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NHS care: Trust responses
Panorama invited primary care trusts to comment on the cases involved in the programme.

Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire Primary Care Trusts - Response to William Hancock case

Whilst the PCTs are unable to go into detail about Mr Hancock's condition or medical history, we can confirm that an assessment of his needs has taken place based on detailed nursing, medical, therapeutic and social care reports.

This assessment identified that whilst Mr Hancock did not meet the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire eligibility criteria for fully funded NHS continuing care, he would be eligible for part NHS-funded care either in a Nursing Home, or home setting.

Whilst the PCTs can of course understand the concerns raised by Mr Hancock's family, we are confident that the assessment process has been applied fairly and consistently.

An independent review of Mr Hancock's clinical needs, undertaken at the family's request by our local Strategic Health Authority, also reached the conclusion that the care needs of Mr Hancock did not fall within the eligibility criteria for fully funded NHS continuing care.

East London Strategic Health Authority - Response to Rose Fulcher Case
Patient care is always our priority and South East London Strategic Health Authority would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere sympathies to Mrs Meager and her family for the loss of her aunt, Rose Fulcher.

The process for agreeing continuing care to be fully funded by the NHS requires an experienced clinical team to assess every patient on an individual basis.

Should there be a dispute about funding, our guidelines are very clear: "While the review procedure is being conducted patients should remain in NHS funded accommodation. Any existing care package, whether hospital care or community health services, should not be withdrawn under any circumstances until the outcome of the review is known."

It is important to note that Mrs Fulcher's placement was fully funded by Greenwich Teaching Primary Care Trust during the review process and then Bexley Care Trust until her death.

The assessments and decisions for Mrs Fulcher, by Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup together with Bexley Care Trust and Greenwich Teaching Primary Care Trust was made according to the Continuing Care Policy for the NHS in south east London.

We understand and appreciate that the original decision made in this case may not have been the desired outcome sought by Mrs Meager for her relative.

The process for agreeing funding can be complex as it reflects changing care needs over time. We would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to Mrs Meager and her family for any distress this may have caused.

Dartford, Gravesham & Swanley Primary Care Trust - Response to Edith McCarthy case

Further to our telephone conversation today, thank you for offering us the opportunity to take part in the programme on Continuing Care.

However, I would like to confirm that Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley Primary Care Trust will not be able to take part in the programme in relation to the item on the McCarthy family. As this case is still going through legal processes, I am sorry that, under the circumstances, we are unable to make any comment at this time.

Calderdale Primary Care Trust - Responding to the Lily Leatham case

We asked the Trust the following questions:

Was Lily Leatham's family informed of the possibility of fully-funded NHS continuing care,and if so when and by whom?

When we met with you we described a process by, once we were advised of the need for an assessment, that assessment process began looking at whether the patient qualified for continuing care or not.

Was an assessment for fully-funded NHS care done prior to Ms Leatham's readmission from Laurel Bank?

LL [Lily Leatham] was admitted to hospital from Laurel Bank in June 2003. An assessment of her needs against continuing care criteria was requested and fully funded continuing care agreed at that time. LL was discharged to Ghyll Royd in August 2003.

Prior to that, while in Laurel Bank, there were determinations for nursing care as you are aware. If the RNCC had identified deterioration whereby a continuing care assessment was required, or if the home or any other medical staff had felt a continuing care assessment was necessary, then of course this would have been carried out.

What were the qualifications of Calderdale PCT's representative to carry out the most recent assessment of Ms Leatham last year in the Leeds nursing home?

The whole Specialist Care Team are of medical or nursing background, who are very experienced professionals in their field and who have access to any appropriate further specialist assessments they require e.g. medical, specialist nursing etc.

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