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Ryan Manning

Ryan Manning

Ryan is 18 years old. He was sentenced to six years and nine months for aggravated burglary for the theft of two cars. He and his gang stole cars and property worth nearly two hundred thousand pounds. During the burglary, gang members slashed the victim and hit him with an imitation gun.

Talking about his victim he says

"I wrote him a letter like apologising and that he just chucked the letter back out, saying he didn't think it were real, all this and everything else. So after that I don't have no feelings for him no... It's just like what happened happened... If he hadn't been there like it wouldn't have happened."

His memories of violence stretch back into his early childhood, his earliest being:

"As a child was my step dad hitting my mum with a baseball bat when she was pregnant with my little sister, hit her in the stomach. it sticks in my head, I was only about five at that time, it's just a thing that sticks in my head."

He experienced violence himself from an early age at the hands of his step-dad:

"I was about seven, eight, he would just punch me, he would like pick me up and throw me across the room actually, like pick me up and launch me, like nothing I could really do basically. Too young at the time." "My step-dad didn't like me, there was a lot of violence like coming towards me I grew up with, he'd hit me and there was not much that I could do. So, if I said anything to my mum, my mum would back him up rather than me. As I got older it started to get less and less and my mum started taking my side more than she did of his."

He says he tried work but the financial rewards of crime held more appeal to him:

"I had a little job. I was doing a little paper round and that but that weren't nothing. It's only silly money basically. So like if I could do these... make more money than what I was with a job I'm going to do this on. I ain't going to work all them hours just to get paid like the money you get paid when I could do one move and I could make that money. So obviously, I like go with the move that I can do to make big money than get a little job and make little money."

Watch a clip from Ryan Manning's interview with Panorama


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