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No go Britain? Scotland
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Your reports

Glasgow (West End)
Fairly peacable place to live and I've lived in different flats in Partick. You occasionally see PCs on the streets, but there's enough adults organising Scouts, Guides, BBs, youth clubs, karate, judo etc to ensure there's something for boys and girls to do.

Aberfeldy, a small rural town in Perthshire, in the Central Highlands of Scotland could not have a more beautiful geographical setting but the attraction of the town ends there. The central square is the focal point of gatherings of underage 'neds' drinking Buckfast every night. Drugs are rife and this is one of the nastiest, most violent little communities I have ever come across. The town has one policeman - the local 'Community Liaison Officer'. There are beatings and acts of violence on a daily basis and at weekends the streets are more dangerous than many large cities, even Glasgow. You are at serious risk after the pubs kick out on a Friday or Saturday night of being set upon by drunken louts, many of whom are under-age and high on an alcohol speed combination. There have been many serious assaults over the past year yet, although the police have been involved, there have been no prosecutions. This is a town with serious anti-social behaviour problems which are being ignored by the authorities. The main offenders are well known to the police but there is no effort to impose ASBOs or address these issues. One police officer says he counted 92 young people in the square at 2am one Sunday morning. Is counting yobs a policing method? - maybe it's a new way to sleep off your responsibilities. The town is a disgrace.

Colinton Mains/Oxgangs
I live in Colinton Mains, right across the road from Oxgangs and close to a parade of shops and takeaways. It is this parade that seems to attract large gangs of young people, sometimes 20-30 of them, I don't know if they come from Colinton Mains or Oxgangs or both. They gather to drink and smoke, and seem to take pleasure in abusing and intimidating anyone passing by - I no longer use the shops or takeaway if there is a gang nearby. They make a tremendous amount of noise and have now started letting off large fireworks until very late at night, they also leave a lot of litter, including broken bottles. There is a police station practically within sight of where they hang about but I've never seen police officers in the area not in their cars and nothing seems to be done. Why would a young person want to hang about drinking in the pouring rain in a Scottish winter?

St Mary's, Dundee
I know of at least three people in the St Marys area who have had their houses burgled whilst they were asleep in bed. One of them, a close friend has three children who were asleep in bed at the time when the intruder broke into his house. Who knows what may have happened if this individual was disturbed in the act? My sister in law was also at home with her two children one evening when her female neighbor disturbed an intruder searching for a way into my brothers house. He knocked the neighbor over whilst trying to get away and ended up snagged on a fence at the back of the house when his sweater somehow became tangled. My sister in law (who was alone with two children) called the police who eventually arrived about 50 minutes later. Theft of property from cars is also rife as is vandalism of bus shelters and telephone boxes. The bus shelter outside my own home was vandalised every single week for months on end. On one occasion I witnessed three primary school aged children smash the window of the shelter with stones but they had run off by the time I went outside. I have also had stones thrown at my car and thieves prowling around in my back garden. It has gotten to the point that I don't bother to call the police anymore. They are generally unhelpful or apparently busy with other things. The unfortunate thing is that I have been forced to take the law into my own hands in order to stop criminals who recently targeted one of my neighbors. After a violent altercation some stolen property was recovered but no doubt I have just made myself an unscrupulous enemy and could easily have ended up in prison. I am sick of the authorities who take no action and yet are ready and waiting to condemn those who protect their own family and property the only way they can. Their inaction will have dire consequences as I will not compromise the safety of my family or myself at any cost in the event of my home being targeted by one of these scumbags.

My son is 21 years old, and a nicer guy you couldn't wish to meet. So far he's been attacked four times in Glasgow. The last time it happened, he was out with his Dad for a game of pool. At the end of the evening, the two of them were waiting at a bus stop, chatting about the games they'd just played, when a gang of youths came up to my son, and started shouting at him, you're a Rangers supporter aren't you? Before my son could reply no, he wasn¿t, one of them started smashing him about the head with a heavy buckled belt. The others were punching and kicking him, trying to get him to the ground. Fortunately, my husband managed to chase two of them down the street, and a guy at the bus stop helped my son with the other two. His head was gaping wound and pouring with blood, and he still has the scar, two years later. Glasgow is the most violent city I have ever lived in, and I wish we had never brought our two children to live here. Unfortunately, they are in the middle of their University education, and we are unable to leave here for another three years.

I was attacked a while ago, three doors away from where I live, on the South Side of Glasgow. The man came running up behind me, punched me in the face, and I was knocked flat out on the ground in a neighbours secluded garden. I screamed like mad, and the gentleman neighbour came out. My attacker saw him and fled. If it hadn't have been for my neighbour, god knows what would have happened. The police responded by saying I should think myself lucky that I only got a bloody lip and a bruise. About six months later, I discovered that the attack had damaged my jaw, which had an effect on my hearing, and I had to have two operations, over a course of three years, to get the problem rectified. After the police were called to the scene and told me I should feel lucky, that was the last I heard from them. I called them to see if they had got the man who carried out the attack, and they all but laughed at me; stupid me had thought they would actually investigate the crime.

If Ian Blair is honestly suggesting that people feel comfortable leaving their doors unlocked he's living in a dream world. I have my door locked when I'm in my house and even lock it when I nip out to put stuff in my bin. Certainly don't think we're even close to 'the good old days'. I remember my gran used to leave her door unlocked when she went to the shop, but that was a time when there was respect and you knew your neighbours well and there was actually a police force with officers on the beat. Now they are distant, unapproachable, never out in the community on foot, always zooming around in cars and never come when you call them. Even when they do turn up, they are hours too late to help and have as much chance of solving 'petty' crime as I do flying in the air. But they are good at giving 'crime reference numbers' for insurance purposes. Thats about it.

