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What happened next

Fifa has expressed disapproval with one of its vice presidents after an investigation into the illicit resale of tickets at the World Cup.

But world football's governing body has closed the case against Jack Warner.

He runs Fifa's regional organisation called Concacaf which covers N America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Earlier this year Panorama reported that a travel agency owned by the Warner family was given exclusive allocation of World Cup tickets.

An earlier Fifa investigation found a conflict of interest but when Mr Warner said he had sold his agency no action was taken.

However, his son Daryan, who is not subject to Fifa jurisdication, continued to manage the company and sold match tickets ordered by his father at a profit.

The latest investigation has concluded that Warner should be "scolded".

Marcel Mathier, who headed the examination by the disciplinary committee, told a press conference that the committee's findings were largely determined by a lack of evidence: "It cannot be proven that Jack Warner knew about the resale of tickets at higher prices.

"However, from a subjective point of view, we can question whether or not Jack Warner knew about his son's activities in relation to ticketing."

A statement from Fifa said: "The Executive Committee expresses disapproval of vice-president Jack A. Warner's conduct and reminds him to exercise the requisite level of care in ticketing matters in the future and to strictly abide by all directives.

"Jack A. Warner should, in particular, ensure that his son, Daryan Warner, does not abuse the position held by his father."

Panorama's reporter Andrew Jennings found Jack Warner and tried to ask him about the investigation.

The film will also feature updates on other stories covered by Panorama this year and information about what we are doing with some of the stories you have emailed to us.

Panorama: What Happened Next was on BBC One on December 10 2006.

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