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Tam is 17 years old. He is currently serving and 18 year sentence for murder. Aged just 15, he beat to death a man nearly twice his age in the street because he thought the victim fancied his girlfriend.

"I got into a fight and just lost control, didn't know what I was doing, and I woke up in the morning and my mother told me I killed somebody. I thought she was joking with me."

He says he can't remember committing the crime or the damage he was did because he had been drinking.

"If I was sober I wouldn't of done it it was because I was drinking."

He says that what he did makes him feel

"Gutted, just stupid, waste of a life, took somebody's life off him for nothing."

Tam started fighting at an early age when his dad made him fight other bigger and older children. He says it made him feel

"Brilliant, coz my dad was there and he was proud of us. Thought I'd done something good."

He first saw a gun when he was "just 13 or 14. I thought it was cool seeing a gun, it's the first time I ever seen one in real life."

Watch a clip from Tam's interview with Panorama


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