Hipwell, Edinburgh
Where to start? I live near the recently decomissioned brewery in Edinburgh. The street I live in is, and always has been, a slum. As we live near the centre of town we suffer frequently, not only at the weekends, from drunks throwing litter everywhere and excreting every kind of bodily fluid in our street and doorways.The street cleaning is pathetic given the sheer volume of litter we experience. As well as all this human filth we have dog mess everywhere all the time. The street is simply never clean. There are many residents on this street with severe support needs which are not being met, mostly addicts of various stripes, as a result we have a petty theft problem- bikes and so forth. The house next door to me was broken into by an addict believing that he was breaking into the house of the drug dealer upstairs from me. I've lost count of the number of times I've called the cops because of fighting on the street at night or residents arguments. One of my neighbours likes to play incredibly loud music at all hours and the other likes to smash up his house periodically. My downstairs neighbour has lived here for forty years and says the area has really gone downhill over the years, she feels unsafe in her home now and is moving out. To add to our misery the library at the end of the street will soon be sporting a mobile 'phone mast. Despite all these problems our council couldn't care less. 1.5 million pounds was spent polishing the cobbles outside of council offices on the high street. I recently saw Morningside, one of the richest areas in the country, was having it's pavements replaced in a "quality of life improvement scheme". The pavements 'round here are so bad I fell and ripped ligaments in my ankle 4 years ago and I still have knee problems. So why do I live here? Edinburgh is hideously expensive and this is all we can afford. We'll never own a house here. Local planning seems only interested in expensive office buildings and condos, not low income housing, so I imagine eventually we'll simply have to leave. It saddens me deeply that I am being forced out of my home town by a council that couldn't care less about anyone who isn't middle class or richer.

I moved to this fairly affluent town 4 years ago. I've witnessed an interesting piece of behaviour from the same group of yobs over this period. These youths are definitely not your typical idea of underprivileged youngsters. They are members of the local golf club. I suppose you could say I've studied them. They have progressed from screaming obscenities at each other on leaving the golf club, to abusing farm animals, to trespassing into nearby gardens, to committing acts of vandalism to nearby properties including parked cars. So now we're 4 years on and they have become young men who fear nothing because they KNOW the authorities will do exactly that - nothing. I know my story is perhaps trivial compared to the hell others have been telling but I wish to make it clear that this feral behaviour has spread like a disease to all levels of our society. I honestly believe the future is frightening. And if I hear one more initiative from the Scottish Executive telling us yet again how they'll tackle anti social behaviour I'll scream. And also the ridiculous figures released lately telling us that crime had fallen. How insulting! Of course the numbers have fallen because the public either do not bother reporting any more or if they do the police just simply cannot respond. That's from personal experience.

I live in New Town in Edinburgh on a street which is often called Han(g)over Street by taxi drivers. The combination of pubs and a late-opening (closing at 3am) mexican cocktail cantina and a restaurant which insists on live loud music means life is hell if you have a decent bedtime hour. Noise inspectors come by quickly between 11 pm and 4 am, but why is this needed? A combination of late opening hours for drinking places and the smoking ban means that people are outside and being very noisy. Around 5 am, there are drunk boys hitting each other or shouting aloud, and drunk, squealing girls falling out of their clothes and into gutters - such an unpleasant sight and yet I fear for their safety. The area is very nice in the day, property is very expensive so few can truly afford to buy it, but I wish the evil side of the Scottish people did not come out after sundown.

West Lothian
I most definitely do not leave my door unlocked they way I did when we first moved to our town over 20 years ago. It still didn't stop our house being burgled on the 20th of this month (October). The police who handled it were prompt, efficient and very kind - I can't fault them. I don't think they will catch them and I don't believe they think they will catch them either. I no longer walk our dogs at night on my own (and I mean after 7pm) as they number of youths with bottles of drink and abusive language is much greater now than it ever was. I don't even think they know they are sweating any longer. We are constantly watching the ground to make sure the dogs don't walk on broken glass. We are bit at the stage if crossing the road if we pass a gang of youths but we do lower our eyes and my husband will remind me to say nothing -just let it be. Sad to be so uncomfortable with so many young people most of whom are probably very nice and wouldn't hurt anyone intentionally.

There have been a lot of things happening in this small town . In the last few years there have been a large amount of people killed , due to fires or hit and run. Also the recent murder is making people think , what is going on with Inverkeithing.

I have to say that Inverkeithing is a very unplesant place to be . What with recent events and the way the gangs hang around the streets that is enough to put anyone off. I used to live there but a year ago i decided i had had enough. I used to get bottles thrown at my windows and the rubbish left over from the children on their luch break was unbeleiveable. We were lucky because we had a great man that took care of that but the kidsand teens of today have no respect and the town has gone down hill. it's not a safe place and i have been verbally atacked many a time , just for minding my own business. There is a lot changing in these areas but i think that there is still an awful lot needs to be done to stop the young ones from treating adults like idiots.

I live in the East End of Glasgow in a really deprived area, there was a heroin user who lived up stairs from me and she hot me in the face with a glass for no reason when i was walking up the stair with my son, this has resulted in me having to get a private let hom which costs me half of my salary each month, I called the police and because she said she hadn't left her hous nothing was done about it, I also attended a meeting with my local housing association and they said as it was a one off incident there was nothing they could do! How bad do things need to get before public services will help you?

here in Tain we have no problems at all. To give an example, we have a jewellers in the High Street which not only does not have grills at the windows but they hardly even bother to remove jewellery overnight. The kids are well mannered and polite, there is a real community spirit and the elderly are valued and respected. Coming from England as we did to live here 5 years ago it was like a breath of fresh air. Here we are free to live without fear. My mother in law aged 70 lives with us and she is quite safe to wander down town late in the evening without ever needing to fear that she may be attacked. Long may it continue. We left England because it is just too awfull to live in anymore.

