it or there would be more serious concequences that i would not want to happen...
I told my mother and father about this and showed them the video, they did not see a problem with it but said i should remove it because the school has requested, i was fine about this. If you win fights you gain respect and you will not be treated in a unfair mannor. The fights that happen in my school are fair fights between 2 willing people at the same strength.
Fights are going on all the time, same as in my fathers time. Just because people are showing these crimes does not make it worse. People are not FORCED to watch these videos so the only people who watch it are interested. The humiliation factor is not apropite here, if you did loose a fight or get beaten and it was not viewed, it would still travel by mouth and could be made out worse than it actually is.
I hope you understand my views as i understand everyone elses, thank you.
Kurt, Stockton

You would be very well placed to investigate how Google's stance in this programme compares with their stance on basic human rights in China. It isn't about freedom, it's about profit, and they should be made to come clean on that.
Maggy Simms, Warrington

I watched this programme in total shock last night for several reasons. We declare ourselves/this country to be civilised and take great pleasure in telling other countries how to behave etc. etc. and yet this is going on in our society!
If children are watching this kind of content day after day the inevitable is going to happen - they become desensitized. This along with violent computer games just perpetuate the situation. There is a total lack of respect for life - otherwise this type of behaviour would not be acceptable. I think it is time for us as a community to wake up and smell the coffee.
This situation is not going to resolve itself and if we don't act now I shudder to think what the future holds for my grandchildren.
Dawn Stewart, London

I felt physically sick when watching Panorama's 'Kids Fight Club' last night, and utterly ashamed that the attitude toward this disgusting practice by those companies such as You Tube is so moronically indifferent. Get these videos taken off-make it unlawful to record and upload these images and send a clear signal out to those participating in this sickness that prosecution is inevitable.
J Griffiths, West Midlands

I watched 'Childrens Fight Club' last night and was absolutely discussed to see that lack of responsiblity that the internet sites including google are taking to protect people from such explotation. If it were child porn we would all be singing from the same song sheet but for some reason watching a person become a vulernable victim to violence is somewhat okay. I plan to start a petition against this, at the moment not sure which route I shall take but someone needs to make a stand some one needs to take responsiblity.
Aggie Burton, Hampshire

Having just tuned in to the above programme I felt that it is firstly irresponsible reporting to give viewing to this type of violence. My immediate thoughts are that young persons watching this programme would be encouraged to participate in something they had not even previously thought about, thus perpetuating this type of violence. Whilst it should not be ignored and, steps taken to irradicate this type of behaviour, broadcasting is not the answer either.
Maureen Freeman
Mrs Maureen Freeman, Dartford Kent UK

The Google YouTube representative stated that it is not their responsibility to report violent videos to the police, according to this rational if she was walking along the street and came across a teenager being beaten to death would it then not be her responsibility to call the police? I'd be interested to see how she would react if it was her child in one of these videos.
Mary Topham, Bristol, UK

So violently shocking it has made me feel physically sick to the stomach. What an absolute joke that google does not think they should police their own site! The goverment should take rapid action and shut these sites down now. This kind of footage only makes it worse by yougsters thinking it is big and clever. How can you watch someone bleeding on the floor for entertainment value ? I fear for my young childrens future living in this country. sort it now.
Helen Prangley, Cardiff, Wales

I am in complete shock as to what i have just watched on Children's fight club.How can this be happening with such ease .The interview with the lady from Google to say that it is not her job to police the site is outrages. I have kids and to be very honest if that happened to any of my children i would not let something like this go unnoticed. I would go straight to the Prime Minister and demand something to be done about this ,in my eyes YouTube are breaking the LAW
Sheena Bradley, Eastbourne

Never responded to this type of programme before, and would like to express my support for tonights programme. Well done to all concerened for highlighting this farce on the internet.
This type of multimedia abuse as shown on tonights programme must be stopped. I'm a very concerned parent whose children use Utube and my view was that if Google was involved it would be safe.
I'm trying to track down googles em address to express my concerns and I will not use the google search engine until this is stopped
Please continue to prss these intenet sites until this abuse is stopped.
Many thanks, Tom Ryan
Tom Ryan, South Lanarkshire

The video's people make of such crimes cannot and will not be stopped.The internet will remain the same regardless of how many complaints people make.. if the videos are removed they will make more. if the sites are closed another will take its place.
the only way to solve the issue is to have more serious punishments for the cuprite not just a slap on the wrist and an A.S.B.O. Now considered as a fashion statement amongst today's youths.
The youths that create these video's think that what they are doing is cool i can only wish that they experience the event first hand. Then perhaps they will soon re-think there idea's of Cool.
To blame Britain's Youths as a whole is wrong.. The more mature majority (and i like to include myself into that category) think that what these kids do is just pointless..
If these Yobs think that what there doing is the right way to go through life. They really are going to get nowhere.
Luke, Blackpool

Watched with inceasing dismay - how can Youtube justify such barbaric behaviour to be shown for fun. Is this violence not illegal - what about the victims? I am shocked. Tried to send a complaint to Youtube but could not find a way of doing so!!!!
Andrew B, Newbury Berks

Congratulations to BBC Panorama for disclosing the world of violence and criminal damage.This is totally unacceptable. As a police officer I would have considered conspiracy to encourage violence - serious assaults and criminal damage.
Evidence could be obtained from young persons why they had committed the violence - due to the web site and publication. There is also the evidence of offenders committing violence Section 47, 20 and possibly section 18 Offences Against the Persons Act - and other offences.
Such violence is obviously being encouraged and action requires to be taken as a matter of urgency NOW.
This is a very serious issue.
Cllr Ken Rogers responsible for community sfaety Wivenhoe, Essex.

Very well done to Panorama and Raphael Rowe for this very important and well done report.
The responses of Hayden Hewitt of LiveLeak and Rachel Whetstone of Google were cold-hearted, irresponsible and inadequate. They contribute to the harm done to the victims.
Again, well done Panorama and Raphael Rowe for this report. I look forward to hearing about progress in tackling this horrific trend.
Dom, UK

the answer to you tube violent video's is to prosecute from the footage and video the arrest and cinvictions and repost on you tube linked to the original footage,
k ford, kent

Panorama: Children's Fight Club - BBC One on Monday, 30 July at 2030 BST.

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