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Stepping into Hardcastle's shoes
Adam Dineen and Paul Jackson
Masters at work: Adam Dineen and Paul Jackson
What do you do when Paul Hardcastle just isn't the right person to remix the Panorama theme tune for a special programme? The answer is to step into his shoes and do it yourselves.

That is exactly what BBC music librarians Paul Jackson and Adam Dineen did when they were asked to find some 80s-style music for a forthcoming programme on the Conservative MP Jeffrey Archer, who was facing a trial for perjury.

They didn't just come up with the appropriate music - they went one step further and actually recorded the programme's soundtrack themselves.

The results of their labour were heard when the programme went out on 19 July 2001, the day that the trial finished with a guilty verdict and Archer facing a prison sentence.

Stuck in the 80s

We decided that we should do it as a pastiche because we were still firmly stuck in the era.
Adam Dineen

"Three years ago we got a call from Panorama who were making a film about Jeffrey Archer," explains Adam Dineen.

"They wanted us to collate some appropriately sleazy 80s tracks such as Roxy Music and Soft Cell - music that would perfectly reflect the apparently sleazy underworld that Archer was operating during the 80s.

"They also asked for the original theme to Panorama as it turned out they were thinking of getting a pop star from the 80s to do a new version. Paul Hardcastle was mentioned as he was an obvious synth icon.

"But we figured that he had probably moved on since the 80s and would want to do the remix in his latest style.

"Me and Paul Jackson decided that we should do it as a pastiche because we were still firmly stuck in the era.

"We didn't tell Panorama about our decision until we had done the remix and had delivered it to them. Thankfully, they liked it so much that they didn't mind that we had done it ourselves."

In true rock 'n' roll pioneering style, the track was recorded in Paul Jackson's bedroom on his home studio.

They reproduced the distinctive 80s style, using tracks from Axel F, Human League and other bands as their inspiration.

Beer and family

We got together with friends and family, got some beers out and sat round to watch it
Paul Jackson

"Instead of remixing, we re-recorded a brand new version in an 80s style. We didn't have a music sheet of the classic Panorama theme tune so we had to listen to it over and over again, working it out note by note," reveals Paul Jackson.

"The piece was done in 2000, but the tape sat in the archive because they were waiting for the Archer trial to finish. The programme played out on the night it finished.

"When it came on we got together with friends and family, got some beers out and sat round to watch it. They played it a bit in the middle and used it in the end as well. It was very cool.

"There was a big debate as to how it should be credited at the end. Was it a re-mix or a re-working?

"In the end it just said 'Theme Music Paul A Jackson and Adam Dineen', which was really great, and we got a payment for it which was really nice."

As a result of that Panorama piece the duo were commissioned to do the theme music for a programme called 'It'll Never Last....70 Years Of British Television', presented by Alan Whicker and transmitted in early 2001.

Unfortunately the commissions dried up soon afterwards, but the experience was an enjoyable one for Paul and Adam - and one they would love to repeat in the future.



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