After 7pm, large groups of (often very young) children populate the High Street. They fight, scream, smoke, drink, urinate, vandalise and litter the town. I wouldn't describe the kids of Linlithgow as dangerous, but an atmosphere is created that makes it unpleasant to walk about on a Friday or Saturday night, and it is sad to wake up in the morning to roads strewn with litter and broken glass. When the kids have gone home in the evening, they are replaced by groups adults staggering from pub to pub who provide a similar program of fighting, screaming and vandalism. When adults behave like this it is hard to blame the kids for doing the same. I have visited many countries, both developed and developing, but never one where Friday night is as characterised by drunkenness and violence as it is in most British towns.

West Lothian
I live in Armadale , West Lothian which according to the local press has the most ASBO'S and Youth Offender orders issued of any town in the district making it one anti -social community.I cannot agree more with the serving police officer's comments on this site about the problems here in West Lothian. Here is just a flavour of what has happened here over the past 10 days or so making decent people's lives a misery..... FUEL lines were cut to two parked cars in Edmonton Avenue, Howden,Livingston about 10.30pm on Monday, October 9. Witnesses say they saw two youths at the vehicles. The Fire & Rescue Services attended to hose down the petrol spillage caused by the incident. FOURTEEN separate cars were damaged in Raeburn Crescent, Whitburn, between midnight and 2am on Saturday, October 14. All the vehicles had paintwork damage caused by being scratched with an unknown instrument. Also in Glass Road, Winchburgh, Between 5pm on Saturday, October 14, and 10am on Sunday, October 15, 13 separate motor cars had their tyres slashed (17 tyres in total). A further insecure vehicle was entered and had both front seats slashed. Damage is estimated to be hundreds of pounds. TERRIFIED householders in Eliburn, Livingston cowered in terror after a large group of youths began throwing bottles and stones at house windows in the district. Police were called to the incident, in the Oldwood Place area, on Wednesday evening, October 18. As a result of police attendance, a 15 year old youth was charged with possession of a baseball bat. BETWEEN 5pm on Saturday, October 14, and 10am on Sunday October 15, the Sports Pavilion in Millgate Park, Winchburgh was entered and all the toilet ceramics, emergency lighting system and all windows were smashed. Damage is in excess of £10,000. POLICE are hunting a group of youths who overturned a car in Castle Crescent, East Calder, about 10.15pm on Monday, October 9. "This caused petrol and oil to leak from the vehicle causing a potentially dangerous incident," said a police spokesman. The youths made off prior to arrival of the Police. BETWEEN 6 and 8.30pm on Sunday October 8, police received reports from the public that shots were being fired from a moving vehicle on High Street, Linlithgow. A vehicle with four occupants was subsequently traced and searched where it was found to contain replica firearms. Need I say more ? It is time that parent's take responsibility for the actions of these teenage yobs ( male and female ) who roam the streets making people prisoners in their own homes.

We live near a partk near Bruntsfield, which is notorious for young kids hanging out at night and drinking. They leave the park in a terrible mess. All around us -- the quality of life has deteriorated remarkably in just a short period of time. The neighbourhood that I live in, which has always been quiet, tranquil and beautiful is now littered with graffiti and trash. You walk by these kids and they swear at and threaten you physically. One must wonder why their parents don't seem to care that it's past midnight sometimes and their kids are not home in bed (some are only 13 or so). The neighbourhood -- and all of Edinburgh has deteriorated. There is litter everywhere (particularly near schools), graffiti is rampant, dumped items on street corners, broken street furniture, etc. Nothing gets done about the problem. I call the police over and over again and nothing gets done. The Council will come out if I report litter and dumped items (but not graffiti -- unless they say it is racist or offensive -- isn't all graffiti offensive?. I have been looking at the same graffiti now for months. We also have feral children running the streets of the city, threatening and harassing people, including tourists. Its just awful. Edinburgh is not a city I would tell my overseas friends and families to visit. Its embarrassing the state it is in now.

I feel almost completely safe walking around the centre of Edinburgh at night. Never experienced any problems.

Inverkeithing, Fife
The neighbours say that it used to be a nice town with good community spirit, but now it is just another depressing town with all it's problems on show. The High Street is a no go area on evenings, especially at the weekend. Now that the smoking ban is in place, all you see on the high street is people milling about blocking the pavement and shouting abuse at passer-bys. I often have this when I am walking home from work. We also have people shouting outside our house and kids tend to hang around the alleyways drinking and the evidence is still there in the morning. We have phoned the police about the kids and fights that take place outside, but nothing is ever done, or we can't get through to police in the first place. We are sick of young kids hanging about and abusing people for no reason. I'm not that old, but I definately don't remember so much trouble when I was growing up. Something needs to be done about the Anti-Social behaviour that is commonplace nowadays.!

Having moved back to my beloved native city after life in Toronto, NY and Florida, my illusions of Glasgow life were quickly marred. New flats built in Acre Drive were soon inhabited by a minority of human trash. Fresh lawns were son tramped to mud by those too lazy to use walkways. Asked why, they replioed "Who needs grass?" My 12-month "sentence" of Glasgow life served, I, again, fled to foreign shores. Scotland the Brave? Hardly.

I live in the Tillydrone Estate which has recently undergone redevelopment work but they are scheduled to do more and I feel that the area is getting better, there are problems with gangs of kids from rival estates but they never really bother anyone else. The tower blocks are quite bad and there have been a spate of stabbings down there lately but apart from that Aberdeen as a whole is a safe place to bring up a family and is full of lush green space, we were recently voted Britains happiest place!

Burntisland, Fife
Some gangs of youngsters.

Burnt out car
A burnt-out car, Bainsford, Falkirk
I've no idea how long the car sat there. It isn't a typical scene, but all the more 'stand out' because of it. It is on a public walk along the River Carron. I was new to the area and out for a stroll when I saw the burnt out car. I don't readily head down there anymore as the local kids use the area at night. The main issue around here is a typically Scottish combination of teens and Buckfast - resulting in abuse, misery and disrespect for residents. Every flat in my block of eight had been broken into - except for one. That was the residence of the burglar! Talk about making a mess on your own door step? Generally though I don't feel unsafe in my neighbourhood. I think the police and local council are working hard to deal with the unsociable behaviour. I think tackling the basic lack of respect and boredom would go a long way towards making an improvement everywhere!

