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Your comments on "Shock Troops", first broadcast on Sunday 17 July 2005 at 22:15 BST.

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Served in the army from the age of 17 and left when i was 23 (1978-84) ever since I have suffered with many of the physical and emotional problems discussed in tonight's programme but never felt as if there was anything that could be done to help.

Saw a psychiatrist once for a few sessions but she was absolutely no help at all and since then i have just tried to get on as best I can.

I have worked as a paramedic for the past 17 years and if anything it has only made matters worse. Maybe one day people will realise what we do to young men who serve their country, only to be left to fend for themsleves as soon as they leave..
Ian, Worthing, UK

Would be nice to see more comments from other services on your web site. This illness effects all three services. I am ex-Navy, HMS Sheffield, Falklands war.

It would have been good to say how much it costs for the private treatment, i.e. Mr Turnbull and who paid it. I go to Combat Stress for my treatment. It's the safest place I know, I am with people who understand. I am lucky to have a wife who has stayed with me through hell even when she has been ill with stress-related psychological problems.
Mark Hiscutt, Weymouth

I found this programme most informative and feel that more should be done for our brave service men and women who are left with this terrible condition. I would like to know if there are any voluntary organisations, that I could join to help in any way.
Carole Barker, Staffordshire UK

Fascinating programme on Capt Ryan. Obviously there was a military angle, but some recognition to civilian sufferers might have helped. Firefighters and Ambulance personnel have been suffering in silence for too long and it gets worse with time.
Roy Smallpage, UK

I was in Bosnia at the same time as Robert Ryan and experienced similar apathy toward my mental health. Several years after coming out of the army I had a spell in intensive care after an accident and re-lived my military experiences in what what was called Intensive care pyschosis. I contacted a group called Cobat Stress who helped me a lot.
David McGowan, UK

The medical care and treatment (or lack of) of service personnel who serve their country is nothing short of shameful. This is yet another example of the gradual intellectual decline and brain death of a once proud and stoic nation.

A nation now frozen by the voracious minority voice of political correct nonsense that its leaders and politicians have neither the courage nor experience to oppose; and the media promotion of puerile celebrity icons and their material acquisition and the self-indulgent sickness of physical appearance as desirable aspirations. The promotion of vocation, duty and selfless service to one¿s country and our responsibility to those who serve are long over due.
Valerie Tranfield, Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

Programme very helpful but what about all the civilians who are living with PTSD, losing years of their lives, not knowing when it will creep up on them and remind them that it is still there? Where do they get the correct treatment? Where are the clinics that might help them ?
Liz, Newcastle upon Tyne

I am currently serving with HM forces (Army). I watched your programme last night about the troops comming back from Iraq with stress and depression. I have been to Iraq twice in the last two years. The first time was the war time,and the second time i went was October 2004 until April this year. When I came back off both tours, I started to drink very heavily, cause problems with friends and family and I had a very short fuse. I knew i had a problem,and I've had the problem since I got back from Iraq the first time. I am 95% certain I have got the same problem as Capt Ryan, who was on TV last night. If it wasn't for the programme I would have never known.
Danny Milner, England

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