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How does my hospital rate?

Here are the main sites to look at if you are curious as to how your local hospital is rated when measured against centrally set standards and targets.

Performance ratings on which this page is based only exist for NHS Trusts across England and not those in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

If you do not know the name of your local acute trust or hospital then use the BBC site below to search by postcode.

On this site you can also search for the most recent 'star ratings' of all English NHS trusts. Hospitals cleanliness can lose a star if they fail to meet acceptable standards of cleanliness.

PEAT results for food

Patient Environment Action Teams or PEAT are the main surveyors of the quality of food in hospitals and it is their work which feeds into the cleanliness indicator on the Healthcare commissions ratings.

There is a separate team for each trust which will be made up of staff from that trust and representatives from patient groups. Staff might include estate managers, caterers and infection control representatives. You can see how your hospital performed since 2002 when the system began on this site.

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Patient surveys

The last inpatient survey for which results are published was 2004. Here you can see how patients rated the hospital food, the cleanliness of wards and the nurses and doctors who looked after them.

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