Clarkston, Glasgow
We live in an area which has a field between two main roads. There are two lanes which let people walk from one road to the other. These lanes are used EVERY NIGHT by yobs that do nothing but break bottles on the steps, urinate etc, throw litter and use foul language which for houses near the lane with young children is totally unacceptable. The problem is not with the police, the social services or any other government establishment. IT IS THE DUTY OF THE PARENTS to educate their children properly and not let them run wild. I bet these parents do not know where their children are at these times. No, a lot of the 'modern' Mums seems too selfish, out enjoying themselves. These children are of age where they should know better. Please do not blame the authorities as most people are so quick to do.

I live in a tenement flat on one of the main streets in Edinburgh. Until recently we had no lock on the door from the street, and would regularly find needles and other such items in the stair well. We have also experienced fire starters in the stairwell, and there are burn marks all over the floor. This has mainly been resolved, but there are kids (10-16) constantly outside buzzing the door entry system, and alcoholics and homeless people trying to get in for a place to sleep at night. Is there a reason that Edinburgh council choose to clean the street twice every hour during the night? The trucks are incredibly noisy, and I'm not including the pavement cleaners in that.

I live in Lochend on the edge of a large housing estate streching across Lochend, Restalrig and down to the edge of Leith. Although I am pround of my area it's community and it's colourful characters, I have also watched with worry over the last 5 years or so, the general decline of the area. The Lochend/Restalrig area is slipping out of control. For the last couple of months we have had several disturbances during the night every single night, including: fighting, threats of murder, young children out running around at 4 am, 13 year olds out all night drunk and causing distrubance and vandleism, people running up and down the street shouting, fires being set. We have 'delivery boys' on street bikes and mopeds speeding around the estate constently, it is obvious to every one in the area they are delivering what can only be drugs. We have teenagers terrorising certain streets, because there is nothing else for them to do and they have no pride in thier are. Although it is a housing estate, the area doesn't carry a bad reputation, but it is rapidly gaining one at the moment. Even the little things that make people proud of their area are slipping, like the up keep of the area, there is mess everywhere, broken fences, rubbish dumped - this is the councils responsability and in recent years they have been leaving the area to rot, not fixing anything, not installing rubbish bins or picking up dumped rubbish - which then gets set on fire. The area is in tatters, but is wasn't 5 years ago. I really believe that when people have a pride in thier area, they want to look after it more. Leave things to rot and no one has respect, for themselves or thier area. We loose the sense of community and people don't pull together to sort problems out because we all thing there is no point or it is too out of control already. Edinburgh has real problems with this in general, the town centre is polished clean by the council every day to make sure they keep attracting money from tourism and business while all the estates are sweep under the carpet as if they done exist. We are people too, we all contrubute to society and the council and goverment needs to stand up and take notice!

I've lived in this flat for four years with no trouble.....until this summer. The local youths roam around the car park drinking, climbing on the roofs of the bungalows (yes, actually onto the roof), shouting at the top of their voices, damaging bin sheds, garden gates, spray painting and (this galls me the most) they CANNOT walk past my house without kicking or hitting the wall with something or smashing a bottle against it. What do the parents of these thugs think their little 'angels' are up to when they go out after school? I really do believe that if the parents were held responsible for their kids behaviour (by way of fines or more severe police action........or ANY police action come to think) then the vandalism and disrespect would be kept in check. I'm only 31.......not THAT much older than the thugs roaming about, but I didn't do anything like this when I was a teenager. The old excuse that there's nothing for them to do really annoys me. I grew up during the Thatcher era when the entire nation was on it's knees, no funding for any community projects that you get now...I was bored too, but had a brilliant upbringing and knowledge of what was right an wrong behaviour. That's not taught to kids these days. The parents are as rough as the kids usually!!!! Send them all to bootcamp!!!

West Lothian
I am a serving Police officer and see first hand the misery that Anti-Social Behaviour can do. I can assure all those that blame the Police and Judiciary that we would LOVE to be out walking the streets because there is no deterrent as effective as a cop on the beat but it is not possible. We are too busy dealing with petty neighbour disputes, kids fighting at school and the families wanting someone 'done for assault' or 'my ex is sending me text messages' and other such rubbish. In days past, calls to the Police of that nature would never have been entertained but now people are fully aware of how bound up we are in bureaucracy,rep tape and the Human Rights Act(a disaster for all decent people if ever there was one)figures, response times, and other such stats to tell YOU, the public, how good(!) a job the Police are doing. And please don't believe the press when they say that there has never been so many Police in the job. That may be true but they are all tied up with off! ice jobs collating stats for the Executive! The Police are not immune to criticism and should never be but gives us the tools and resources properly applied and you would get the service that you deserve. I have 2 boys, 10 and 13 and I fear for them when they are out after dark. There should never be no-go areas in Britain but until some Politician with the guts to abandon the Human Rights Act, slap down the apologists then accept your lot. Several people have hit the nail on the head. This country has lost all self-respect and respect for others in such a short time. We are now a 'victim' culture where a sizeable minority believe that the world owes them a living and they don't have to lift a finger to help themselves. I truly despair.

I stay in Vicoria Road, one off the worst streets in Falkirk. There is a high proportion of imigrants, the troublesome ones are the "New" Europeans, they don't use doorbells they shout up at windows to see if anyone is in, they leave their wheelie bins on the pavement all week, and consume alcohol outside in street. We have the same problem with the "locals." The rest of the imigrants are very polite and quiet. The emergency services presence in our street is high. If you have to call the police they respond very quickly.

