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Last Updated: Monday, 12 February 2007, 12:27 GMT
Laurel Bank Nursing Home response to Panorama
Laurel Bank Nursing Home
Both Christopher Bolland, the owner of Laurel Bank nursing home, and his Manager, Linda Parker declined to take part in our film or to comment on the allegations made about the home.

Following our doorstep interview of Mr Bolland, he emailed Panorama to explain why he would not take part:

"Your email of 20th December makes it unambiguously clear that you have judged Laurel Bank to be guilty no matter what we do or say. For this reason, and in line with what I told you last September, we do not wish to participate in your programme, whose tactics smack more of the lynch mob than of objective journalism.

"You do not appear to be interested in the facts, but rather to be gathering information to fit in with a story that you have already decided to tell.

Christopher Bolland."

In an article about our film in The Daily Telegraph on Monday 12 February 2007, Linda Parker is quoted as saying the allegations of abuse were "rubbish".

But she did accept shortcomings in the past: "No one is denying mistakes have been made but we have learned from them," she said.

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