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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 August 2005, 15:53 GMT 16:53 UK
The public campaign on violence
Pat Regan
Pat Regan became involved with Mothers against Guns after her son was killed
Connecting with a young audience and stressing the dangers of gun crime is a difficult challenge for the authorities, both in the form of parents and in the wider community but a new campaign hopes to meet the youngsters halfway.

The "Don't Trigger" campaign is being headed up by the R'n'B single "Why?" and the sort of media campaign that you would normally associate with the Beyonce's of this world: MTV playlisting, radio airplay on popular "urban" stations and a high-profile launch in front of the press, with tabloid support.

The only difference is that this campaign is backed by politicians, police forces and groups working to combat gun crime. It aims fight some of the glamour that has become attached to guns and violence in street culture.

Raymond Stevenson, from Urban Concepts, the marketing company who came up with the campaign is very clear about the reasons why it needed to be branded in the same way as a pop video:

"We always felt that the anti-gun message would be best served if it went through mediums that the young people would best relate to. Music seemed to be the most obvious answer and the easiest way to do so."

The campaign has strong support from MTV Base, who have playlisted the song "Why?" on their chart.

It has also received support from "Mothers Against Violence" a group which includes Leeds mother Pat Regan whose son Danny was shot dead on December 2002 in Liverpool. Speaking to Panorama at the launch of the campaign she said

"It's actually here in this big place where this message is just going to go now farther than my voice can shout up in Leeds. And here it's going to be worldwide now, and that's, to me, the best way any message could get across."


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