In Glasgow we call them Neds. This, apparently, is not politically correct. I feel, however, that for a collective group who show no regard for other peoples property and lifestyles, we should not have to consider their feelings and sensitivities. These Neds dress in a standard uniform. Although different in colour, this uniform will consist of tracksuits bottoms, tracksuit tops, and trainers. Some may opt for baseball caps, but not all. They roam in groups. These groups range in number from 2 to 30, and combine males and females. In my experience the age groups are normally from 10 to 21. They are normally in possession of alcohol. The preference in the area around Glasgow being Buckfast or large bottles of cheap cider. Gone are the days of nipping into the park on a Friday night with a couple of your Dad's cans. This is a nightly problem whereby they consume large quantities, and the real problems begin. These youths are organised. The authorities view them collectively as a pest, and children, and label it 'youth disorder'. I do not feel the government quite have an understanding of what we are dealing with. These youths groups have leadership, and communication. They communicate with opposing factions via mobile phone, website, and instant messenger to arrange fights with each other, and set a venue. What powers do the police have? None. ASBO's are very difficult to come by, and cannot be issued instantly. There is no law in Scotland forbidding them to walk around in large groups. They cannot be charged with drinking in public unless Constables observe them drinking. It is not an offence to have a bottle of cider with them. If a crime is committed and the victim is asked for descriptions, it will be similar to "5 foot 5 inches, dark hair, dark tracksuit, possibly dark blue, and white trainers. He was with about 8 others". SO, where do the police begin? They yell and shout, and swear. Often, when speaking to parents, the same words and phrases are repeated, and it is clear to see where these neds obtain their colourful vocab. This, I need to say, is not the rule though. There are a number of decent parents out there who are shocked when told of their son or daughter's exploits. I would imagine the Police are as frustrated as I am. When they are not on duty they are quite probably experiencing the same problems in their own areas as we are. Sadly there hands are tied and they have to work within the law when on duty, and it seems to me that they are not given the powers to properly deal with these organised disorder groups. Police are not able to cuff ears anymore. Those days are long gone, and in a day and age when CCTV is located in more and more places, and conversations are recorded on mobile phones, and the complaint/blame culture we live in, I don't think we could expect these Constables to do anything that is not by the book. Even if there were suddenly more bobbies on the beat, do they really have the powers to do anything to battle these groups? To arrest individuals, maybe, depending on the incident at hand, but they don't have the powers to stop these groups. The Government said they will stamp out youth disorder. They won't. They stay inside. The Police could if they had the means. Stop being so nice and politically correct for a minute and look at the effect its having on your country. There are so many honest, decent, hardworking and contributing residents of the country living in fear of these gangs, and your doing nothing to change it. Actions seak louder than words. Stop talking about it and take some action. Let people have a decent life. You are failing the people who you represent.

I moved here 4 years ago for a job. Reading the rest of the site makes me realise how lucky I am! I can and do leave my house unlocked, and used to be able to leave my car unlocked. But the "used to" gives a clue. Antisocial behaviour has taken a dramatic rise here in the last two streets, to the extent that adults steer clear of the one and only shopping street on saturday afternoons due to the groups of teenagers. I also wouldn't walk back from the pub at night due to feeling intimidated by them - drunken leacherous men I can handle, groups of 16 year olds I can not. But what I really can't understand is why this has happened and why its not being reversed. if in a community where people know each other teenagers can't be controlled what hope has the rest of Britain? Where are the parents? Where are the police? Do they not speak to highschools and pupils about acceptable behaviour? Another problem we have is boy racers. And again in an island grouping of 21000 people, 180 miles by sea from Britain, surely this could be stamped out? Overall though, I am very safe living here.

There are parts of Paisley that are in a really depressing condition - what's most noticeable when you walk around the town is all the broken glass, litter, many, many disused and derelict buildings and dog mess. The other very visible presence is of messed up alcoholics - we took the kids for a bike ride down a disused cycle track on a clear sunny morning a couple of days ago and kept coming across drunk lone males - three or four in as many minutes, including one throwing up into a hedge. There are parts of Paisley which are great but the growth of out of town shopping, the lack of well paid jobs, the generally low skill and education levels, make some bits of it really unpleasant. A lot of Scottish people have got major problems of addiction, low wages, low self esteem and it's really noticeable, since moving from England, how the effects of the 1980s deindustrialisation haven't worn off. Equally, there are fantastic opportunities and great resources, and a lot of people are working hard to improve the place but it remains a very, very divided society.

While not as bad as other areas Kirkcaldy is no paradise. There are red zones from one end of the town to the other. At weekends kdy is plagued with gangs of youths that will attack anyone in their range with bottles/knives/bats/fists anything that will cause injury. Massing in dim-lit areas like parks, back streets, schemes, fueled so commonly by drink and drugs. There are 8 police officers for 100,000 people in kdy at weekend which leaves room for assaults, vandalism, harrassment, drug dealing, targeted residents, gang fights and general intimidation on the streets for the normal people in this town. From my house I can see drug deals taking place in the park on weekends like clockwork but never any sign of police units. A lot of places in kdy are territorial which can escalate things. Weekends in kdy, dont walk anywhere always have a car.

Dalry, Edinburgh
I have just moved from a small 1 bedroom tenement flat in Dalry, Edinburgh, to a remote stone cottage in the countryside of the Scottish borders. I lived in Edinburgh for 10 years and loved it ¿ it is a great city and I felt safe there ¿ at least as safe as you can ever feel in a big city. Unfortunately, although we had many nice neighbours, the Dalry area, despite the fact that it is improving with new developments and rising house prices, still has an element of its deprived past. While the majority of people cared for their properties and respected those living around them, a small percentage thought nothing of leaving old furniture on the streets, dropping litter, letting their dogs crap on the pavement or having a piss themselves in the entrance to our stair. I often had to ask kids to have a smoke somewhere other than outside my front door. These kids weren¿t bad, just were doing what teenagers do and didn¿t really comprehend that it was the litter they left behind that annoyed me most, not them sheltering for a joint. Note that often asking politely works better than demands in such situations ¿ teenagers, like! everyone else, like to be respected. Anyway, the Dalry flat was my first buy, and while I lived there for 3 years, worked hard to renovate it, and had good times there, I have no regrets about leaving. My journey to work can now take an hour each way, but I don¿t regret moving for a moment. Outside I now have flowers and trees instead of litter. The sound of neighbours having a shouting match has been replaced by the calls of jackdaws in the forest at the end of the garden. A tractor or horse and rider might pass once an hour. Gone is the thump of a party in the building next door - I sleep to the sound of wood crackling on an open fire. Paradise.

I have recently moved into a house in the Drum Brae/Craigmount area in north west Edinburgh. It's an area I already know well as I lived here when I was at school. My wife and I also bought our first flat not far from where we now live. It's a nice area (which is why I keep coming back to it) and I'm glad I live here. The general area is pretty decent. You get the odd passing ned or boy racer but on the whole, they're pretty thin on the ground around here. The streets are generally pretty tidy, gardens well kept and you car is as safe as it can be parked in the street. The huge plus with the place we've just bought, is that it, along with all the otther houses in the direct neighbourhood, all back onto a private area of parkland. As the houses are townhouses, so all joined together, the park is totally - and truly - private. There are a few gates dotted around which only residents have the keys for. It has two parts, each easily large enough for kids to play football in. It! works really well as kids have somewhere safe to play and as they are all local, they don't smash stuff and break things .... it's almost their own back garden after all! We don't have kids ourselves yet, but we plan to in the near future and I'm looking forward to bringing them up here. There seems to be a pretty strong sense of community here as well. There is a residents barbeque every year (which me moved in just too late for this year), fireworks and a bonfire organised (and thus properly supervised) for the kids and you are kept up to date with things you may need to know about going on near you. It's not an area thats especially well off (we're not in an area where an average place costs half a million or anyhting), just ordinary people. But, the way the neighbourhood is designed helps to make it a pleasant place to live. I'm happy here!

I'm shocked to read some of these other comments. I lived in Kirriemuir, Angus for a few years and everyone - including the kids were so friendly. I then moved to the edge of Forfar, Angus and find that its even better. Cars don't get locked and there's real community. The only drawback is that it takes ages to walk to the shops as you bump into tons of folk who want to stop and have a chat!

With it's main former attraction, Nardini's, now lying derelict, and even some of the old folks Largs was so (in)famous for now starting to close down, Largs' new attractions seem to be night time gang fights between teenagers from Largs and surrounding towns in the Main Street, and the increasing number of drug dealers and their associated crime. In the eyes of some Largs maintains the image of a nice quiet seaside retirement town, as opposed to a cheap housing area with no work, poor public transport and no hope for young people. For those in denial any unpleasantness can always be dismissed by vacuously saying "Largs is a nice place, things like that don't happen here" , or by claiming that whoever was fighting / taking drugs / violently murdered didn't really come from the town, so it doesn't actually count.

We live in a small village, but are plagued by youths from the local council houses and from neighbouring areas, who flock to ours for drinking and football in the streets. I have had my tyres slashed, windows smashed, fence spray painted, things thrown in our garden, balls kicked at our house, cars, ourselves. The local police will move them on, but 10 mins later the kids are back and more determined than before. When we raised it with a councilor we were told that the problems were not severe and persistant enough to try for an ASBO order. So we suffer on, calling the police several times a night at weekends and school holidays. I am only 23, so there's not a huge age gap, but the youths are just uncontrollable. I can't wait to move away from this place, and I've lived here since I was 2 years old. Thats how bad the situation has become.

A nice quiet place to live but I have noticed an increase in the litter on the street which I hate to see. No anti social behaviour really, maybe the odd shout outside the nearby pub once in a while but hey, compared to some others posting here we're very very lucky

Glasgow East End
Children?! why is it that pond scum are still allowed to breed further scum in order to continue polluting our society? maybe if they were brought up to respect others and their surroundings then they and us could thrive quite happily and we would all be confident enough to leave our houses after dark without fearing that we may bump into a gang of yobbos, most of whom shouldnt even be allowed out after 7pm. But then maybe it isnt their fault or their tax dodging parents fault, maybe its the fault of us honest tax paying folk for not working hard enough and not paying enough tax to provide play areas or community centres in which these undiscovered little angels can learn the value of respect! Wrong - i grew up in an under privileged part of the eastend without anywhere to hang out or play and i never felt the need to graffiti, vandalise, pillage, harass, bully threaten "chib" or make any of my fellow residents life hell. The people responsible here are the parents and both scum and spawn should be made to pay for the undoing of the decent community members lives.

I have been attacked twice when intervening to stop youths vandalising my property & attacking my family. I have had my vehicle set on fire,(there were another 13 vehicles burnt out that night). attempted break ins, and peoples front doors set on fire. These are local youths, the police know who they are,but it seems impossible to get the Police to catch them. The Police warned local men that they would arrest & charge any "vigilantes". So what do we do ?

Despite its 'Trainspotting' reputation I've never seen much trouble in Leith. You do hear about bad stuff happening, but I have to say I feel pretty safe when I am walking around at night. Then again, maybe I'm just lucky. I'm moving to Blairgowrie in Perthshire in a couple of weeks so I'm hoping it will be even quieter.

awful, i have just moved house because of the noise in my street. Full of drugdealers, people coming in and out of my stair at all times of day and night. Phoned the police several times but they said they cant do anything about the noise unless its happening when i phone. My neighbours dogs barking and urinating in stair. Police again said they cant do anything unless i witness the dog doing a shit in stair!! Usless. Also witnessed kids in my street running over cars outside and kicking windmirrors off!

since moving here 18mths ago from telford, shropshire,Elgin, Moray and the Highlands are an oasis of peace and quiet in comparison, with friendly locals and people who trust each other, even to the extent of leaving their doors open!

I live in the East End of Glasgow, and it is run down with mostly anti-social elements. These mostly form people who live their lives on benefit and get life handed on a plate. They get nice new homes built, and the area improved only to wreck it and send it in to a state of disrepair and make the area once more ghetto like. There is a fear of reporting crime to the Police, in case there are cowardly attacks on ones home, car, person or family in revenge. I blame the law for this, and the lack of punishment. There is no fear of crime from the criminal. There are gangs of youths every weekend roaming the streets spoiling for a fight, armed with knives and air guns and very much fuelled by drink, drugs or both. It is a shame because there is a majority of decent folk who are made captive and prisoner in their own homes because of this. The authorities try to improve the area, but the Human Rights Act & lack of back bone from the judicial system means that these little vermin get away with their crimes scott free. I would like to see the Parents of these little verim held responsible and fined for their childrens actions.. maybe then they would sit up and take notice of what their children get up to.

On the surface it looks like any other former West Fife town recovering from the loss of the coal industry, but closer inspection reveals it to be like many other towns over-run by unruly and disrespectful teenagers. Friday nights are like the Wild Wild West and the town centre is a complete no go area. Drunken teenages milling about in their hundreds is a recipe for trouble, and yet the police are conspicuous by their absence.

East Kilbride
East Kilbride - St Leonards used to be one of the more desirable areas of EK. Now, like the rest of EK, we have anti-social neighbours, drug dealers, vandals, gangs of teenagers roaming the streets shrieking and shouting. I don't go out at night, either locally or to the Town Centre. Never see a policeman unless you call them to deal with said anti-social neighbour, but they and Council seem powerless to tackle her effectively. Or is it just that they lack the will? It's well known in EK that SLC think that we've 'had our money' and they prefer to channel resources elsewhere in South Lanarkshire. And now it's really showing. Bring back the EK Development Corporation!

While there is a general feeling of good community spirit, yobs run riot after dark - often chasing passing cars - the ground is often littered with debris he next morning. City centre isn't much better - why can't there be more police on the beat ? It's difficult for anyone to tackle them due to their age, but the police seem powerless too.

I like where I live! Bit noisy when people come back from the pub at weekends, but apart from that no problems.

Port Glasgow
I lived in what was once a good area. now, even after 1.5 million pounds were spent improving the roads and pavements, it is impossible not to worry about your personal safety and property. the area has become a ghetto. landlords are buying up empty properties cheap, mainly because through their inactions,and letting these properties out to DHSS recipiants. while not all are bad, it is the drug dealers and their 'customers' who cause the problems. nobody will go thye door of the person they want to speak to. they will shout from street level to a top flat at all hours of the day and night. junkies will attempt to rob flats that are directly above ar below the dealers flat. As for walking the streets at night. my wife refuses to do so on her own. I'm sure that the only reason i can walk about unchallenged is my size.The council had european money to get extra police cover. for nearly two years the place was relitavely quiet and safe. now its worse than ever. if you are looking to buy a 2 (large) bedroomed flat for under 20K, port glasgow is the area for you.

Whitfield, Dundee
My fiance and I moved from Edinburgh to Whitfield in Dundee in December last year. We should have listened to people who told us Whitfield was a terrible area! Within 2 weeks of moving there, my motorcycle was stolen, after it was recovered by police and charges brought against the 16 year old who bought it from the thief, I was told I was going to be 'chibbed' by his older brother. Police couldn't do anything as there was no witnesses. Every weekend another car in our large communal carpark seems to get set on fire, or the windows broken. Thankfully, we move in two weeks, I only pray it works out better.

East Kilbride
I live in West Mains, East Kilbride. An area characterised by gang culture and depravity. In this concrete Jungle the variety of activites is nil, local parks, are at a premium and the surrounding areas such as Stewartfield and the Village remind the residents of West Mains what they are missing out on and how life ought to be! Policing in this area is an absolute disgrace. You get the solitary cop on a bike every so often, which really is a shambles. Sectarianism is another common feature of life in West Mains.

Its like a horror film, its not a bad street or area during daylight, but after dark (or tea time), its different, those kids are now swarming, no one to look over them, no parents just us adults and what do we know. A group of 6 or so ages ranging from 10 to 18 playing a game of tag, who-eber gets caught hets beaten up, they are in gardens on top of cars smashing things but its ok they are playing, so if you go and confront them you get abuse. I had to call the police again and had to wait a few miniutes to get through to an operator who then passed me through to another operator who told me that all the poice were unavailabe on other street calls, mean while my garden is getting trashed by immature teenagers. Another time maybe 50 kids between 10 and 15 gathered at the topof my road many drinking, all screamng and shouting, maybe 7.30pm walking onto the road like cars dont exist, when finnaly one nearly got hit and the car stopped they surrounded it and kicked it until the petrified driver managed to drive slowly through them. The police came half an hour latter and gave two of the 50 a telling off. I say get them all in vans and wait for their parents to collect them. Get witness statements and shame them. QUESTION : Why is it illegal to leave a minor inside a house alone but it seems to be ok to let all ages out alone at night with tens or more others? we all know what they can do, drink, drugs, violence, murder seems more and more like a right of passage and yet nothing is being done. No foot patrol officers in areas well known for trouble. I have travelled other countries, poor and well off and have never come across such a wide spread culture of dis respect by a generation. I fear for my kids 5 and 2.

3 years ago when I moved into my street it was a quiet nice area where I had no problem letting my daughter play in the garden areas. Now 3 years on the gangs of thugs who roam the street shouting and screaming have become such an intimidation that the elderly and some younger children no longer feel safe walking to the local shops. Not only that but the local council keeps placing junkies into the street who have no quams hammering on doors of other neighbours looking for hits - this is because they have no idea who's door they are at due to the fact that they are drugged out of their heads - the police have on several times been called to the area, but instead of protecting us the victims its the yobs and junkies who's side the local police and authorities are on. My main question is why do we pay taxes to our local government as citizens who participate in society to only be shunted by the same government over someone who refuses to contribute to the society they terrorise?

I live in the Broomridge are of Stirling and over the last few years the trouble with drugs and underage drinking and youth trouble is geting worse. I am only 33 and I can never remember causing or getting up to the same as some of the young are in my area.

I live in a traditional tenement in central Edinburgh, we have a major problem with theft of bicycles and from cars and a minor problem with burglary (one in my stair this year) but in terms of personal safety i'm pleased to say that i've always felt very safe. There have been the usual 'freshers week' spate of muggings against drunk and naive new students but i've never witnessed any of this or any anti-social behaviour in my area worse than a bit of drunken shouting. I guess i'm lucky!

I like living in Leith because of the mix of the old and the new. Its a very diverse area with ever increasing yuppie flats next to deprived housing schemes. My flat is next door to a notorious housing estate where there are frequently problems with youth crime and drugs. The solution often mooted is to install yet more CCTV cameras. I don't think that being under constant surveillance solves much. The police are already doing a good job with better community liaison. We need more of this and better opportunities for young people, both for leisure and work, rather than living in fear and demonising them.

In the last 3 years since moving to the property, the area has gone downhill fast. Youths and yobs high on drink and whatever else, kicking in private fence slats around gardens, around ten pm each couple of nights, intent on vandalism and destruction, they arrive in track suits and hoodies, obviously so as not to be recognised. We are sick of the results to private properties in our areas. I have offered to the police and community wardens that we (neighbours) will sort them out.

I live in the Ferryhill Area of Aberdeen. It is a nice area with very little if any trouble. Even so someone walked into a gun shop around the corner from me and blew his own head off in front of the owner. As for the city centre it is nowhere near as bad as you see on television and I mostly feel quite safe although that is perhaps an age thing 29.

Well I¿ve lived in my neighbourhood for about 13 years when it was a remote cul-de-sac, apart from 11 other houses only (8 occupied) our nearest neighbour was around 4 miles away. About 6/7 year ago local developer Tulloch purchased the land around about, extremely cheaply, and planned to build the reaming 200 odd houses which were intended to be built (before the original developer went bankrupt). Now with Inverness expanding the city which was about 5 miles away is only about 2 miles away, now Tulloch have sold some of the land off to other developers and with only half the land used they have build around 500+ house, well over the master plan, local planning allowed this to happen without thought. (they seem to very close with Tulloch) Now house that were intended to have nice gardens (half acre and acre plots) enough room for children play in, have been reduced to very small garden perhaps 10x10m!!!! Also there is a lack of facilities for children, local amenities were intended, things for children to do. There is now for these 500+ with more than ¾ having children only 1 playground item (which is fenced up!) Every night I see children running about the streets, jumping on the bus shelter, hanging around, being disruptive, now they resort to vandalising the underpass with graffiti, and everyone seems clueless to why this happens! THE KIDS HAVE NOTHING TO DO!!!! I¿v! e even seen the kids drinking, perhaps 13-15 year olds, in a secluded path while walking my dog. Around 2 months ago we had kids walking up our secluded cul-de-sac and threw over our old whiskey barrels which now house flowers at the front of our garden, had our bins knocked over, large stone which decorated the top of my elderly neighbour¿s wall were thrown down almost every night, and one night the resorted to throwing them in the middle of the road! Thankfully this disrespect has no ceased, in my cul-de-sac, my only worry is where else in this estate are these kids taking this behaviour. In some ways I can¿t blame the kids they have nothing to do, no facilities, and the somewhat remoteness from town (buses come only every 2 hours, and stop at 5p.m). But then with this generation, and in a way my generation as I am only 17, in my 6th year at school, have a huge lack of respect, lack of self-discipline, a lack of remorse and what is even scarier a lack of fear of the conse! quences, but who can blame them, when involved with the law th! e fierce st sentence they face is a day in and out of court. I feel in order to stop this behaviour we need to strike fear into my generation, the NEDs need to be scared of the law, as at the moment the legal system is more like a merit system, by which I mean the more time ¿you¿ go in and out of court the more times the ¿pigs;¿ or the police as law abiding citizens call our police force; the greater street cred [street credit] ¿you¿ have, the cooler ¿you¿ are. It is ridiculous that punishment is seen in this light. Now ASBOs, which are more used to try and stop dog fouling, are creating a huge rift, and the generation gap is escalating at a frightening pace. And ASBOs are in a way causing kids to create more disruption in retaliation to the ASBOs and the ever-increasing generation gap. And young people are hurt by this assumption that WE are all out to get everyone, to steal, break, vandalise and cause disruption, some of them resort to living up to the stereotype that all young peo! ple are. I find it awful that when I went to help and old lady with her shopping and on another occasion with her bag which she dropped that I am almost flung away as the woman thinks that I¿m going to mug her, when I¿m just trying to be a good Samaritan (if that!). When I smile at people in the street, just anyone who catches eye contact, they instantly turn away as if I¿m eyeing up their bag! Very few people have the common curtsey to hold the door, or say please and thank you- and this is the reason for disruption in our street, for problems throughout our country, OUR NATION HAS LOST ITS COMPASSION AND RESPECT!!!!! At the moment I am actually conducting research for my dissertation for my Advanced Higher Modern Studies, where I look into Anti-Social Behaviour, any finding you uncover would be greatly received for my dissertation and I shall definitely be watching the show for research!

From gangs of youngsters being sold drink underage, to the druggies with their pitbulls and rottweilers, who congregate below our kitchen window - we live above a chemist, to anti social neighbours who do not clean the close etc, and play their music too loud. We also live on a main road (with a speed camera) and the boy racers hurtle down at 45 - 60 mph.

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